What is Sevketi Bostan Grass? What are the Benefits?

Sevketi Bostan Grass

Şevketi Boston, which is produced as a culture plant from the daisy family, has a thorny structure with yellow flowers. This grass, which likes the humid air of the Mediterranean climate, grows spontaneously in nature, and you often see it in meadows, is known as a weed.

Şevketi bostan attracts attention with its interesting name. You may have come up with funny questions such as where does the name Şevketi bostan come from, is it about someone named Şevket. The word Şevket is actually derived from an Arabic word meaning “thorn”. In other words, the meaning of şevketi bostan; It is the thorn of the orchard or the thorn of the garden.

What is Sevketi Bostan?

  • Let’s say that Sevket, which is anise-scented, puts up with its thorns and starts to introduce this medicinal herb to you.
  • Şevketi bostan, also known as bostanotu, akkız and mubarekotu , is a miraculous plant whose roots can be used as food or medicine.
  • It is a plant that is included in the scope of the culture plant and finds its place on the tables.
  • Sevketi bostan, which is frequently seen in Mediterranean countries such as Portugal, France and Iran, has taken its place in our nutrition list as a source of healing in recent years.
  • Maybe it’s that weed bush that you often come across in the meadows but don’t know what it is.
  • After reading this article, if you come across a garden with yellow flowers while walking around the meadow, you may want to take it home and use it in your kitchen.

What are the Benefits of Şevketi Boston?

  • Sevketi bostan is a herb known by the medical world in terms of its benefits.
  • Did you know that there are three types of şevketi bostan in our country?
  • Sevketi bostan, which is also used in medicine, was used in the past, before such lamb meat was discovered, people used to boil it and drink its water.
  • It was believed that şevketi bosta, consumed in this way to be healthy, was good for the kidneys.
  • In addition, among the benefits of Sevketi bostan, there is also the effect of the excretory system, it is said to be beneficial in reducing kidney stones among the people.
  • Sevketi bostan, which cleans the liver and has a cell regenerative effect, is also preferred in cases such as removing wrinkles, chronic headache, severe fever, bronchitis, jaundice, hormone imbalances during menstrual periods and skin disorders .
  • Sevketi botanical, which helps digestion, prevents constipation and relieves gas problems, while it is also good for liver and gallbladder ailments.
  • It has been discovered that Şevketi bosta helps contraction and relaxation, and it has also been medically proven to have antispasmodic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antitumoral effects.
  • Şevketi Bostan is one of the rare herbs used to make licensed drugs in Turkey.
  • It is thought that it is good for health when it is consumed as tea after being dried from the garden, which is difficult to produce .
  • Şevketi bostan salad is prepared by blending boiled herbs with plenty of lemon and olive oil, and it is energizing both in taste and content.


  • The other name of Şevketi bostan is Şevket grass and it is widely known by this name.
  • Şevketi Bostan grows in temperate regions where the Mediterranean climate is effective.
  • The bostan, which grows spontaneously in nature in the Aegean, Marmara, Black Sea, Mediterranean and Central Anatolia Regions in Turkey, is mostly used for edible food in the Aegean Region.
  • Şevketi bostan, which is frequently grown and consumed in İzmir and its surroundings, is also very low in terms of calories.
  • Sevketi bostan, which is also beneficial in terms of health, grows in Italy and Spain outside of Turkey.

Where to Find Sevketi Bostan?

  • It is not difficult to find Şevketi botanical herb. You can find Şevketi orchards in moist areas, roadsides and fallow areas.
  • You can come across it suddenly even while walking on a soiled land.
  • It grows from December to the end of April and May, especially from the spring months.
  • In recent years, it has been started to be grown in a cultural environment due to the danger of almost extinction in the natural environment, as it has been more recognized and consumed.
  • The şevketi bostan plant, which is difficult to find because it is collected for edible purposes, is found in peasant markets either cleaned of its thorns or not cleaned.
  • You can often come across this herb in and around İzmir, which is like a homeland with a garden.

How to Clean Sevketi Bostan?

  • Şevketi is a difficult plant to clean from the garden.
  • It is cleaned with a special cleaning method.
  • Gloves must be worn when cleaning Şevketi from the garden since it is prickly.
  • Before cleaning, a large bowl of water with lemon is also prepared. Roots and leaves resembling carrots are separated from their spines.
  • The roots and leaves are then separated from each other. However, the cleaning of the plant does not end.
  • We have said from the beginning that weeding Sevket is not easy.
  • Since it is an earthy plant, it should be watered abundantly and make sure that no soil residue is left.
  • While the brown layer on the roots is peeled off, the root is cut vertically and the hard layer inside is also removed.
  • After these cleanings are done, the plant is kept in vinegar water for a while in order to be more hygienic and the cleaned parts are made ready for cooking by chopping.

Şevketi Bostan Price Information

  • Nature is always generous to people, but people often do not appreciate it.
  • While the Sevketi bostan herb is a common herb in nature, it has not been found much anymore since it has started to be consumed by people for food consumption.
  • What happens when the demand is high? Its value increases, and if its value increases, its price increases.
  • Sevketi garden price also gets its share from this equation.
  • For this reason, the not very cheap price of Şevketi orchard is around 20 liras.
  • Şevketi bostan, which has an order network even over the internet, is among the most preferred Aegean herbs in recent years and is becoming more and more known every day.

The Most Popular Sevketi Bostan Dish Recipes

  • Sevketi bostan is a very low plant in terms of calories . Both the olive oil and the meat of this herb are made by dexterous hands.
  • Sevketi bostan, which has a very high nutritional value, is preferred not only for its usefulness, but also for its delicious taste.
  • Here we will present you 2 recipes of bostan food.
  • Have fun in advance for the delicious moments you will spend in the kitchen with the Sevketi bostan recipe that is most suitable for your taste or that you are most curious about!
  • In addition to the list we gave examples of main dishes, Şevketi bostan is also consumed as an appetizer. You can also try this recipe, which is prepared by mixing boiled grass with olive oil and garlic yogurt.
  • In addition, Şevketi bostan chips are among the special appetizers of fish restaurants.

1) The Taste of Lamb Meat Meets with the Healing of Bostan: For Lamb Meat Sevketi Boston:

When you think of herbs, the first thing that comes to mind is the dish with olive oil. However, lamb meat is one of the recipes that make the Sevketi garden the most delicious. Let’s not go without adding that the trick in this recipe, where lamb meat and şevket come together from the garden, is the way the dish is seasoned.

2) For the Panacea Sevketi Bostan Dinner:

When it comes to Şevketi Boston grass dish, it is not possible to give a recipe with olive oil! That’s why another one of our şevketi Boston recipes is the one with olive oil. We clean the thoroughly cleaned şevket and roast the Boston grass with onions and tomatoes, bring it together with bulgur, cook it well and serve it. This recipe can
be eaten either cold or hot. You should examine our recipe for olive oil şevketi Boston, which you can flavor by pouring yoghurt on it.

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