How to Peel Ginger? Several ways!

How to peel ginger

The ginger we use here is the rhizome of the ginger plant. Ginger is an age-old seasoning that is also widely used in dishes in Europe. But ginger is not only tasty to eat. They also make delicious tea and of course Ginger Ale. This blog is about how to peel ginger?

How to Peel Ginger?

Ginger can be peeled in several ways. With a vegetable peeler, with a potato knife and scrape with a spoon. Most of the ginger is preserved with a spoon. Then you can cut the ginger into pieces, grate, or press.

The versatility of ginger means it has many uses. Peeled or unpeeled! Yes, you can eat ginger unpeeled. The peel even contains a lot of vitamins that we need every day. The peel only tastes bitter. The taste is slightly stronger and for many too strong. In addition, the skin can also be woody when the ginger has been lying around for a while and is therefore older. So that’s why the ginger is often cleaned and peeled. However, if possible I would eat the ginger and use it with the peel and all.

Ginger can also be stored well. You can read all about it in our blog ‘ How to store ginger? ‘. And for ginger tea, you can read this blog ‘ How to make ginger tea? ‘.

Ginger Cleaning

However, if you want to use the ginger unpeeled, it is important to clean the ginger. There may be dirt and sand on it and there may be chemical pesticides on it. Not that it’s over, but you don’t know. You don’t know how the farmer or grower has handled the ginger!

Cleaning is, therefore, a must if you use the ginger unpeeled. Clean the ginger under the tap with running water. Use a cloth or sponge to clean the outside.

After that, you can cut the ginger and use it for your dish.

Ginger Peels

Do you have trouble eating the peel? Is the ginger a bit older and bony? Then you can always peel the ginger. Peeling ginger can be done in different ways, but it remains a difficult job.


First, you can peel the ginger with a peeler that you also use to peel potatoes. The advantage of this is that you remove a thin layer and can therefore use a lot of the ginger. In addition, a lot of vitamins are preserved, because they are located in and just under the skin.


You can also remove ginger by cutting the skin off with a sharp knife. There’s nothing difficult about this. You will only cut out much of the ginger and therefore many vitamins.


What has become increasingly popular is peeling ginger with a spoon. Do not use a serving spoon for this, but an ordinary soup spoon. If you have an even smaller spoon this will work even better. Now remove the skin by passing the spoon with the hollow jug downwards over the ginger. The nice thing about this method is that you scrape off a thin layer of the ginger. Many vitamins are preserved in this way, which is so nice.

These are the method of peeling ginger.

Ginger Cutting

Ginger can be used in several ways. For example, you can use it to flavor a stew, then you want to remove the ginger afterwards, or you can use it as part of your dish, where you eat the ginger.

If you only want to use the ginger to flavor your dish and remove it from your dish, cut slices about 0.5 centimeters thick. This allows the ginger to release its flavor and the pieces of ginger are easy to find in your dish.

If you want the ginger to be part of your dish, cut thinner slices, cut these slices into strips and then into cubes. This way the ginger will cook nicely and you won’t have a large piece of ginger in your mouth while eating. Ginger is quite tasty, but no big chunks in your mouth that’s too much of a good thing.

There are therefore other methods to use ginger in your dish such as…..

Grating ginger

You probably have what it takes to grate a cheese grater or a grater for carrots. Just a grater.

This kitchen tool is perfect for grating ginger. You can do this with or without the peel. However, it works better if you use peeled ginger.

Just be sure to catch the ginger in a container as you will squeeze out some of the juice as well. Collect this in a container so that you can add it to your dish later. This way as much of the taste as possible is preserved. You can also do it through pressing…..

Ginger Presses

The last method is by using the garlic press. This only works with peeled ginger pieces. Cut the ginger into pieces that will fit in your press. Put them in the press and push.

You will find that you are squeezing a lot of juice and that only a small part of the ginger goes through the press. This way you lose a lot of ginger, you get the juice but not the fiber. This is the most inefficient way to process ginger.

Should You Peel Ginger For Tea?

If you want to use ginger for your tea, using ginger is very easy. You don’t have to peel it. You use the ginger for your tea with the peel and all.

Just clean the ginger under the tap, so that dirt and sand are washed away. Then you can make delicious tea from unpeeled ginger. Also delicious with lemon.

Using Ginger

A lot has been written above about cleaning, peeling, cutting, and grating ginger.

The distinct taste of ginger will complement and enrich many dishes. Especially now that you know how to peel, cut, and process ginger.

Good luck with your cooking and enjoy your meal. Or drink them, of course, if you make tea out of them.

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