Great way to cook delicious deep-fried dishes

the risk of cancer with 7 steps of potato processing

Follow these tips to make fried foods more delicious and attractive to help you bring delicious and beautiful meals for the whole family.

How to fry delicious french fries

First you should wash, cut the potatoes into small rectangular pieces and boil the potatoes by putting them in a pot and start adding water later to cover the potatoes. To make potatoes more flavorful, you can add a little salt and sugar, turn on medium heat until the water boils, then turn off. Take the potatoes out and soak in cold water for about 5 minutes, then drain and fry.

If you want crispier fries, put some salt in a bowl of cold water and soak the potatoes for about 30 minutes, remember to check the water, if the water is not cold, immediately add a few ice cubes to cool the water. Then, remove the potatoes from the basket to drain and fry.

During the frying process, you can sprinkle a little salt to make the potatoes crispy, always let the potatoes soak in the oil and keep the heat high, until the potatoes are golden brown, then reduce the fire.

How to fry delicious crispy fish

To make crispy fish dishes delicious and beautiful, the first step is to choose fresh fish, then wash and drain. Because if the fish is still in the water, it will be splashed with grease while frying.

Put the pan on the stove and add cooking oil, you should not add too little or too much oil, just a sufficient amount. While frying fish to fish, you should sprinkle a little salt in the pan so as not to splash the oil and not to break the fish meat while frying.

To keep the fish delicious, you can sprinkle a thin layer of flour on the fish, so that while frying, the fish will not be crushed. After goldfish, you should remove the fish to a plate lined with absorbent paper to absorb excess oil in the fish.

Note: when frying fish, you should not let the heat be too high, as soon as the fish is golden, flip it to the other side. If the oil splatters, you can close the lid slightly so that the oil does not splash out, and at the same time help the fish cook sweet inside, absolutely do not cover the oil cap.

Fried spring rolls

You can make your own spring rolls or buy spring rolls from the supermarket.

With spring rolls outside the supermarket, you just need to heat the cooking oil in a pan, drop each piece of spring rolls in and maintain low heat until the spring rolls are golden brown, then put them on a plate to absorb the oil.

If you make your own spring rolls, you can do the following: prepare vermicelli, wood ear and soak in water to soften the ingredients, then drain. Finely chop wood ear and vermicelli. As for the ground meat, put it in a bowl and add seasonings like salt, monosodium glutamate, and pepper. Then add wood ear, vermicelli, onion and mix well again.

Mince the shrimp (or leave them whole), mix the shrimp with the meat mixture, mix well and let them sit for 15 minutes to blend and infuse. As for the rice paper, you will use scissors to cut the piece of rice paper into a triangle and start rolling the spring rolls.

Follow the following ways, you will easily have great dishes for your beloved family.

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