How Is Garlic Powder Made? Where is it used?

Garlic Powder

Garlic, one of the indispensable elements of Turkish cuisine with its deep-rooted history and benefits, as well as its unique taste, is a vegetable food with a bulbous structure. The food, which stands out with its antibiotic feature that protects the body against infections, is of Central Asian origin.

Used as a medicine in many cultures and civilizations, garlic was used with wine to prevent the plague in France in the 18th century. In the First World War, it was given to soldiers to prevent the possibility of gangrene.

Added to salads, soups, meals, appetizers, garlic can be consumed fresh or used as powder, oil and pickled. It is recommended to use 2 cloves per day as fresh, 1200 milligrams per day as garlic powder and over 0.12 milliliters in the form of oil. Excessive consumption can lead to stomach problems.

In response to the question of how to use garlic powder, it should be underlined that it should be used in moderation and care. Because the powder is obtained from dried garlic, the water ratio is very low compared to normal garlic, which means that the density is very high.

Garlic powder, which is produced by drying and pulverizing fresh garlic, is very delicious. Fresh garlic normally contains 80% water. The rate of water in garlic, which is subjected to the drying process, is considerably reduced. Approximately 1 kilogram of garlic powder is obtained from 5 kilograms of fresh garlic. During the process, the water evaporates and only the garlic pulp remains. Therefore, garlic powder is very rich in aroma, fat, protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and calories.

Garlic powder Where to find you in the supermarket, you can buy as a package and transfer the internet and you can make yourself if you like garlic powder.

How Is Garlic Powder Made?

  • Making garlic powder at home is very easy and practical. Garlic powder can be made as much as the user wants, as needed:
  • The peels of the desired amount of garlic are peeled and the mounds on the head are cleaned.
  • If the mounds are removed, the color of the garlic powder will be whiter.
  • The peeled and cleaned garlics are sliced ​​into rounds.
  • The chopped garlic is placed on the greaseproof paper on the baking tray.
  • The point to be considered when laying the garlic on the baking tray is to ensure that they do not overlap. Overlapping garlic may not cook well.
  • The garlics thrown into the oven brought to 200 degrees are roasted until they are thoroughly dry.
  • If the garlic is hard and discolored when handled, it means that it has been well roasted.
  • Roasted garlic is taken from the baking tray and placed on a clean cloth or thin cheesecloth.
  • After the garlic is completely cooled, the cheesecloth it is in is collected in a bundle, placed in a mortar and pounded until it turns into flour.
  • Instead of beating in a mortar, garlic can also be passed through a blender.
  • The garlic, which has been turned into flour, is rested for about 30 minutes at room temperature.
  • After resting, the garlic powder is mixed and put in a glass jar and the lid is tightly closed.
  • Garlics should be stored in a dark area that does not receive light, protecting them from moisture.

Where Is Garlic Powder Used?

  • Garlic powder, which has an intense aroma, is widely used in the ready-made food industry.
  • Garlic powder is preferred in ready-made soups, delicatessen products, ready-made sauces, ready meals, fast food meals due to its ease of use.
  • It is used in meals and soups prepared at home.
  • Garlic powder can also be used in all areas where garlic is used.
  • Great flavors can be obtained by adding garlic sauce to bulgur pilaf, pasta and salad dressings.
  • Garlic powder, which has thickening properties as well as flavor enhancer, is especially preferred in juicy dishes.
  • The product, which is loved in fish, chicken and meat dishes and raw meatballs, is also used in sauces prepared for juicy meatballs and barbecue.
  • In addition to being used as a consistency and flavor enhancer in the production of cakes, crackers and biscuits in large industrial food production companies, it is also included in pet foods.

What Are the Benefits of Garlic Powder?

