What is Allspice? In Which Meals Is It Used?

What is Allspice

Allspice, which is the secret flavor of meat dishes and stuffed meats, can even be used in different recipes such as raw meatballs. The allspice spice, which is a spice that we do not miss from the kitchens with its smell and bitter taste, is reminiscent of multiple spices such as cloves, coconut and cinnamon, and this spice is the guest of different recipes, with its original taste.

What is Allspice?

  • Allspice, which is known to be native to America and defined as a very fragrant spice of the myrtle family, has small pea-sized grains.
  • Although it is known that it spread to the world after the discovery of America, it has a considerable place in the food culture of different nations.
  • In particular, it has a very special place in the Swedish cuisine allspice powder which, if the Turkish food culture is the secret of delicious stuffed.
  • The spice, which can be thought of as black pepper when first seen with its small, rough and granular structure, grows on the allspice plant, which reaches almost 10 meters.
  • The plant, which first blooms with allspice, resembles a grape both in its clusters and its seeds.
  • The fruits of the plant are collected when they are still green and dried in the sun until they turn brown.
  • The brown, rough allspice grains that we are more accustomed to seeing thus acquire a hard and bitter flavor.
  • Despite its small size, the allspice plant, which is very useful, does not appear with its seeds alone.
  • Allspice oil, obtained from small seeds, finds a wide place in alternative medicine with its benefits.
  • Pimento, which is obtained by drying the fruits of the allspice tree, is also called allspice, or “all spices” because it contains the flavoring of different spices such as black pepper and ginger.

In Which Meals Is Allspice Used?

  • Let’s tell those who ask where allspice is used and in which dishes is allspice used, it is included in many recipes from sweet to salty:
  • It becomes the flavoring element of many dishes, from stuffing to pilaf, especially as an indispensable part of rice-based (stuffed, pilaf, stuffed pilaf) recipes. The taste, which cannot be replaced by any spice alone, gives a delicious aroma to red meat and chicken.
  • In juicy meat dishes, it takes its place on our plate as a mysterious flavor that we cannot fully name. Especially when it combines with meat in meatballs, it becomes the source of that delicious smell that opens the appetite of everyone from seven to seventy.
  • Allspice, which works wonders when used correctly in soups and olive oil dishes, shows up not only in meals but also in desserts.
  • It is an alternative guest of sweets and pastries such as cakes, cakes, donuts and cookies. It finds a place for itself as the preferred first spice of homemade puddings, biscuits and jellies.
  • In the food industry, the product added to instant soups, crackers and spicy snacks is the main ingredient that gives an aromatic flavor to homemade pickles.
  • When we talk about the use of allspice in the kitchen, it would be a shame to pass on the tea. The spice, which is brewed as a tea in powder form rather than its granular structure, is beneficial for health and shows its difference with its unique taste.

What Are the Benefits of Allspice?

  • Allspice facilitates digestion by removing stomach and intestinal gases. The spice used in traditional medicine with its relaxing effect against stomach cramps and disorders, has a healing effect against nausea and diarrhea problems.
  • With its structure containing significant amounts of iron and copper, it accelerates blood circulation by increasing blood cells. Allspice, especially for those who get very cold in winter, increases body temperature with its miraculous effects and slightly bitter taste.
  • Despite its small size, it contains high levels of vitamins A and C and contributes to bone development. Especially since it contains calcium, it supports the development of children and can be added to foods such as meatballs for them to consume with appetite.
  • While strengthening the immune system, it is considered an important source for dental health and hair health with the effect of vitamin A. Not only is it beneficial against gingivitis, it also helps to reduce bacteria formation in the mouth.
  • The memory-enhancing feature is also among the benefits of allspice. Food, which is a natural source for those who have trouble concentrating while reducing forgetfulness, benefits those with memory problems when consumed regularly.
  • With its vitamin C content, it has a healing and refreshing effect against ailments such as colds, flu, bronchitis or dry cough. It increases body resistance, especially for those who get sick frequently.
  • Apart from allspice seeds, it also has miraculous effects with its oil. Allspice oil, which is mostly used as massage oil with its relaxing effect, is very effective against ailments such as joint pain.
  • By massaging the aching joints, it shows the effect of anesthesia and provides relief.
  • Allspice oil is also used to treat fungus.

How Does Allspice Taste?

  • Let’s answer those who are wondering how allspice tastes .
  • Allspice is a very aromatic spice.
  • Precious spice resembling cloves with its scent; It contains the flavors of many spices from cinnamon to nutmeg, from cardamom to black pepper and ginger, and takes on their task alone.
  • Allspice, which is known as a strong and strong spice with its very aromatic taste, is also called Jamaican pepper in some places.
  • Let’s say you are going to prepare a recipe, all your ingredients are complete, but allspice is missing. In this case, you can add equal amounts of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg to your recipe as an alternative to allspice. Although you will not be able to get the exact same taste, we can say that you can reach a taste that is close.
  • Some types of spices can cause allergies in people.
  • In order to understand this, either doing an allergy test first or if different spices such as allspice are to be used, tasting a small amount first can be a method to check whether there is an allspice allergy.

Where to Buy Allspice? What is the price?

  • Allspice is among the affordable spices in terms of price.
  • The price of powdered allspice in packages of 50 and 100 grams varies between 5 TL and 15 TL.
  • On the other hand, 1 kilo large packages of powdered spice, which reaches the buyer for an average of 50-60 TL, add flavor to the meals at an affordable price.
  • Allspice in seed form is slightly more expensive than powdered allspice. On average, it follows a course that varies between 60 TL and 100 TL per kilogram.
  • It is not difficult to find the allspice spice that enters almost every kitchen with its wide use.
  • The spice, which can be easily found in markets, delicatessens, herbalists and even neighborhood grocery stores, comes in powder form in small packages.
  • It is possible to find the spice, which is usually sold in 50 or 100 gram packages in ready-made packages, in seed form in herbalists.
  • Since it is difficult to grind in seed form, you can find the preferred product in powder form, which offers a more practical use, with different brand options.

2 Aromatic Recipes Prepared with Allspice Spices

Stuffed chicken and allspice added chicken are among the most popular recipes where allspice brings together its bitter taste, sharp and intense smell and multiple spice flavors in one go.

1) Anchovy Rice Recipe with Video from the Black Sea Cuisine

Try the anchovy pilaf like this! The shape, consistency and taste of delicious Black Sea anchovies will be your favourite! The video of rice with pimento and anchovy is here, with the exact dimensions and precise explanation! Anchovy Rice

2) Marinated Chicken and Rice in a Jar

How about preparing a delicious dinner worthy of palaces in a single jar? The combination of marinated, tender chicken meat with pilaf filled with allspice reveals a flavor that is both satisfying and leaves a mark on the palate, don’t miss it! 

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