Moda’s 8 Most Popular Food Places

Moda's 8 Most Popular Food Places

Where and What to Eat in Gözde Neighborhood Moda?

Moda, one of the most livable and welcoming districts of Istanbul with its structures that resist vertical architecture, the seaside that creates a sense of freedom, streets full of trees, polite people, alternatives to spending time suitable for all seasons, and eating and drinking options, also with its historical textures. comes to the fore.

Fashion Places, Where to Eat What?

  • Kemal’s Place
  • Moda Van Breakfast
  • Chocolate Shop
  • BOB – Best Of Burger
  • Asuman
  • Samatyalı Greek Tavern
  • Korkmaz Buffet
  • Exempt

Presenting a very glamorous appearance during the Ottoman Empire period, Moda hosted very important people in the past; Many important personalities such as famous scientists, artists and people at the state level have lived in Moda. Maybe they were attracted to the atmosphere of this district, maybe to the sea… About 50 years ago, there were old Greek-style houses in Moda. Although few historical buildings survive in the district, which also hosts religious shrines such as churches, Moda has at least not bowed to a vertical architecture.

Moda, which is frequently visited today, has an atmosphere that will fill you with a positive feeling. Access to Moda, located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul and located in the western part of Kadıköy, is also quite simple. Moda is a district that can be easily reached from Kadıköy district.

Although there are many transportation alternatives, the most preferred and also the most enjoyable route is as follows:

  • You can walk slowly from Kadıköy pier.
  • After a 15-minute walk, you reach Bahariye Street.
  • From this point, take the nostalgic tram and reach Moda.

Moda’s 8 Most Popular Food Places

Moda, which is famous for its perfect location by the sea and friendly and polite people, is also very famous in terms of places. The district also hosts many cafes and restaurants and welcomes each street guest with a different surprise.

For those who want to get away from the chaos of Istanbul, we have compiled 10 popular addresses where you can have a pleasant time in the district, which offers many alternatives!

1) Kemal’s Place

The spirit of Moda has a special effect that appeals to both young people looking for comfortable environments and those seeking peace and intimacy. Although Moda is a very rich district in terms of breakfast options, Kemal’s place is one of the most popular places for breakfast. Kemal’in Yeri, which provides the opportunity to have breakfast by the sea, surrounded by trees, is also a very suitable place to sit and have a cup of tea, relax a little and take in the sea air.

Address: Caferağa Mah., Ferit Tek Sok. No: 34, 34710 Kadikoy, Istanbul

2) Moda Van Breakfast

While Beşiktaş breakfast places are famous on the European side, Moda breakfast places stand out on the Anatolian side. Offering both traditional and delicious breakfast of Van, which is famous for its breakfast, in Moda, Moda Van Breakfast is appreciated with its rich breakfast varieties. Offering a wide range of natural flavors in addition to various types of cheese such as feta cheese, cheddar cheese, herbed cheese, village cheese, knitted cheese, the place offers two different alternatives, the Moda breakfast plate and the Van breakfast plate.

Address: Moda Cad. No: 163/A Kadıköy (Historical Moda Pier Road), Istanbul

3) Chocolate Shop

Fashion coffee places the most beautiful leading chocolate in addition to coffee and dessert with tatlandırıy the mouths of prominent Chocolate Shop goers. Moda Chocolate Shop, visited by almost every Kadıköy resident at least once, is famous for its chocolates, as the name suggests. Offering colorful chocolates as well as special desserts such as Mualla, Asuman, Ferhunde and Süreyya, the place makes everyone’s mouths sweet. We recommend the Chocolate Shop to those who want to taste excellent quality chocolates along with tea or coffee.

Address: Caferağa Mahallesi, Moda Caddesi, Yenifikir Sokak, No: 1/A, Kadıköy, Istanbul

4) BOB – Best Of Burger

The relaxing atmosphere arising from the blend of Kadıköy’s shabby spirit and Moda’s decent atmosphere embraces everyone with Moda dining venues. BOB Best Of Burger, which is one of the places that have become very popular in Moda recently, draws attention with its unique taste despite being a small shop with only four tables. It is impossible to leave the place without getting satiated, which offers many hamburger options such as BOB XL, BOB Mex, and BOB Roasted. BOB’s burgers contain so many ingredients that the owners serve each burger with a glove.

