How to choose fresh seafood

Recipe for Fish Pepes

The following tips will help you easily choose fresh and delicious crabs for perfect family meals and parties.


Abalone is a premium ingredient because it is rare and expensive. Therefore, when buying, you need to choose carefully so as not to regret.

Delicious abalone has a thick, slightly rounded body. Between the edges there is a red vein and the elasticity is very good.


Like abalone, sea cucumbers are rare and expensive. Delicious sea cucumber will have firm and full flesh, hard bones, no sand inside and shiny skin on the outside. Red sea cucumber will taste better and softer than other types of sea cucumber.


In the world of crabs, there are many types such as red crabs, three-pointed crabs, and green crabs. In which, the most delicious is green crab, rich in meat and nutrients. Delicious crabs don’t have to be big crabs. Pick up crabs if you feel firm, the weak part is full of delicious crabs. Most male crabs give more meat than female crabs. In contrast, female crabs give more bricks than male crabs. To distinguish, with female crabs you will see a slightly yellowish color, the crab claws are very strong.


Want to buy delicious crab, you have to check the crab cover. If you observe the large bib, press your hand to see the snake bib, this part of the bib also clings very firmly to the crab body, showing that the crab is very meaty and delicious. On the contrary, if the bib is soft and small, it means that the crab is bony, with less meat. Besides, you can observe the crab claws and crab shells, if you see them as shrinking, you should not choose. Should only choose strong crabs, react strongly when stimulated, the spines are still sharp.

If you choose sea crabs, the moonless season from early autumn to late winter is the fattest crab. Compared with field crab, sea crab meat is more delicious and nutritious.

Sea fish

Fresh sea fish will still shine on the surface of the skin, the scales are evenly layered. The eye part has good elasticity, the eyes are convex and clear, there is no cloudy color or eye bleeding. When the gill line is drawn, you see a bright pink color, not viscous, odorless and has a strong attachment to star fruit.


Delicious shrimp with clear shell, not opaque or yellow, shrimp head adheres to the body. The smell of fresh shrimp is not too fishy.


On the body of freshly caught squid, you will see shiny particles if the ink moves through a lighted area. Each ink type, you have a unique way to choose.

With squid, you choose a slightly pink color, sharp tassels, and a sticky head with dark and firm flesh. With leaf squid, delicious cuttlefish, squid meat will be milky white, thick, firm in the hand, with a dark skin covering. If you see that the ink has turned bluish or white, the flesh is soft, the head does not stick to the body and has a fishy smell, indicating that the ink has been stored for a long time and is no longer fresh.

Some establishments sell more water to make the ink heavier. To detect this, you can smell and observe the color of the squid. If the smell of ink is not naturally fishy but has a fishy taste with a white color, it means that the ink has been pumped with water.


Blood cockles should choose large ones so that when preliminary processing, the shellfish meat does not shrink to make the dish tough. If the scallops are fresh, the tongue is still sticking out. If the cockle is dead, it closes its mouth and has a foul odor. It is also easy for you to separate this shell and it will not be able to close as before.


Choose hard shell clams and keep their mouths closed. Some clams open their mouths but are live clams. You just need to use your hand to touch this protruding tongue, immediately, the clam will retract. You can try to peel the clams by hand. If the clam is tightly closed, it means the clam is alive. If the clam opens its mouth quickly and does not close it again, it means the clam is dead.


Snails usually have an outer shell for protection. If this part is deeply indented, it will not taste good. Therefore, when buying a snail, you should observe the snail to see if it is close to the outer shell? If so, it’s delicious snails.

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