Learn how to make delicious sweet and sour tamarind jam

Learn how to make delicious sweet and sour tamarind jam

Tamarind jam is one of the most popular jams during Tet. Simply because it has a sour and sweet taste, it helps to relieve boredom very well in countless sweet and fatty dishes during Tet.

Let’s go to the kitchen and show off your tamarind jam!

Prepare materials

– 1 kg of raw sour tamarind

– 750g white diameter

– 1 cup of salt


Soak tamarind in concentrated brine to make it easier to peel.

1. Soak tamarind in hot water of 80 degrees Celsius for about 1 hour so that the tamarind shell is easy to separate. Next, use a sharp knife and peel off all the skins on the left body, leaving only the tamarind stalk for later use.

2. When the shell is finished, you put all the tamarind in a large bowl mixed with concentrated brine. After about 3 days, you can take the tamarind out to do the next step.

3. Use a sharp knife to cut along the left side of the tamarind and remove the seeds of each fruit in turn.

Soak tamarind in water when the skin is removed to remove the salty taste of the previously soaked brine.

4. Continue to soak the peeled tamarind in a bowl of cold water. After 1 day, you can take it out. During the soaking process, you should change the water from time to time so that the salty salt can penetrate the tamarind.

5. Boil water with estimated sugar so that the water covers about 2/3 of the tamarind you will add.

6. When the sugar water boils, add the tamarind to boil and turn the heat to medium, stirring gently for about 10 minutes.

Tamarind after the slugs have absorbed the sugar and are ready to dry.

7. When the tamarind has absorbed the sugar, take it out on a tray with a tray and dry it in a sunny place.

8. In the evening, you use the sugar water that has been soaked in tamarind again. Keep doing this until the sugar is gone and the tamarind starts to drain.


Tamarind is preserved in a piece of nylon.

There are two ways: One is that you give up a glass jar and keep it in the refrigerator for later use. Second, you can put each tamarind in a plastic piece and pack it tightly.

Satisfactory finished tamarind jam must no longer have a strong sour taste, the sweetness harmonizes with the sour taste of tamarind to make the overall dish perfect. It can be said that it is difficult for anyone to resist tamarind jam, especially during Tet. Because the time to make jam is quite long and very elaborate, it requires you to spend a little time. However, with love for loved ones, a little time is well worth it, isn’t it!

Good luck! Love!

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