How to Store Tangerines

How to Store Tangerines

The main fruit of December and the New Year are tangerines. But is it possible to buy them in advance, as much as possible, and how to store them so that the fruit remains fresh and attractive for at least a couple of weeks?

Let’s figure out how to store tangerines longer at home.

How to store tangerines

The easiest way is to put the tangerines in the refrigerator. But they won’t last long if you don’t follow a few rules.

The fact is that, strictly speaking, it is better not to store tangerines in the refrigerator. The most optimal storage method is a cellar or underground. To store them, you need a temperature of +6 degrees. Which is slightly higher than the normal refrigerator temperature. In addition, you need a fairly high humidity – about 85-90 percent.

But not all people who love tangerines have a cellar. The apartment is too warm and the air is too dry – the tangerines will quickly dry out and spoil. Therefore, a refrigerator is the most acceptable option.

How to store tangerines in the refrigerator

You need to put tangerines in the compartment for vegetables and fruits, where the temperature is highest and the humidity is suitable. And you still need to follow a few storage rules:

— Remove from the plastic bag. Tangerines spoil very quickly without access to air and begin to mold.

– Rub with vegetable oil. To protect the tangerine peel from drying out and exposure to foreign odors.

— If you purchased tangerines with twigs and leaves, you do not need to pick them off. There is also no need to pick off the leaves when purchasing, as they will keep the fruits longer.

– Do not put with bananas or apples. These fruits produce ethylene, a gas that helps the fruit ripen. It is not typical for tangerines to ripen when picked, and they begin to deteriorate.

— It is better not to wash tangerines before storing them, but before using them, it is imperative to do so. Rospotrebnadzor warns that “all citrus fruits undergo mandatory treatment before transportation with sulfur compounds (so-called sulfitation), which cause an asthmatic component. The paper in which citrus fruits and other imported vegetables and fruits are wrapped is impregnated with a special compound that prevents the formation of rot and mold. Containers for fruit are treated with an antiseptic, which can also get on the fruit. Therefore, before eating, fruits from the store should be washed with warm water and soap.”

If you follow all the rules and choose good quality tangerines, they will last in the refrigerator for two to three weeks. You need to periodically look into the fruit compartment; if some fruits begin to spoil, they must be removed immediately.

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