How to get rid of acne? The easiest ways to get rid of acne

How to get rid of acne

How to get rid of acne?  Acne can be seen not only in adolescence but also in every age group for a number of reasons. Pimples that form can become your entire focus in one day. So what are the foods that will help reduce acne? Which foods do not cause acne? “Whatever I eat won’t cause acne?” If you are wondering, you can see the answers in detail only on

Acne, in medical terms, is a condition that occurs with the formation of sebaceous glands as a result of clogged pores on the skin. It occurs as a result of the closure or inflammation of the outer opening called pore of the hair follicle (the structure where the hair sits) and accompanying sebaceous glands (oil-containing secretion-producing glands) located on the face, neck, shoulders, back and chest area, most commonly on the human skin. Although acne, which usually manifests itself with pain, tenderness, redness and itching, is seen in approximately every ten women over the age of 25 , the rate is seen as three percent in men and this rate does not decrease until the age of 50. Acne that bothers you and spoils the appearance of the skin can be overcome with the right treatment and nutrition.

  • In today’s article, we focused on foods that help acne breakouts in a short time.
  • Although the researches of experts last for about 5 days, you can reduce this period to 2 or 3 days by paying attention to the foods you eat. How Does? Here are the foods that are good for acne:

How to get rid of acne? 4 Foods that are good for acne


Indispensable for salads and also known by everyone for its eye health benefits, carrots contain plenty of vitamin A. You should consume the carrot frequently, which will be the first among the foods that will help eliminate acne. Vitamin A purifies your body by showing an antioxidant effect, and your skin is one of the most benefited from it.


Lemon, which balances blood pressure and is a vitamin C bank that is the fixture of winter diseases, shows an antioxidant effect in the body just like carrots. The way to get rid of acne and prevent the formation of acne is through lemon, which is one of the most common foods. 


Yogurt, which should be consumed by dieters, is a fermented milk product with high nutritional value, obtained as a result of lactic acid fermentation and containing live lactic acid bacteria.

Yogurt, which you can consume at any time of the day with peace of mind, is considered one of the main enemies of acne, the creatures called lactobacilli in it have a significant effect on preserving the natural state of the skin.

Thanks to these creatures, which close your skin to changes and try to preserve its natural state, acne does not occur at all.


The benefits of garlic, which is recommended by experts to be consumed once a day for cardiovascular health, are almost endless.

Did you know that garlic, known as the cure for all kinds of diseases, is the enemy of acne? 

Garlic is a completely natural antibiotic with antibacterial properties. Thanks to these two abilities, it keeps the external factors that cause acne formation away from us.


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