Address: Caferağa Mahallesi, Kağni Sk. No: 2, 34710 Kadikoy, Istanbul

5) Asuman

Offering alternatives for every taste, Moda is also full of alternatives in chocolate. Asuman is one of the first places you will come across when you search for fashion dessert places. Another Moda chocolatier, Asuman is famous for its desserts and ice creams. When you enter Moda Asuman chocolatier, your eyes will roll and you’ll wonder which one to choose. Strawberries, pistachios, ice creams, colorful chocolates, creams, profiteroles, and coffee varieties to accompany them await you in Asuman.

Address: Caferağa Mahallesi, Şair Nefi Sokak, No: 9, Moda, Istanbul

6) Samatyalı Greek Tavern

Moda is a popular district with its raki places and taverns. Samatyalı Greek Tavern in Moda, which also offers successful places in alcohol; It is very popular with its appetizers, fasil team, decent atmosphere and quality service understanding. Samatyalı Greek Meyhanesi, whose paçanga pastry is especially popular, is very often preferred in Moda as well as its branches in Esentepe and Bağdat Caddesi. Cretan paste, Armenian mix, palace paste and topik can also be recommended for those looking for different flavors from Pachanga pastry.

Address: Caferağa Mahallesi, Moda Cd. No: 82/B, 34710 Kadikoy, Istanbul

7) Korkmaz Buffet

It is a district famous for its trendy and luxury venues, as well as its buffets where friendly and warm artisan conversations take place. In Moda, which stands out with its stylish designs, different atmospheres and new generation designs, as well as cafes and fast food places, Korkmaz Buffet offers fast food options such as toast and doner kebab. You can be happy in the warm atmosphere of Korkmaz Buffet, which offers sandwiches, toast options, doner and wrap alternatives, and classic street delicacies such as meatballs and bread, and you can have a quick meal in a friendly atmosphere.

Address: Caferağa Mahallesi, Moda Caddesi, No: 120/8, Kadıköy, Istanbul

Contact: 0216 337 52 10

8) Exempt

Munaf, which creates a warm and friendly bar atmosphere where you can fill your stomach or chat with your friends after a pleasant evening stroll in Moda, is popular with its beer and wine as well as delicious aperitif alternatives. Munaf, which has very delicious pastry varieties, hash browns and french fries or various salads, provides a pleasant time for its guests. If you are researching trendy beer venues, one of the best options is Exempt.

Address: Caferağa Mahallesi, Moda Caddesi, Ferit Tek Sokak, No: 60/A, Kadıköy, Istanbul

Moda Attractions List

With its patisseries, taverns, bars, and cafes, Moda, which creates rich alternatives for food and beverage, also gives happiness in terms of places to visit. The district provides many activities for its guests. Promising a lively life in every season of the year, at any time of the day, Moda district always embraces its guests with love.

Here are the places you must visit in Moda and the activities you must do!

  • Watching the sea, enjoying the blue,
  • Visiting Barış Manço’s House,
  • Drinking tea at Moda Tea Garden,
  • Eating ice cream at Ali Usta,
  • see All Saints Moda Church,
  • Taking beautiful photos at Moda Pier,
  • Making a mini trip by tram,
  • Sightseeing and shopping in Bahariye,
  • If you are curious, wander around the antique shops,
  • To take a pleasant tour in the back streets of the district,
  • Going to Cem Sokak, browsing the street exhibition,
  • See Artisans Street and Surp Levon Armenian Catholic Church,
  • Participating in Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center and Süreyya Opera events,
  • visiting Notre Dame d L’assomption (French Catholic Church),
  • Visiting Moda Deniz Club,
  • Having fun in Bar Street.

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