How to make spicy ginger jam super delicious, super fast, super easy

how to make spicy ginger jam

Under the cold weather in the early spring days, eating a piece of sweet, spicy ginger jam and sipping a cup of green tea to tell each other stories at the beginning of the year is truly a heartwarming pleasure.

Ginger jam is a familiar Tet jam of many Vietnamese families.

With the tradition of many Vietnamese families, ginger jam is an indispensable dish in the coming New Year. To make ginger jam is not difficult but requires the meticulousness of the maker right from the selection of ingredients.

Prepare materials

Ginger cake is not fibrous and moderately spicy, very suitable for making jam.

– 1kg of fresh ginger: For a delicious jam, you should choose the kind of tubers that are not too old nor too young. That way, the jam made will not be fibrous and too spicy.

– 450 – 500g white diameter đường

– 1 fresh lemon

– 1 tube of vanilla


Slice the ginger into thin even slices.

– Wash ginger thoroughly to remove the outer layer of soil before peeling. Note, you should use a razor to remove the peel instead of peeling.

– After cleaning the ginger and removing the skin, you cut it into very thin slices about 1-2cm.

– Prepare a pot of boiling water for blanching ginger. The water in the pot should be enough to cover the ginger. After about 3 minutes of blanching ginger, you drain the water and continue to add new water. Keep doing this until the ginger is less spicy. Normally, if you want to eat spicy food, just blanching twice is enough. But if you can’t eat spicily, you can blanch about 3-4 times.

– In the last blanching of ginger, you use the juice of a fresh lemon in boiling water to whiten the piece of ginger. (The purpose of this is to enhance the aesthetic of the jam, so you can skip it if you don’t need it.)

– If the lemon is added as above, after taking out the ginger, you should wash it with cold water a couple of times to remove the sour taste. Put the ginger in a basket and let it dry.

Marinate the ginger until the sugar is completely melted.

– Marinate sugar with ginger until the sugar dissolves. Note, with other ingredients, after 4 hours, the sugar can completely dissolve, but because ginger doesn’t have much water, you have to wait longer for the sugar to have enough time to melt.

– Use a large pan to slurry the ginger and sugar until dry. With ginger jam, you should keep the heat on medium, not too low, not too big, and stir occasionally while slugs.

After the sugar slug is completely dry, you will have dried ginger jam like this.

– When the sugar water dries up, turn the heat down very low, and at the same time add a few drops of vanilla and continuously stir until the sugar crystallizes into white and coat evenly around each piece of ginger. At this point, you can turn off the heat, but remember to continue to stir until the ginger is cool.

– Put ginger in a glass jar or plastic bag and store.

Delicious ginger jam must have a strong aroma characteristic of ginger, when eaten, the spicy taste is not too harsh, it will mix with the sweetness to create a perfect taste.

Good luck!

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