Rose Water Benefits, How to Make, How to Use?

Rose Water Benefits

When it comes to skin care, we examine rose water in this article for health detectives and researchers who stop the running water. The beauty elixir of nature, rose water, is not a very new care product. It has a history dating back almost to the Roman Empire. It is even stated in some sources that Cleopatra washed her face with rose water and cared for her skin with rose water.

Are you ready to refresh and feel better with rose water obtained from rose petals? Now we will chat with you about the benefits of rose water and answer the questions about rose water. It’s not too late to have rose water in your home. Because rose water will be a care product that will be good for your skin!

What are the Benefits of Rose Water?

  • Rose water is the most natural moisturizer. You can see this feature after a shower. If you massage your skin with rose water when you get out of the shower, you can prevent drying and tension.
  • When you apply rose water on your face, you will first purify your skin from harmful substances. Acne formation is not seen on the purified skin. If you have a pimple, rose water dries it up and clears it up in a very short time.
  • If there is a wound due to any bump or irritation, rose water will heal this wound.
  • From time to time, skin cells must be renewed. Skin masks made with rose water renew skin cells and remove dead skin.
  • If you want to delay the signs of aging for a few more years, you can regularly massage your face with rose water.
  • Compared to the skin care products in cosmetic stores, rose water has more natural content.
  • In fungal and eczema problems, itching is the most stressful for the person. You can relieve these itching with rose water.
  • If you have dry skin, you can balance the moisture and oil ratio of your skin with rose water.
  • Rose water is a care product not only for women but also for men. You can use it after shaving to prevent irritation on your skin.
  • You can remove make-up with rose water. Thus, you will both remove your make-up and purify your skin.
  • In the morning of tired days, you can usually wake up with bags under the eyes. The only solution to get rid of this problem: Rose water.
  • There are many vitamins in rose water. It can also be a nourishing elixir for your hair.
  • It is a care product that also gives effective results for heel cracks. Rose water will revitalize you from head to toe with its benefits.
  • Thanks to vitamin E, it will be a natural moisturizer for your lips on cold days.
  • If you have sun-affected skin, rose water will protect your skin a little from the sun.

How to Make Rose Water?

Roses specially produced for making rose water are preferred. It cannot be made from any type of rose. Rosa Damascena species, known as Isparta rose in our country, is an ideal species for rose water. If the collected roses are to turn into rose water in the factory, they are poured into the production cauldrons and start to boil with the water. As the boiler boils, the distillation process is carried out by the effect of the steam that heats up.

If you want to make rose water at home with your own means, the materials you need will be rose petals and water. Boil about 6 cups of red rose petals in 4 cups of water. It will be enough to boil for an average of 15 minutes. Then strain this water and put it in a jar. Leave the rose water you prepared to cool and store it in the refrigerator. After 1 week in the refrigerator, your rose water will be ready.

Rose Water Mask Recipes

1) For Dry Skin:


  • 5 crushed almonds
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 2 tablespoons of rose water

Preparation of:

Mix the given ingredients and apply on your skin as a mask. This mask, which will stay on your skin for 20 minutes, will balance the moisture rate. You can apply it every week. It also protects your skin against germs.

2) For Sensitive Skin:


  • 2 spoons of milk
  • 2 tablespoons of oatmeal
  • 3 spoons of rose water
  • 1 teaspoon of honey

Preparation of:

Mix all the ingredients and apply the resulting cream to your skin with soft movements. After 15 minutes, clean your skin with lukewarm water. This mask will be very effective for sensitive skin.

3) To Rejuvenate Skin:


  • 2 spoons of rose water
  • 4 drops of glycerine
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice

Preparation of:

Get a mixture of the ingredients in the list and apply it to your skin at night before going to sleep. When the mask is dry, clean your skin with warm water and then use a moisturizer.

How to Use Rose Water? What Does It Do?

Rose water is your skin’s most natural friend. You can protect your skin health with rose water.

Does rose water tighten pores?

Yes, rose water tightens the pores and makes you look more alive. It also prevents the formation of inflammation in the pores. Generally, rose water is used in the field of facial cleansing. You can benefit from rose water for face, skin, hair health and more!

Is rose water good for oily skin?

Rose water has moisture and oil balancing properties. Provides oil balance of dry skin. Since it is an oily substance in its essence, it can be thinned with a little lemon juice and protect oily skin from harmful substances.

Does rose water add to shampoo?

You can use rose water by adding it to the shampoo you use. Thus, you can give your hair natural moisture during the shower. You can also make your hair easier to comb. When rose water is added to the shampoo, there will be no side effects. Therefore, you can delete the possibility of rose water damages.

Is rose water dripped into the eyes?

The eye is the most sensitive organ. It can be damaged when an object comes from outside. Since rose water is obtained from natural products, there is no harm for the eyes. It has not come to the fore until today that those who apply it to the eye see a harm. You can choose rose water for inflammations in and around the eyes. Drop a few drops of rose water on a cotton ball and clean your eyes. Inflammation and redness will go away with regular application.

Is rose water washed off after applying it to the face?

Rose water applied purely does not need to be washed off. You will need to wash the rose water applied with different materials as a mask after waiting for a while. Rose water left on your skin with other ingredients can cause irritation. The rose water tonic you apply to your skin after make-up can stay on your skin for a long time.

Does rose water spoil?

Rose water, which is not stored under the necessary preservation conditions, may deteriorate. Rose water that is left open, exposed to the sun, and open in a dusty environment will start to deteriorate after a while. You can tell by the sourness in its smell.

Does rose water reduce fever?

We recommend using rose water to reduce high fever in children. You can place a handkerchief soaked with rose water on the child’s forehead. Washing your hands and feet with rose water can also be a different choice. Rose water has an antipyretic effect.

Can you drink rose water?

Rose water is used in the gullaç dessert at Ramadan tables and sometimes in ashura. Of course, the rose water used must be natural and additive-free. After the advice of a specialist doctor, you can drink rose water for stomach ailments. Unless of course you have any stomach problems! Drinking rose water is diuretic and cures heartburn.

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