  • Garlic powder, which increases HDL cholesterol, known as good cholesterol, lowers bad cholesterol LDL and helps to balance total cholesterol.
  • Garlic powder, which is a natural product, has a blood sugar regulating effect. It helps to prevent the formation of resistance by regulating insulin secretion.
  • Garlic powder, which has the effect of accelerating blood flow, helps to balance blood pressure by regulating blood pressure.
  • It minimizes the risk of cardiovascular diseases and heart attack.
  • Garlic powder, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, supports the body’s fight against inflammatory infections and helps to treat diseases such as allergic rhinitis and bronchitis.
  • Thanks to the sulfur compounds and antioxidant vitamins and minerals in its content, it helps the body fight against diseases by supporting the immune system. It prevents the formation of cancer cells and prevents the proliferation of the formed cells.
  • It helps to remove free radicals and toxic substances formed as a result of metabolic events in the body. Removal of toxins from the body increases the metabolic rate. In addition, it ensures the removal of excess water accumulated in the body and helps to remove edema and has diuretic properties.
  • So, does garlic powder weaken? Garlic powder, which has the effect of accelerating metabolism, can help weaken when used in addition to a healthy diet and exercise.
  • When garlic powder is examined in terms of nutritional value, we can say that 100 grams of it is about 330 kcal. In other words, 1 teaspoon of garlic powder will be an average of 15 kcal.
  • Garlic powder is a type of spice that has studies showing that it is also beneficial for sexuality. In particular, in many cultures, garlic is believed to have an aphrodisiac effect and is said to increase the performance of men.
  • Of course, it would be good to take care of oral hygiene after consumption in order to avoid problems due to its smell.

What Are the Harms of Garlic Powder?

  • Garlic powder, which increases the acidity of the stomach, can cause digestive system problems when consumed excessively.
  • Garlic powder, which can cause bloating and gas in the stomach and intestines, also causes odor in the mouth.
  • In addition, the use of garlic powder above the recommended causes dizziness, fatigue, decreased appetite and headache.
  • Garlic powder, which stands out with its blood thinning feature, prevents blood clotting.
  • Because of this feature, it is not recommended to be used before surgery.
  • When taken with drugs used for chronic diseases, it can reduce or increase the effect of drugs.
  • Garlic powder should not be used, especially with blood thinners.
  • Garlic powder can also cause allergies.
  • If you have a direct allergy to garlic, your body will likely react to its dust. In addition, if you are buying packaged garlic powder, we recommend that you look at the additives in it.
  • The answer to the question of whether the garlic powder spoils is yes, like any food, but the deterioration time varies depending on whether the powder is packaged or made naturally.
  • If you bought a packaged product, it will already have an expiration date on it.
  • Even if you have made garlic powder yourself, you can store it in an airtight container in the summer, if possible, in the refrigerator, and outside in the winter for an average of 1 month.
  • When you feel a slight mold, you will understand that the deterioration has already started.

Does Garlic Powder Smell?

  • Garlic powder, which is seen as a source of healing due to its antibiotic properties, is one of the common foods used by the whole world for thousands of years. Allicin in garlic powder is the substance that gives garlic its unique aroma.
  • Garlic powder, which has a more intense aroma than fresh garlic, causes odor in the mouth when used.
  • The answer to the question of whether garlic powder causes bad breath is unfortunately yes, and therefore there may be those who do not want to use garlic powder.
  • It is more appropriate to apply methods that remove odor after using instead of stopping consumption.
  • Carbonate is among the natural methods that prevent the smell of garlic. After using garlic powder, the teeth are brushed and the mouth is rinsed using carbonated water.

Mouthwash Removes Garlic Odor


  • Drinking water
  • Salt
  • Carbonate


  • Add 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of baking soda to 1 glass of warm water and mix thoroughly.
  • The prepared mixture is gargled in the mouth and spit out.
  • This mixture is also effective in preventing dental caries, pathogenic bacteria in the mouth and throat infections.


  • Fresh Mint: Another method to remove the smell of garlic is fresh mint. Chlorophyllin fresh mint has its own unique aroma and suppresses the smell of garlic in the mouth. Chewing some fresh mint or consuming fresh mint tea after a garlic meal can relieve bad breath.
  • Apple: Another method to eliminate the smell of garlic is to eat apples. Phenol compounds and enzymes in the content of apple help to eliminate the aromatic effect of garlic in the mouth.

Where to Buy Garlic Powder? What is the price?

  • Garlic powder, which has beneficial effects on the body at least as much as fresh garlic, has a protective effect on the whole body, from protecting bone and dental health to preventing disorders seen during menopause.
  • While preparing fresh garlic, it may not be preferred sometimes due to the smell it leaves in the hands and its troublesome use.
  • Garlic powder, which is more practical and easy to use, is preferred by those who do not want to consume fresh garlic.
  • Garlic powder is produced industrially for the ready-made food industry.
  • In addition, garlic powder can be prepared at home with natural methods, or it can be used by purchasing.
  • You can buy garlic powder online at large shopping malls, shops selling organic products, herbalists and companies selling herbal products over the internet.
  • Garlic powder is affordable.
  • Garlic powder prices vary according to the brand, quality and quantity of the product.

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