Benefits of Green Tea: Does it weaken? When to Drink?

Benefits of Green Tea

Benefits of Green Tea. Green tea is one of the health secrets of Asian countries. Green tea, which heals many diseases and strengthens body resistance, is among the herbal teas that are frequently consumed in our country. Green tea, which you can easily prepare whenever you want, has almost no calories. Flavored green teas have been produced by companies for those who cannot get used to the taste. You can find orange, pineapple, lemon, mint and cinnamon green tea varieties, which should definitely take their place on your tea shelf.

If you want healthy drinks in your cups, you can think of green tea. Preparing green tea consists of only two steps. If you are using packaged single-use green tea; You can pour some boiled and rested water over your tea bag in the cup. If you want to prepare a leafy green tea from the herbalist ; You can keep it in a teapot with hot water.

If you use boiling water while brewing your tea, green tea will not be beneficial. We recommend that you prepare your tea with boiled and rested water for a few minutes, and we can move on to our title, which contains information about the benefits of green tea.

What Are the Benefits of Green Tea?

Green tea, which has almost replaced the classic tea, is very popular with its benefits. The miracle effects of 1 cup of green tea consumed regularly are as follows:

  • Green tea is very effective in removing harmful substances secreted by the kidney. Thus, it is protective against the possibility of kidney stone formation.
  • It prevents a possible heart disease by keeping blood pressure at a normal level. For this reason, green tea is preferred as a blood pressure balancing tea.
  • It is a very powerful antioxidant. It is effective in DNA repair and blood thinning. Thus, it will prevent problems related to vascular occlusion.
  • According to studies conducted among Japanese and Chinese people, green tea prevents the formation of cancer to a large extent.
  • When the benefits of green tea for the lungs were examined, results suggesting that it has a protective effect against diseases were found.
  • Consuming 2 cups of green tea a day, especially reduces the chance of lung cancer.
  • Green tea also has dental benefits. Regularly consumed green tea is a great help in oral care and dental health. It destroys plaque and bacteria in the mouth thanks to its antioxidant properties and supports dental health.
  • You can consume green tea for the diseases that you are afraid of getting caught in winter days. It will strengthen your immune system and protect you from diseases.
  • You can easily get rid of edema caused by stress and standing for a long time with green tea. Green tea is a very powerful anti-edema.
  • Since it is rich in vitamin C, it gives energy. It allows you to stay more vigorous and active.
  • The benefits of green tea are also good for the skin. When you make a skin mask with green tea, you will purify your skin from harmful substances. You can try green tea to make your skin look more vibrant.
  • The benefits of green tea for the brain are also a matter of curiosity. Regularly drinking green tea is said to be protective against diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Does Green Tea Lose Weight?

  • Does green tea lose weight? to the question “Does green tea burn fat?” We will add to the question.
  • The answers to these interconnected questions are very satisfying.
  • Green tea has a very large share in your weight loss.
  • Green tea, which contains substances called caffeine and catechin that will accelerate your metabolism, will help you in the slimming process.
  • Since it contains a high amount of antioxidants, it starts your fat burning by raising your body temperature.
  • Green tea, which initiates and maintains fat burning, shows great weight loss in a short time when consumed regularly. Of course, when drinking green tea, attention should be paid to a healthy diet.
  • The effect of green tea drunk after a giant hamburger on weight loss is unthinkable.
  • Green tea, which cuts the hunger at night, will save you from escapades.
  • This will also prevent weight gain. You can be more successful on the road to weight loss.
  • At the same time, thanks to its diuretic structure, it fully supports you in eliminating edema in the body. When the edema disappears, you will lose weight more easily.
  • The benefits of green tea are also highlighted by Ayşe Tolga. Body Care Specialist Ayşe Tolga says that green tea helps to lose weight thanks to the effect of accelerating metabolism and intestinal functioning. Thus, green tea also has dietary benefits and it becomes easier to reach the ideal weight.

When to Drink Green Tea?

  • Green tea can be drunk 20 minutes after meals.
  • Since it is known to work the intestines, it may be appropriate to drink in situations that do not restrict your need for a sink.
  • 2 cups a day would be an ideal measure.
  • In long-term consumption of green tea, the body will get used to the tea and after a while it will turn into addiction. For this reason, it is recommended to take a break for 1 week at the end of the 15-day period while drinking green tea.
  • Green tea , which you can choose to relieve your pain during your period, may cause a concern whether it delays menstruation.
  • There is no scientific evidence that it delays the period yet. On the contrary, green tea is recommended by experts to make your menstrual periods more comfortable.

Harms and Side Effects of Green Tea

When the contents of green tea are examined, it is seen that caffeine can cause discomfort in some bodies. In some cases, green tea side effects can be seen. These situations are:

  • In the use of people who are sensitive to caffeine,
  • In suspected pregnancy and use during pregnancy,
  • It can be dangerous in the use of high blood pressure and kidney patients.
  • Apart from these substances, green tea does not have any harm. Since there is frequent urination, attention should be paid to consumption and it should be drunk to a large extent.

Weight Loss with Green Tea Diet

When you want to get rid of excess weight in a short time with the green tea diet; The information here will be very helpful to you. Green tea, which is almost your savior, allows you to burn fat and lose weight if the diet list is taken care of.

Here is the green tea diet that lost 3 kilos in 4 days :

1 day:

  • Breakfast: Omelet with 2 egg whites, half a grapefruit and 1 cup of unsweetened green tea.
  • Lunch: 1 bowl of salad, half a can of tuna fish, 1 cup of green tea.
  • Snack: 1 fruit and 1 bowl of non-fat yogurt.
  • Dinner: 1 plate of vegetable meal, 1 portion of boiled chicken and 1 cup of unsweetened green tea.

2 days:

  • Breakfast: Omelet prepared with 2 egg whites, 1 fruit and 1 cup of unsweetened green tea.
  • Lunch: 1 bowl of vegetable soup, 1 portion of grilled chicken, 1 bowl of nonfat yogurt, 1 cup of unsweetened green tea.
  • Snack: 1 bowl of nonfat yogurt.
  • Dinner: 1 portion of boiled meat, 1 bowl of lemon salad and 1 cup of unsweetened green tea.

3 days:

  • Breakfast: 1 boiled egg, 1 slice of wholemeal bread, 1 cup of green tea, 1 fruit.
  • Lunch: 1 toast with wholemeal bread, 1 portion of grilled chicken, 1 bowl of lemon salad and green tea.
  • Snack: 1 bowl of nonfat yogurt and 1 cup of green tea.
  • Evening: 1 portion of boiled chicken, 1 bowl of salad and green tea.

4 days:

  • Breakfast: 1 boiled egg, 1 cup of green tea, 1 fruit.
  • Lunch: 1 toast with wholemeal bread, 1 bowl of salad and green tea.
  • Snack: 1 fruit and 1 bowl of non-fat yogurt.
  • Dinner: 1 bowl of salad, 1 portion of grilled chicken, 1 cup of unsweetened green tea.

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