Purple Carrots

Purple Carrots

When you think of carrots , the mind immediately manages to relate it to its characteristic orange color and its great contribution of antioxidants , but you must be very clear that there are innumerable varieties, among which the pink, yellow and purple ones stand out . Hence, the nutritional , medicinal and food properties can maintain certain variations from one spice to another. Today you will know in detail the benefits of these purple carrots and why they are good to be consumed periodically by integrating them into your daily diet and food .

The purple carrot

Although in Spain its consumption is somewhat lagging, it is important to know that in many other places it is common to include it in the diet , likewise its cultivation is widely slowed down, which has helped to make it difficult to find it.

Both its flavor and its texture and its nutritional contributions differ in relation to its orange sisters, these purple ones have great versatility to be used in gourmet cuisine, being the protagonists of an incredible number of dishes and recipes. In addition to providing important properties and countless benefits to the general health of consumers.

Experts are still debating their origin, some in favor of Mallorca and others in favor of Holland, which is why these purple carrots are also known by the name of safarnaria. Its morphology is almost identical when compared to the orange ones, although there are differences in relation to its nutritional values .

This type of vegetable is closely related to the most common variety of carrot, although in relation to its nutritional contributions, both modalities present certain differences.

The abode is much sweeter as well as with a characteristic spicy touch that makes them extremely succulent and appetizing . In addition to maintaining a very high hardness in its external area and a center or heart of a pale color.

The benefits derived from the consumption of purple carrots

  1. They are perfect for effectively reducing the risks of cardiovascular and coronary diseases due to their great antioxidant capacity and for maintaining anti- inflammatory properties resulting from a micronutrient called anthocyanin , in addition to proven anti-cancer benefits.
  2. A rich source of vitamins and minerals essential for the body. Among the vitamins present in purple carrots are vitamin A , vitamin E and those of group B. In addition to varied and highly necessary minerals for the body to maintain its vital functions such as calcium, iodine, potassium and magnesium.

Other direct benefits offered by the purple carrot

  • They counteract enzymes that cause blood vessel damage in those with diabetes .
  • High content of carotene and antioxidants , perfect for fighting free radicals and the effects of premature aging.
  • Ideal for maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails.
  • Comparing them to oranges, these purple carrots are 20 times more powerful in health.
  • They are satiating thanks to their high fiber content , they also regulate intestinal transit and work very well in weight loss diets.
  • They reduce bad cholesterol (LDL), blood pressure and cardiovascular risks thanks to their purple pigment which is rich in anthocyanins.

How to consume purple carrots to take advantage of its benefits

Its versatility to be included in various recipes and dishes can also be classified as a virtue or benefit , it is perfect to be consumed raw as well as in salads , but its use is really widespread in stews and fried.

It is also important to know that when cooked, it does not lose its properties, rather they are able to enhance themselves , so there are no problems in achieving exquisite preparations where you have to boil, cook, roast or fry them.

Another benefit of their consumption is that they are perfectly ecological . Why? Simply because an industrialized production of this carrot species is not maintained and its crops generally enjoy being ecological and traditional, achieving additional benefits by not being subjected to pesticides and other chemical compounds used in the current agricultural industry.

If you are a lover of vegetables and of course carrots, you will also be interested in knowing the perfect benefits of carrot juice , a refreshing and extremely delicious recipe for hot summer days, in addition to providing you with excellent contributions of vitamin A , fiber and antioxidants and perfect to strengthen the diet of the entire family group.

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