Bakery Trends In The Global Market

Bakery Trends

Are you looking for new ideas for your cafe or bakery business? 

We observed some trends that we anticipate would provide growth prospects for bakers in the industry. It is always good to know the latest trends to keep us updated.. 

So, if you’re seeking ideas for new product launches or bakery trends, have a look at the list below.

1. Plant-based diet

Plant-based and flexitarian diets are becoming more popular among consumers. 

The flexitarian diet is a way of eating that emphasises plant-based meals while allowing animal products only in moderation.   

For the bakery industry, this means avoiding the use of eggs, butter, and cream, despite the fact that many consumers prefer plant-based goods that do not sacrifice flavour. 

Here lies the opportunity for industrial bakers to innovate to offer the best flavourful plant-based products, which might make the transition to a plant-based diet much easier for a wider audience. 

We’re seeing more plant-based cakes, cookies, and pastries, as well as chocolate fillings.

2. Flavours that strengthen the immune system

According to Food Processing, a number of worldwide consumers prefer immune-boosting food and beverages. 

What have bakers done in response? 

We are seeing an increase in the use of ginger, turmeric, and citrus components in baked goods being placed on the market in multiple countries across the world. These ingredients are well-known for their health benefits, which may answer consumers’ growing health concerns.

3. Frozen bakery products and longer shelf life

Because of the issues and concerns within the last few years in terms of logistics and supply chain, consumers are aiming to cut back on trips to shops.  Bakers have also looked into reduced costs and labour for their business. As a result, items with a longer shelf life are becoming more popular. 

When it comes to bread and baked goods, many bakery owners partner with cafe suppliers for more cost-efficient products.        

4. Sugar reduction is a thing

Many consumers are looking to minimise the quantity of sugar in their diet. As a result, sugarless food products have been gaining market momentum these days.

Reducing the amount of sugar in bakery fillings may help your local bakeries in capitalising on the expanding global health and wellness trend.

5. Nutritional improvements in baked goods

Another baking sector development that complements the growing health awareness movement is healthier bread and cake products. These are made with high fibre, high protein, and high fruit content. 

Manufacturers are looking for suppliers who can provide more nutritious ingredients. We see this as another opportunity for industrial bakeries to expand their operations.  

Things to remember…

According to Taste Tomorrow, during the height of Covid, global food production, retail, and consumption habits were brought into light. These changes in the baking industry allowed consumers and business-owners to reflect on their consumption. 

While there were enormous logistical and operational challenges to overcome, it also resulted in a shift in consumer tastes and preferences. 

In addition, people were asked to stay-at-home and utilise online commerce. With food, people had a chance to rethink their consumption. We have gained more awareness about the quality of our food intake in the hopes of living a healthier lifestyle.


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