What should not be eaten in sahur? Dietitian Warns!

What should not be eaten in sahur

Foods that should not be eaten in sahur

With the approach of Ramadan, changes occur in our diet. Our main and snack times and the foods we consume are also affected by this change. The main thing we should pay attention to in Ramadan is our metabolic rate. Sudden weight gain is also seen in these metabolic slowdowns.

So how do we get past this? First of all, if we do not neglect to get up for sahur and know which foods to stay away from in sahur, we will prevent weight gain. Sahur should be considered as an early breakfast and you should get up for sahur. You need to prepare a breakfast consisting of foods high in protein, which will keep your blood sugar regular throughout the day .

In the continuation of our article, you can find guiding answers to the questions of what to eat and what not to eat at sahur.

What should not be eaten in sahur?

While there are many sources on the subject of what to eat for sahur , the answers to the question of what not to eat for sahur are less. We also wanted to touch on this issue and decided to share our research results with you.

Foods that should not be eaten in sahur have been compiled for you! The mini list we will give is also an answer to the question of what to eat for sahur and what foods should be avoided in order not to gain weight. If you do not want to feel thirsty in a short time while fasting, you should definitely stay away from the foods on this list. Let’s examine the foods that will make you feel thirsty and make your stomach hurt, and what should not be eaten at sahur:

  • Pastries (pies, rolls, cakes, etc.)
  • fries
  • Excess fatty foods cause blood sugar imbalance and indigestion. During the day, it causes pain, heartburn, burning in your stomach and makes you hungry quickly.
  • Excess salty and spicy foods in your sahur menu will also create more water needs.

Well, is it possible to eat sausage or bacon in sahur?

  • No, it cannot be eaten.
  • Because foods such as sausage, bacon, sausage, salami are foods that have undergone heat treatment.
  • Excess spices and salt are used in its production. If it is consumed at sahur, it will cause sensitivity in the stomach during the day.
  • The answer to the question of what not to eat is as important as the question of what to eat in sahur. Sausage and pastrami are in the food group that should not be consumed frequently, not only in sahur, but also in general.

Can you eat watermelon or banana in sahur?

  • Yes, it is edible.
  • Because the consumption of fruit in the sahur will take the insulin level in its routine course.
  • In other words, thanks to the fibers it contains, it will prevent sudden drops or rises in blood sugar.
  • However, the key point to be considered here is to ensure good control of fruit portions.
  • Let’s not forget that our limit in watermelon is a triangle slice, and our portion size in banana is 80 grams.
  • For those who ask what to eat for sahur, is there a sweet option to not be thirsty, especially watermelon is a good option because there is plenty of water in the watermelon.

Can you eat pasta in sahur?

  • There are two options we will give to this: We need to examine the type of pasta.
  • Yes, pasta can be consumed if it is made from bran or whole wheat.
  • However, provided that you do not take more than 6 tablespoons of pasta on our plate!
  • Pastas other than these types are not recommended to be consumed at sahur, as their carbohydrate content is high.

Can you eat yogurt in sahur?

  • Our answer is absolutely edible!
  • In fact, when you eat, you do a favor for your health and relax your digestive system.
  • You will also meet your daily calcium needs.
  • Let’s add that for those who are wondering if Canan Karatay has made any suggestions on the subject, Karatay specifically recommends ayran as a drink and an omelette made from village eggs, radishes and olives as food.
  • Let’s enlighten those who say what Aidin Salih said about this issue.
  • For the question of how much to eat in sahur, Salih offers a very light menu suggestion. Aidin Salih recommends drinking lemon water and eating dates at sahur.

Can you eat ramadan pita in sahur?

  • If you ask what to eat for sahur , pita is in the front row among the dietitian recommendations, it is not. There are more suitable options that can be consumed instead of pita.
  • Pita is a better choice for iftar.
  • We cannot put pita directly in the list of what not to eat for sahur, but whole grain breads such as rye will keep you full for longer.
  • In terms of calories, whole grain breads will be more suitable instead of pita bread in sahur.

Is it okay to eat leftovers from iftar in sahur?

  • Most of us put the leftovers from iftar on the sahur tables, but in general, these meals are not very suitable because they can be greasy and heavy.
  • Making sahur with breakfast foods will make you feel lighter throughout the day.

Is it okay to drink tea and coffee in sahur?

  • In addition to the question of what not to eat in sahur in Ramadan, we would like to answer the question of what not to drink.
  • It would be better not to drink tea and coffee in sahur.
  • Drinking tea and coffee plays a role in removing water from the body faster.
  • We may feel sluggish because we do not drink water during the day while fasting.

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