Şırdan is a food that will never be forgotten once tasted and enjoyed. This food, which is prepared from a part of the animal’s stomach, can also be mixed with number, although the tastes are similar, the two are different.

One of the famous tastes of Adana, where offal dishes are consumed frequently, the main name of şırdan is stuffed şırdan; because this food is actually prepared by stuffing like stuffing.

Şırdan is usually found in street vendors and eaten by hand, but it is also served in restaurants and is famous not only for its taste but also for its benefits. It is said that the mustard, which contains vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin D and various minerals, strengthens the immune system and protects the body against diseases.

What is Şırdan?

  • Şırdan is mostly made by stuffing a part of the stomachs of animals such as sheep and cows with a spiced rice mixture. Afterwards, it is boiled.
  • One of the elegant answers to the question of what does Şırdan mean is a delicious food whose homeland is Adana.
  • Indeed, you can eat şerdan in the most delicious way in Adana, but there are also şerdan vendors in different cities.
  • Stuffed Şırdan is so popular in Adana that commercial shopping is done with different cities from time to time, since the need for Şırdan cannot be met from the sheep raised in this region.
  • Regardless of the season, you can eat şerdan in Adana, and even in cold weather, you can find mobile şerdan vendors outside.

Where is Şırdan Made of Animal?

  • If we need to say exactly where the şırdan animal is, we can say that it is the 4th part of the stomach of the animals in the ruminant group. This is the last part of the stomach before the intestines.
  • Mumbar and şerdan are two delicious offal.
  • The difference of şırdan mumbar is that the animal has close but different parts.
  • Şırdan is the last part of the stomach close to the intestine, while mumbar is the intestine itself.

How to Eat Şırdan?

  • Şırdan is served in two ways, and this varies depending on where it is eaten. The price of Şırdan, whether it is a restaurant or a peddler, varies according to quality and demand.
  • Most people say that the places where this food is most delicious are the ones that sell it in the car on the street. You can find plenty of peddlers in Adana.
  • Generally, you eat the syrup by hand, wrapped in a paper bag type.
  • In some places, there may be small stools and seating areas.
  • The second option is to eat the Şırdan at the restaurant.
  • In restaurants, syrup is served on a plate and you can eat it with cutlery, but if the restaurant is very full and you still want to eat syrup in that place, you can have a portion prepared for hand-held meal.

What’s in Şırdan?

  • A cleaning process is carried out before preparing the şırdan stuffing. Salt and vinegar are generally used in this process. In the next step, the syrup is filled with spicy rice.
  • Boiling part is done in water mixed with bone broth and tomato paste. If desired, lemon can be squeezed on it while eating syrup.
  • The mouth of the mustard is sewn so that the filling does not overflow during boiling. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to this rope while eating şırdan, and when it comes to the end, it is necessary to noticeably separate the rope while chewing.

How Many Calories in Syrup?

  • Şırdan, that is, a part of the stomach of the animal, is not a very heavy food except for the offal part, made with rice, onion, tomato paste, salt, black pepper, cumin and chili pepper.
  • 1 serving of syrup is 200 calories on average, and if you are not very hungry, it will make you feel full with a soup before dinner.
  • You can compare by taking into account that a hamburger is an average of 300 calories.

How Does Sirdan Taste?

  • If you have eaten mumbar or kokoreç, we can say that the taste of şırdan is somewhat similar to these foods.
  • You may think that you will also taste the stuffed cabbage because there is a mixture of spicy rice in the syrup.
  • Of course, we can say that for the taste of the outer wrapping part, that is, şırdan, it is like a thinned meat with plenty of fat. The taste of stuffed intestines made in some regions is similar to şırdan.
  • Beyond all these flavor recipes, you can decide after you eat it in the best way whether or not the syrup will suit your taste.

Top 5 Places to Eat Şırdan

1) Sirdanci Mehmet

Şırdancı Mehmet serves in Istanbul, the venue of Mehmet Sur, who participated in the popular game show MasterChef. Let’s add an explanation for those who say that the main region of Şırdan is Adana, Mehmet Sur is originally from Adana. At Şırdancı Mehmet, you can eat at the restaurant or order at home.

2) Shirdanci Eko

Şırdancı Eşo’s Instagram account says, “Şırdancı Eşo pays homage, and in the most bizarre way.” We can say that it is immediately obvious that it is a different place with its profile description. You can browse the videos to see the Şırdancı Eşo place, which is very active on social media, and to watch the comments of the customers. As you might not be surprised, the owner of the place, Eşref Bey, has a great command of Adanalı and the intricacies of making şerdan. We recommend that you take a break to quickly sweeten your mouth in the small and intimate venue.

3) Şırdancı Bedo

Şırdancı Bedo, which differs from other Şırdancı restaurants in Adana with its wide area, is also a restaurant famous for its soups. Keep in mind that even if you go late in the evening, the place may be full, but even if you can’t find a seat, there is a service option where you can eat standing up. You will also probably be pleased with the friendly service at the venue.

4) Şırdancı Cebo

For Şırdancı Cebo, a good internal mortar is essential for a good Şırdan! You can experience the pleasure of eating Adana style şerdan in Antalya in this place where meticulous work is done. In this restaurant, you can order dishes from Turkish cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine, different from şerdan. It should also be noted that there is free parking space.

5) Murat Head Trout

Famous for its soups with years of experience, Murat Kelle Paça is a very busy place especially at night and they serve 24/7. As the name of the place suggests, its most famous dish is the head and foot soup, but its şırdan is also very delicious. Moreover, the place, which is located in the center of Istanbul, is in an easy place for everyone in terms of transportation. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it looks like a very small place when you look from the outside, you can also find a place on the upper floors.

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