Bursa Places to Visit List: Nature, History, Tourism!

Bursa Travel Guide: The First Capital of the Ottoman Empire

Bursa, which became the capital of the Ottoman Empire and left many legacies today, is here with places to visit through this article! Considering both the food culture and historical importance of Bursa, it is one of the places that should be visited for a long time and savoring it. Bursa, which has many religious buildings, draws attention, especially with its mosques and tombs.

Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, was besieged by Osman Bey in 1306 and conquered by Orhan Bey in 1326. Today, Bursa, which has become crowded due to both travel and job opportunities, continues to develop day by day. You can read this article carefully to get to know this city, which is one of the precious lands of Turkey. Because now we offer you a list of places to visit in Bursa.

When you go to Bursa at the first opportunity, you should visit the enormous and important places on our list to travel more consciously. We seem to hear those who say where to go and places to visit in Bursa. Without further ado, we can move on to our list.

1) Ulu Mosque

  • Bursa also includes important centers in terms of religious places to visit.
  • We thought that it is necessary to start with the Hagia Sophia of Bursa in the suggestions for places to visit around Bursa, and therefore we put the Great Mosque at the top of the list of places to visit in Bursa.
  • When you come to Bursa, you should not leave without seeing the mosque, which has 20 domes and houses the largest prayer area in the country.
  • Ulu Mosque is known as the mosque that Karagöz, who is mentioned in the stories, worked in the construction.
  • However, the Ulu Mosque is a cultural and religious heritage brought to Bursa by Yıldırım Bayezid.
  • The most interesting detail in the mosque; They are relief decorations in which the orbital movements of the planets are processed.
  • The first imam of the mosque was Süleyman Çelebi.
  • The Great Mosque, which is of great importance for Turkish culture in all aspects, fascinates the city with the sound of azan at every prayer time in the city center.
  • It is one of the religious buildings visited not only by local people but also by foreign tourists.

2) Koza Han

  • Our list of places to visit around Bursa continues with Koza Han.
  • Koza Han is one of the busiest and most famous shopping spots in Bursa.
  • Of course, the shopping culture here is very different.
  • Silk fabrics, silk dresses, handcrafted jewelry and silver accessories are produced by the craftsmen at Koza Han.
  • Koza Han was built by Bayezid the 3rd and is now operational with shops opened in 95 rooms.
  • When you come to Koza Han, you should not return without drinking Turkish coffee cooked in the sand.
  • You may also be interested in the items prepared with Bursa silk fabrics.
  • You can lose yourself in the historical texture of the building.
  • We recommend you to stop by Koza Han before going to the shopping mall options.

Address: Nalbantoğlu Mahallesi Uzunçarşı Caddesi No: 59, Osmangazi, Bursa

3) Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi Tombs

  • When we look at places to visit in Bursa, most of the items stand out with their historical texture.
  • There are mausoleums of people who left many traces in Bursa.
  • The most striking of these tombs are the tombs of Orhan Gazi and Osman Gazi, the founder of the Ottoman State.
  • The construction of Bursa as a city and the architects of the works that have survived to the present day keep their spirit alive in these tombs.
  • The tombs, which were damaged by natural disasters, were repaired with the support of Sultan Abdulaziz and became even more protected.
  • We can recommend those who are interested in religious structures and want to add more to their historical knowledge to visit these tombs.

Address: Osmangazi Mahallesi Yiğitler Caddesi, No: 4 Osmangazi, Bursa

4) Golyazi

  • Places to visit in Bursa also offer options for those who want to experience the beauty of nature.
  • If you are asking if there is an island recommendation for places to visit in Bursa, we can suggest a peninsula, not an island.
  • Gölyazı, which is about 40 minutes away from Bursa city center, attracts attention geographically as it is a peninsula.
  • Gölyazı, which carries the ruins from the Roman period, St. Panteleimon Church and the 700-year-old Crying Sycamore.
  • Gölyazı has breakfast houses and historical textures where you can take unforgettable photos.
  • You can witness a peaceful and quiet day by dedicating one day of your Bursa trip to Gölyazı.
  • An unforgettable view awaits you, especially at sunset.

