How to Boil Chickpeas? 7 Tips

How to Boil Chickpeas

Red, green and black chickpeas are grown around the world. Its high nutritional value is among the reasons why it is loved. The health benefits of chickpeas, which contain plenty of calcium, vitamin K, phosphorus and various minerals, are also of interest to many people. Due to its fiber content, it regulates the intestinal flora and is a protector against diabetes. In order to prepare chickpeas with meat, chickpeas without meat, chickpea salad, appetizers with chickpeas, it is necessary to boil the hard chickpeas well.

How to Boil Chickpeas?

  • Wash the Chickpeas
  • Add Baking Soda to the Standing Water
  • Add Lemon Juice to the Pot
  • Cook in Pressure Cooker for 25 Minutes
  • Boil for 1 Hour on Low Heat
  • Rinse Boiled Chickpeas with Water
  • Extract the Shells

We have prepared a list of boiled chickpeas tricks for you to prepare your meals in a short time. After learning quick chickpea boiling information, you can offer more delicious and easy-to-digest chickpea dishes. Here is the information on boiling chickpeas that will make your job easier in the kitchen !

How to Boil Chickpeas Quickly?

1) Wash the Chickpeas

Before you start boiling the chickpeas, they should be cleaned well. The powder and herbs on the chickpeas will affect the cooking time as well as the flavor. After cleaning all the chickpeas, you can proceed to the second stage. There may be blackened chickpeas that catch your eye while washing. You can finish the cleaning process by discarding the black and rotten chickpeas.

2) Add Baking Soda to the Standing Water

Chickpeas need to soak for a while. If you add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to the holding water , you can make the chickpeas swell faster. In addition, the carbonate you add to the water will also support the softness of the chickpeas you will use in meals.

Baking soda also has an effect on the digestive system. The gas in chickpeas is released thanks to the carbonate and does not mix with the food with the carbonate added to the water. Thus, you will not have digestive problems after consuming dishes made with chickpeas. When you put the chickpeas in water, it would be good for the water to pass the chickpea by 2-3 fingers, this amount is also valid for boiling.

If you ask whether the chickpea soaking water should be hot or cold, cold water is recommended. If you say how many hours chickpeas should be soaked in water, it would be better to spare 2-3 hours and if possible, keeping it for 1 night will make it even easier to cook.

3) Add Lemon Juice to the Pot

How to cook chickpeas like cotton? Lemon juice is the answer to the question of what to put in the water while the chickpeas are boiled to make the grains softer .

You can get softer results by adding a few drops of lemon juice to the pot in which the chickpeas are boiled. Lemon juice is a cooking secret that doubles the flavor of chickpeas. If you want, you can throw a thin slice of lemon into the water where the chickpeas are waiting. Chickpeas that take the juice of the lemon will cook better and faster.

4) Cook in Pressure Cooker for 25 Minutes

If you are going to cook chickpeas without soaking, you can boil them in a pressure cooker in 25 minutes. If you have a pressure cooker, you can bring the chickpeas to the desired consistency in a very short time. If you ask how many minutes the chickpea cooks in the pressure cooker, the chickpeas will be ready for your meals after 25 minutes of cooking.

You can prepare delicious meals with chickpeas boiled in pressure cooker. You can also use a pressure cooker to get the best results when you want to boil the chickpeas without waiting. Wash the amount of chickpeas you will use well and add them into the pressure cooker. After 25 minutes, the chickpeas are ready!

It is useful to be careful when using a pressure cooker. If the chickpeas are very large, it is recommended to cook them in moderation, as they will double in size after cooking. It will be better to add chickpeas up to the border line of the pressure cooker.

5) Boil for 1 Hour on Low Heat

If you do not have a pressure cooker while boiling chickpeas, you can use a classic pot. Since chickpeas will swell after cooking, you should choose a wider pot. In addition, when you cook the chickpeas in the pot, the boiling time will be a little longer.

Chickpeas cooked on low heat for about 1 hour will have its full consistency. You can try the same process for the pressure cooker. The risk of burning the chickpeas boiled in a pressure cooker over low heat is very low. Do not forget the low fire rule for full cooking.

You can try the same process for the pressure cooker. The risk of burning the chickpeas boiled in a pressure cooker over low heat is very low. Do not forget the low fire rule for full cooking.

6) Rinse Boiled Chickpeas with Water

When you want to prepare hummus, chickpea salad, chickpea dish or falafel, you need well-boiled and delicious chickpeas. We have listed the steps you need to follow for this a few lines above.

The last touch you will make after all applications; Rinsing the boiled chickpeas with cold water. With this process, you can clean the foam that accumulates on the chickpeas. You can also destroy the taste of boiling water. You can put the rinsed chickpeas in a freezer bag and store them in the freezer for later use.

7) Extract the Shells

The shells of the boiled chickpeas will begin to separate. If you remove these shells, chickpeas will cook better and faster. Shells extend the cooking time of chickpeas. You can continue the process by taking the chickpea shells that come to the surface of the water.

You don’t have to separate the shells if you wish. However, we can say that it is better to separate the shells to make a delicious hummus. After boiling the chickpeas, the shells of which are separated, you can easily consume them and add them to the recipes.

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