Does Rice Make You Gain Weight?

Does Rice Make You Gain Weight

Does Rice Make You Gain Weight?

Rice on its own is a useful and low-calorie grain. However, in the process of turning into rice, it meets with salt, broth and auxiliary products. When it is cooked, it becomes a high-calorie meal because it cannot preserve its initial calorie value.

  • 1 serving of rice is 360 calories on average. This value was measured for 100 grams of rice.
  • If you consume 100 grams of rice with auxiliary meals at every meal; weight gain occurs over time.
  • Since 1 tablespoon of rice pilaf contains about 20 calories, calculating with a tablespoon while eating rice gives healthier results.
  • It is recommended to reduce salt while cooking rice pilaf, and use less oil if possible. If you frequently consume salty and oily rice pilaf; You can say hello to weight gain.

Does Chicken Rice Make You Gain Weight?

Chicken rice, one of the street delicacies, is served with stringy chicken on top of the rice. It achieves a perfect harmony of flavors, especially with rice cooked with butter. Do you think mouth-watering chicken rice will make you gain weight? See how experts answered this question?

  • Dieters should consume chicken rice in a controlled manner. Because chicken rice is on the list of dishes with high calories.
  • It is very normal to gain weight if the amount of chicken on the rice is high, if the rice is oily and salty.
  • If you want to eat half a portion; there will be no problem in this regard. Because 220 grams of chicken rice has an average of 335 calories. Half a serving won’t hurt you.
  • While dieting, only chicken rice + salad can be consumed for lunch or dinner. However, if this becomes a habit, you can gain weight over time due to the calories of rice and chicken.

Does Bulgur Rice Make You Gain Weight?

Bulgur is the most innocent of grains. Because its fiber content is high and it is easier to digest when compared to rice. Moreover, it is very low in calories. Therefore, it is recommended to be consumed frequently in the diet. You can consume bulgur pilaf with peace of mind. However, you should not give up portion control. Because a plate of bulgur pilaf contains an average of 280 calories. Well, does bulgur pilaf make you gain weight? Let’s say:

  • If bulgur pilaf is to be consumed alongside a juicy and meaty main course, you should not exceed 5 tablespoons.
  • If you are going to consume bulgur pilaf with vegetables and tomato paste, an average of 9 tablespoons can be consumed together with yogurt.
  • If you love bulgur pilaf and want to eat it while dieting, do not forget to be in moderation.
  • Because of its high fiber content, you can eat bulgur pilaf many days of the week. It will not cause you to gain weight.

Can You Eat Rice On A Diet?

Those who think about how rice should be consumed during the diet process will definitely wonder whether rice with yoghurt will make you gain weight or if rice with vegetables will make you gain weight. It is necessary to explain the place of rice in diet nutrition to you one by one:

  • The body also needs healthy carbohydrates. Therefore, it is not a completely correct statement that you can not eat rice in the diet.
  • Rice types can be consumed while dieting. You can have rice or bulgur pilaf on your plates in moderation.
  • You can divide the days of the week into types of rice. You can eat an average of 6 spoons of rice pilaf one evening, and 8 spoons of bulgur pilaf the other evening.
  • Along with the pilaf, supplementary foods must be included. You should take care to have a variety in your plates such as salad, tzatziki, plain yogurt, chicken meat, minced meat saute.
  • You can add rice to your diet list according to your own order to stay away from a uniform diet and to run your intestines.
  • You should avoid using ready-made broth while eating rice on a diet. It is also recommended to reduce the amount of salt and fat.
  • Since rice pilaf will be difficult to digest, bulgur pilaf can be added to the diet more appropriately.
  • If you wish, you can prepare rice with vegetables and reduce the calorie of the rice.


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