Calories in sauces

Calories in sauces

Do you sometimes take a sauce with your meal, but are you afraid that the sauce is very fatty? In many cases, this fear is unjustified. There are a lot of sauces that are not that fat at all and that you can continue to eat just fine. As long as you make the right choices, you can have a sauce during your diet.

Sauce for a better taste

Many dishes taste a lot less tasty without sauce. People who are on a diet will still like to eat the sauces. Fortunately, there are always sensible and less sensible choices for sauces. Some sauces are made from water or milk, while others require butter or mayonnaise. The number of calories is of course a lot higher with these fatty ingredients.

Which sauces are better for a diet?

Trying to lose weight, but still want to enjoy a diet? In general, sauces with a red color are less fat and contain fewer calories than sauces with a white color. Always pay close attention to the name of the sauce. If the name has something to do with ‘creamy’ or ‘butter’, then you know for sure that it is not a good choice. Usually sauce that you have made yourself is also a lot better for you than ready made sauces. If you make the sauce yourself, you can decide for yourself how much goes in it. You can therefore make creamy and butter sauces a lot less fat by using less butter or cream.

Never count calories

It is regularly recommended to count calories. However, this has the opposite effect. Counting calories is not wise, because you are more likely to pass out. In addition, calories are not everything, since other things such as carbohydrates and vitamins. In any case, counting calories ensures that you are mainly busy with your diet and never get a moment of rest. See the table in this article mainly as a guideline to see which sauces you should or should not eat. It is never wrong to know roughly what is good and what is less good for you.

Sauce calories table

The calories of the sauces in this table are calculated to be about 25 grams. See the calories as a guideline, because it can be very different whether you make the sauce yourself or buy it from a well-known brand. The different brands of sauce can also differ greatly in terms of calories. The sauces are arranged alphabetically, behind them you can see the calories.

Type of sauce Number of calories per 25 grams
cauliflower sauce 21
Bolognaise sauce 21
Champion ham sauce 14
Chicken Tonight Spicy tomato cream 31
Chicken Tonight Satay 39
Chicken Tonight Sweet and sour with peach 13
chili sauce 28
Curry sauce 8
Dip 58
Vegetable sauce based on milk and flour 19
Vegetable sauce from a package 19
Ham Cheese Sauce 26
Cheese sauce 19
Curry sauce 42
Curry fruit sauce 26
Ketchup 30
garlic sauce 93
Ku Lo yuk sauce 14
mayonnaise 185
Mayonnaise semi-fat 100
Mustard Sauce 71
oriental sauce 33
Pasta sauce with tomato and champion 8
Pescatore sauce 21
Pesto 173
Piccalilly 9
Spicy red pasta sauce 10
Peanut Sauce 66
puss sauce 29
ravigotte sauce 81
stir-fry sauce 8
Soy sauce sweet 49
Soy sauce salt 30
Stroganoff sauce 25
tartar Sauce 115
tomato sauce 12
Tomato sauce with minced meat 32
Meat sauce based on margarine and flour 21
Meat sauce from a package 19
whiskey sauce 81
White sauce 14
Sweet-sour sauce 8


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