How to freeze fresh tomatoes?

How to freeze fresh tomatoes

The tomato season is from spring to summer. Also, to be able to consume tomatoes all year round, they must be frozen fresh. Our tips for enjoying delicious tomatoes all year round.

How to prepare tomatoes?

Before preparing your tomatoes:

  • Wash them in cold water, otherwise they will soften;
  • Do not remove the cover before washing to prevent water from entering.

To peel your tomato, start by removing the stem and the lid with a knife. Then draw a cross on the tomato with the tip of the knife, before plunging it into a pan of simmering water for a few seconds. Finally, immediately plunge it into ice water. They then peel very easily.

Finally, to squeeze the juice out of your tomato, use a tomato squeezer or juice extractor.

How to freeze fresh tomatoes?

Freezing fresh tomatoes allows them to be incorporated into your recipes all year round. Be careful though: these frozen tomatoes can only be used in cooked preparations (soups, sauces, etc.). For freezing whole fresh tomatoes , start by washing the tomatoes in cold water and let them air dry on a paper towel. Then place them on a plate in the freezer. Once the tomatoes are frozen, remove the sheet and place them in freezer bags with the air removed before placing them back in the freezer. These fruits will then be perfect for making a recipe for baked tomatoes .

How to freeze hollow tomatoes?

Do you want to cook stuffed vegetables all year round? All you need to do is freeze fresh tomatoes that have been drained, when picking them in the spring or summer. To do this, wash your tomatoes, cut a cap, hollow them out, then place the tomatoes and their caps on a plate in the freezer. Once frozen, remove the tray and pack your tomatoes on one side and your hats on the other, in a freezer bag, in your freezer. All you have to do is let your tomatoes thaw at room temperature and stuff them. As for the pulp, you can make a tomato coulis .

How to freeze sliced ​​tomatoes?

Sliced, frozen tomatoes can top a tomato-pesto pie . Their texture being slightly altered by freezing, they are not used for tomato salads, but only for cooked dishes. Wash your tomatoes and pat them dry. Remove their lid and cut them into slices that you place on a plate. Put the plate in the freezer, then when the tomato slices are frozen, remove the plate and put the prepared fruit in a bag in the freezer.

How to freeze tomatoes sous vide?

Vacuum packing fruits before freezing has a double advantage: it allows longer preservation and saves space. Indeed, this solution prevents the formation of frost in the freezer bags. This is all the more true as tomatoes are naturally rich in water. But this frost spoils the tomato. For vacuum freezing, start by washing your whole tomatoes , then boil them for a few seconds, before plunging them into ice water. Dry them well, put them under vacuum in trays to avoid crushing them before freezing them.



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