What are the foods that should not be eaten in sahur?

foods that should not be eaten in sahur

Experts emphasized that it is necessary to pay attention to the foods consumed in sahur, which is the most important meal before the fasting period. Underlining that sahur must be made absolutely, experts reminded that the foods consumed can affect hunger and thirst during fasting. For this reason, some foods should definitely not be put on the sahur tables. What are the foods that should not be eaten in sahur?


Pastries consumed in sahur can cause stomach bloating and indigestion during fasting. In addition, since you go to bed immediately after sahur, foods such as pastry and cake cause weight gain. At the same time, the more carbohydrates enter the body, the faster it is released.


Olive, which has a salty structure, can lead to thirst the next day when consumed in sahur. In addition, olive, which slows down the salivary glands on the tongue, causes dryness in the mouth.


Salami sausages, which have a spicy structure, can cause stomach and digestive problems. Since it is consumed at night and water is not drunk during fasting, it causes the intestines to slow down and the food wastes to accumulate in the body.


Fatty foods can increase bad cholesterol in the blood. Sugar resistance decreases with increasing cholesterol. As sugar resistance decreases, blood pressure decreases.

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