How to store jellied meat

How to store jellied meat

Jellied meat will stand in the refrigerator for a week, without a refrigerator it will last a day, during this time it will melt and start to deteriorate. If poured into jars and sterilized, it will stand for years. Store the jellied meat in the freezer for up to 3 months, then it will begin to dry out and become tasteless.

In a refrigerator

Jellied meat, after it has frozen, is stored in the refrigerator – it is important that the gelatinous part completely covers the meat part, and if this rule is violated, then you need to eat the jellied meat within the next day. It is also important not to remove the whitish fat on the surface of the jellied meat – it will prevent the jellied meat from drying out and cracking. The denser the frozen jellied meat, the longer it will keep its shape and not sag.

Aspic meat, decorated with vegetables and eggs, store for 1-2 days. It is better to decorate only the jellied meat that you eat in the next couple of meals.

In any case, it is better to cover the form with jellied meat. And if the jellied meat has lost its appearance in a couple of days, just boil it in a saucepan and cool it again. An important condition is that freshly prepared jellied meat is poured into clean, heat-treated, small containers made of metal, food grade plastic or glass, tightly closed with lids. So, in portions, it is more convenient to eat and save it, it will not dry out.

On the balcony

An alternative to a freezer for storing jellied meat is sometimes a balcony – in winter the temperature is appropriate here. There are only two nuances. First, dishes with jellied meat should be covered or put in plastic bags. The second – it is necessary to monitor the temperature on the balcony, because if it rises, then jellied meat runs the risk of being spoiled.

How to store jellied meat in the freezer

Jellied meat can be removed into the freezer both in containers and overflowing into plastic bags. When defrosting, it is not enough to put jellied meat in the main compartment of the refrigerator – it must be boiled for at least 15 minutes – and then poured again into molds and consumed within 2 days. The shelf life of jellied meat in the freezer is up to 2 months. If you defrost frozen jellied meat, you cannot freeze it in the future.

How to store jellied meat longer

1. The smaller the form, the better: the jellied meat is less susceptible to temperature changes when pulled out and the risk of drying is less.
2. Cover the jellied meat – stretch plastic wrap is best.
3. It is better to boil the dishes before pouring the jellied meat, or at least pour over them with boiling water.

Why does jelly spoil earlier?

Fresh vegetable constituents of this meat delicacy – greens or carrots – shorten its shelf life. Conversely, salt and spices preserve the dish more, prolonging its shelf life.

If you decide to leave the jellied meat for the future, then you should use the deep freeze. The shelf life will increase, but the defrosted food will taste worse.

You can cook a billet with jelly from jellied meat – the same as stew, only much more rich. Due to the complete tightness, it will stand for years, even in the heat, even in cold weather.

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