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Superfoods have unleashed a real furor within the current culinary and gastronomic culture and it is that they are an inexhaustible source of food and at the same time of healing, thanks to their high capacity to be classified as a nutritional and healing power . This genius in contributions to nutrition means that they are considered true guarantors of keeping the body healthy and providing the body with what is necessary to develop all vital functions , as well as large doses of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants. and fats considered healthy; among these superfoods is fennel, which you will discover below.

The Foeniculum vulgare commonly known under the name of ” fennel ” is part of the superheroes of the plant world and is capable of ensuring that your body can obtain adequate food through which to access a great strength with which to fight against diseases and to face the tests that life poses every day. Its outstanding track record as a correct enhancer and helper for heart health places it on a par with the famous coconut milk and although you are probably not very familiar with this bulbous plant, below you will learn everything about it and its countless beneficial properties.

Fennel as an ancient and delicious vegetable considered a superfood

Fennel “Foeniculum vulgare” originates from the Mediterranean area with a bulbous structure and capable of offering you countless uses both in the culinary and medicinal areas . It generally grows in coastal areas or near rivers and is an integral part of the famous absinthe alcohol “absinthe”, as it is one of its main ingredients. In addition, its seeds are also widely used, especially in Asia where they are perfectly offered in restaurants as a powerful and effective mouthwash and antibacterial widely used after meals.

Among its great contributions to the human diet , fennel is capable of offering vitamin C , dietary fiber, energy and potassium , as well as countless minerals where it is necessary to name sodium, calcium and phosphorus. In addition to having iron, vitamin K, zinc, magnesium and niacin which, although found in small quantities, are ideal to offer unquestionable help to food and health in general; all this added to vitamin A , B complex vitamins, flavonoids and beta-carotene, making it a very complete food full of necessary substances.

In line with all these virtues, fennel seeds also stand out for their powerful and outstanding antioxidant , antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, very capable of collaborating in a masterful way in the treatment and prevention of many health conditions.

A superfood that delivers great health benefits

In addition to those already mentioned, this vegetable is capable of delivering its essential oils , which in short allow an incredible series of improvements in your health, highlighting the following:

Correct maintenance of cardiac health

Thanks to being an excellent source of fiber , folic acid and potassium; Fennel is a true ally for the heart and in general for the entire circulatory and cardiovascular system. Reducing blood pressure , efficiently controlling cholesterol levels and therefore working as a powerful preventive of various heart diseases.

Minimizes the chances of anemia

For the production of red blood cells, the body needs the action of folic acid , better known as “Vitamin B9”, well as you must be imagining, fennel is a source of this compound or vitamin, so an intake of foods rich in folic acid will obviously improve the production of red blood cells and therefore the symptoms of anemia . In addition, pregnant women can perfectly take advantage of this condition and enjoy acquiring this obligatory compound at this stage.

Preventive and effective against inflammation

The vast majority of chronic diseases respond to an inflammatory process , hence a superfood that can maintain anti-inflammatory properties is of outstanding functionality to maintain iron health. Containing flavonoids , as well as vitamin C and quercetin, fennel is capable of reducing inflammation in its many variables. It is also rich in polyphenols, substances that can be associated with various studies that indicate that their consumption significantly reduces the risks of a large number of chronic diseases.

Enjoy healthy and radiant skin

Able to provide an excellent capacity for tissue recovery and to increase collagen production through its ample content of vitamin A (beta-carotene) and vitamin C. allowing direct assistance to the largest organ of the human body such as the skin, In addition to being the barrier that protects us from the attacks of external agents such as the weather and harmful free radicals, this protection of fennel extends to all mucous membranes , especially those that protect the organs established in the respiratory tract.

Perfect for keeping weight within limits

If you want to lose weight you should include fennel as an active food in your diet, its low calorie content and its great taste make it an ideal food for body weight control, in addition to that it provides fiber for healthy digestion and its low glycemic index (GI) moderate the release of sugars in the blood, which means that the body can efficiently manage each meal consumed.

A delicious vegetable that could go wonders with many dishes

Renowned cooks and chefs classify it as a bulb that enjoys being soft, bright and above all light; that is to say, a delight. Its slight aroma of licorice is capable of delivering an unmistakable note to preparations that enjoy inviting this superfood and its flavor, essentially with hints of sweetness, make it a delicate vegetable on the palate. Therefore, remember to include it in your shopping list, because it is undoubtedly a superfood that can give you incredible advantages to gain health while achieving accurate disease prevention and a great taste in your dishes.

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