7 bad habits after eating should give up

7 bad habits after eating should give up

The seemingly harmless habits that you usually do after eating such as bathing, drinking tea silently harm your health.

So, the following things you should avoid to stay healthy.

1. Smoking after meals

The harm of smoking will increase 10 times if you smoke after a meal.

The harmful effects of tobacco will increase by 10 times if you smoke them after a meal. This is because your active digestive system easily absorbs the toxins in tobacco into the bloodstream during this time.

2. Walk or run after eating

If you walk fast or run after eating you will get a hip shock or stomachache. The pressure from movement makes the stomach uncomfortable. So it’s best to take a 30-minute break after eating and just walk around lightly.

3. Drink tea after eating

Iron in tea will inhibit the absorption of nutrients.

Iron in tea will inhibit the absorption of nutrients as well as reduce digestive activity. Therefore, you should drink tea at least an hour after meals to avoid being affected by them.

4. Dessert with fruit

Fruit will make you bloated, gassy. Since food always stays in the stomach for 1 to 2 hours, fruit will be added while the food is still available. Loading a large amount of food causes the stomach to become overloaded.

In addition, fruit also contains simple sugars that, when combined with digestive enzymes, will ferment and release gas to fill the stomach.

5. Exercise after eating

Exercises for abdominal muscles after eating can cause you to have digestive disorders.

Exercises for the abdominal muscles can cause you to have digestive disorders. Other forms of exercise also make the body’s absorption of nutrients weaker.

Therefore, exercising after eating has no effect on weight loss, but also causes harm to the body.

6. Sleep right after eating

Not only will you not sleep well if you sleep right after eating because at this time the energy is focused on digestion, causing the brain to wake up to regulate, but sleeping right after eating also carries the risk of obesity and obesity. stomach cancer.

7. Shower after meals

The sudden change in temperature caused by bathing causes blood to not be concentrated in the digestive organs. At this time, the energy in the body must be dispersed to maintain and balance the body temperature by the blood vessels under the skin. As a result, the efficiency of nutrient absorption is reduced.

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