5) Bursa Castle

  • Every city’s castle is famous, or Bursa’s castle, which was built in the 1st century BC, is famous.
  • Bursa Castle was built and used for military purposes during the Roman and Byzantine periods.
  • During the Ottoman period, it was further supported and used for defense purposes.
  • Bursa Castle has 5 gates in total.
  • These gates are named as Yer Gate, Zindan Gate, Hisar Gate, Pınarbaşı Gate and Hot Spring Gate.
  • The photographs of the guests who come to visit Bursa and get to know it better are added to the archive of the most beautiful moments.
  • There will also be a staff member waiting in janissary outfit from time to time to accompany your photograph.

Address: Osmangazi Mahallesi, 2. Osman Gazi Caddesi No: 22, 16040 Osmangazi Bursa

6) Armory

  • You should definitely go to Tophane to look down on Bursa and witness the magic of the city.
  • Tophane Tower is known as a structure used as a fire watchtower during the Ottoman period.
  • There are the tombs of Orhan Gazi and Osman Gazi in its vicinity.
  • Standing out with its military, security and religious features, Tophane offers the opportunity to watch Bursa from the top in all seasons.
  • When you come to Tophane, you can relax and have hot tea in the cafes in the garden.
  • In addition, it has a different aesthetic beauty with evening lighting.
  • Watching Bursa from this vantage point as the sun goes down can be like a dream.

7) Trilye

  • Places to visit in Bursa offer very good opportunities in terms of nature and clean air.
  • Trilye is one of the quiet districts of Bursa that is famous for its olives.
  • You can come to Trilye, which has a coast to the sea, to find the peace you are looking for.
  • Trilye, which attracts attention with its natural environment, has survived to the present day with the name used in the Byzantine period.
  • In Byzantine times, this region was called “Triglia”. Nowadays, Trilye, which is promoted on television in many ways, is one of the short-term vacation spots of tourists.
  • When you come to Trilye, you can start your day at places that offer a hearty breakfast and take an open-air walk on the beach. We can recommend it to those who escape from the crowd and seek a holiday.

8) Cumalıkızık Village

  • Places to visit in Bursa would be incomplete without Cumalıkızık. If you do not include Cumalıkızık village in your Bursa itinerary, that trip will be considered incomplete.
  • It has become a tradition for those who come to Bursa to stop by Cumalıkızık village and have a delicious breakfast.
  • Furnished with cobblestones and colorful buildings, this village has been the location of many TV shows and movies throughout its history.
  • As you pass through narrow but historically wide streets, you can understand why this village is so precious.
  • There is also a museum in Cumalıkızık. In this museum, elements reflecting the past of the village are exhibited.
  • If you are wondering what is on display in the museum, you should definitely stop by the village of Cumalıkızık.

9) Uludag

  • Uludağ, which is one of the addresses that make Bursa Bursa, is an indispensable stop of winter holidays.
  • Uludağ, which was gifted to the public in 1961 as a national park, is the center of attention for those who love the winter season as it is a snow and ski center.
  • In addition, Uludağ is the highest among the mountains in the Marmara Region.
  • When you go to Uludag, there are many places to ski, stay and enjoy the famous sausage bread.
  • You can reach Uludağ from Bursa center by private vehicles.
  • Our advice to you is to arrive in Uludağ in the first hours of the morning and enjoy the snow and winter while the surroundings are calm.
  • If you want to stay, Uludag hotels will please you with their comfort and good service understanding.
  • Of course, it is useful to make your plans according to the information whether Uludağ is open during special periods such as pandemics.

10) Iznik

  • Famous for its tiles, Iznik is one of the rarest addresses on the list of places to visit in Bursa.
  • The art of tiles, which probably started in the 15th century, became more widespread with the tiles made in Iznik and started to be used in mosque decorations.
  • There is also a lake in Iznik, which is one of the places you should definitely see when you come to Bursa.
  • You can have a good time at the restaurants and cafes by Iznik Lake.
  • Iznik, which attracts tourists not only with its tiles but also with its lake, is a religious center for both Turks and Christians. There are many mosques and churches.
  • After visiting the historical buildings, how about spending a pleasant day in Iznik by hiking in the Sansarak Valley?
  • When you come to the end of our list, if you have thought that the places to visit in Iznik do not include picnic areas, you can consider the Sansarak Canyon picnic area as a suggestion.
  • Sansarak Canyon also has a long trekking track, we are sure you will love it if you have an adventurous nature.

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