Strawberries: TikTok trick will allow you to keep strawberries for more than 10 days

Benefits of strawberries for dogs

TikTok is a famous platform thanks to its videos and the creation of varied content, in which there are influencers dedicated to dance, scientific dissemination, music, dubbing and cooking. Precisely this last topic is one of everyone’s favorites, since the social network teaches you how to make magic with any food with good recipes and how to preserve it.

By the way, a video recently went viral on TikTok in which a girl teaches how to preserve strawberries for many days. Right off the bat the video looks like anything; however, the comments confirm that the unexpected trick works and deserves to be imitated.

The trick to preserve strawberries according to Tik Tok

Generally when we buy a fruit, the first thing we do is wash it and store it in the fridge . The latter is not a good idea nor does it apply to strawberries. The tiktoker who went viral thanks to her video on how to preserve strawberries, does the opposite of it. In her description of it, the girl affirms that her trick is infallible and that thanks to it the fruits can last up to 10 days in the fridge without losing their quality and freshness.

The influencer puts the unwashed food in the fridge, keeping it in hermetically sealed jars. In this way, it guarantees that the fruit will remain free of moisture; as well as other enemies such as weevils, mold, flies and worms. Many of the people who tried the trick said that since they use it the quality is maintained, the flavor does not vary and

Why is strawberry such a difficult food to preserve?

The strawberry is an extremely delicate food, starting with its low firmness and fragile exterior. In fact, it is very common that when they are transported they end up turning into mush. Additionally, it is a fruit prone to mold formation and often harbors worms.

The reason this food is so difficult to store is because of its sensitivity to moisture . In addition to this, it is very sensitive to changes in temperature and poor storage in the refrigerator causes rapid oxidation and subsequent loss.

Does it work for other fruits?

Some users have wondered if the trick can be used on other types of food, specifically on such delicate fruits as raspberries, cherries, and even grapes. The same internet community has said that it is possible , and that it should be a conservation method applied not only to strawberries, but to other types of food such as onions, tomatoes, celery, etc.

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