8 foods that cool or heat your life

8 foods that cool or heat your life

Did you know that if you are hot or cold you can resort to a food to regulate your body temperature? Yes, it is possible and science has determined that nature has provided us with products that help regulate temperature in the midst of imminent global warming and a new phase of adaptation of the human race to it.

Generally, these types of miraculous foods are present in our diet, so you can easily find them in salads, smoothies , creams and light snacks . Remember that physical exercise, proper hydration and avoiding large meals are necessary habits to cope with the cooler or warmer seasons of the year.

8 foods that cool or heat your life

Any food that contains a high level of water should be included in your diet, since the vital liquid is one of the temperature regulators par excellence. Green foods also give you a plus in the foods you eat, as they are high in chlorophyll . Such a component stimulates the immune system and detoxifies the body.

In the list that we will present below you will find all kinds of foods, which not only contain water and chlorophyll, but also vitamins that will help you have energy and improve your mood. Remember that in seasons of extreme temperatures, it is vital that you keep your mental health intact.

algae and vegetables

They are the perfect summer food as they are calorie-free, easily digestible and high in water content. Experts widely recommend algae and vegetables because they are easy to cook and once they are digested, they participate in important chemical reactions.


Their red color will surely make you think that they do anything but cool you down, however, bell peppers are widely recommended to help cool down the body. Its contribution is important because it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that help stop the destructive effects of rays on the skin.


This fruit abounds in summer and it is impossible not to find it in supermarkets and small markets. Like watermelon, they are a source of water and have an effective diuretic effect.   If you suffer from fluid retention, you have to consume this food to end that problem . Complement this with toning exercises, because in addition to gaining muscle mass, swelling will decrease.


A summer without smoothies is a summer doomed to suffer. Get creative and try that each food you choose is highly nutritious and gives you energy. Also try to make them light and refreshing . Here you can integrate yogurts, choosing those that do not use refined sugar but another type of sweetener. Take advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables. In fact, specialists consider smoothies to be an excellent dinner thanks to the fact that they nourish, refresh and are easy to digest.


To consume mint you do not have to resort to chewing gum, just add these wonderful leaves to infusions, summer dishes and cold teas. You can mix them with infusions that stimulate the circulatory system such as horse chestnut or butcher’s broom.

Raw Fish

Raw fish is a typical food in Japanese food, but it is also another ally for high temperatures. In fact , sashimi, tartare and all kinds of seafood, but raw, combat the heat and provide essential proteins so that the body does not fall into a state of weakness during high temperatures.

Nutritionists recommend this type of food because they are easy to digest; so if you need to get protein, fish is what you have to choose. Remember that slow cooking, stewing and long sautéing help raise body temperature.

Fresh cheese

Not so mature cheeses work perfectly in summer. Bet on mozzarella, burrata, ricotta, burgos or in the worst case, burgos . They are generally integrated into salads and summer salads because of their ease of combining.


The last food that we will recommend is beetroot, a vegetable with a very low level of fat and that is served in salads, but is also present as an ingredient in smoothies. It has a vasodilator effect that counteracts fluid retention problems.

What food warms the body?

In winter you will also find foods that help you raise the temperature without having to drink coffee, tea or, in the worst case, alcohol. Prepare soups, broths, creams and vegetable purees. Try making them from carrot, turnip, parsnip, onion, leek, garlic; and remember to add seasonings like tamari and miso.

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