How do you know if an egg is expired?

How do you know if an egg is expired

Scrambled, fried, boiled, in cake preparation… the egg is the basic ingredient in essence. But how do you know if an egg is expired or still good for consumption?

Improvised brunch  ? You go to the fridge to get your eggs , but woe… You don’t know how long they’ve been there, and you don’t know their expiry date  ! Don’t panic! There are very easy and quick ways to tell if your eggs are expired . So before throwing everything away, here are 4 infallible tips to know if you can still eat them… or run to the supermarket  !

Recommended Use By Date

All eggs purchased in supermarkets have a Best Before Date which is indicated on the packaging: “To be consumed before XX-XX-XX”. French regulations oblige the distributor to withdraw the eggs from sale 7 days before the date of minimum durability indicated on the packaging. If you collect the eggs yourself directly from the hen house , the Best Before Date is, of course, not indicated on the shell! So be aware that the expiry date corresponds to a period of 28 days, at the latest, after the day of laying.

An egg well stored in the refrigerator, whose shell is neither cracked nor broken, can be consumed up to one month, maximum, after the Best Before Date. That is 58 days after the day of laying. Be careful, the egg should never be washed, it could lose the protective film that the hen leaves there when she lays.

But it’s clear that not everyone thinks about saving the packaging of eggs or remembering their expiration date. Discover our practical tips to know if your eggs are expired.

Grandma’s method

All eggs contain an air pocket, but over time, and due to the porosity of the shell, air seeps inside the egg, affecting its freshness. The air pocket then becomes larger and the egg is lighter. So here is an age-old and very simple trick to know if your egg is still fresh. All you have to do is fill a container with cold water and dip your egg in it:

  • If the egg falls directly to the bottom of the container and hangs on its side, consider it extremely fresh. It’s all good, you can consume it without problem!
  • If the egg stands upright and touches the bottom, or floats slightly in the middle of the container, it is no longer fresh, but it is still edible . In this case, it is best to eat it cooked, in a cake preparation or in a hard-boiled egg, for example.
  • As you will have understood, if the egg floats on the surface, it is no longer consumable at all.

Listen to the egg

Over time, the egg loses its moisture and carbon dioxide. The yolk and white then tend to dry out and the air pocket takes up more and more space. To find out if your egg has expired, shake it gently at ear level:

  • If you hear rocking and the egg moves inside, that’s a sign the egg is rotten!
  • If you can’t hear anything, make sure you don’t have a hearing problem… if not, the egg is fresh and edible.

Break the egg

You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs  ! The older an egg gets, the more it loses its nutritional qualities. So to measure the freshness of your egg, break it into a plate .

  • If the yolk lays out completely flat, is easily pierced and the white is clear and runny: the egg has gotten a bit old, it is no longer edible.
  • If the yolk is well rounded, the white is cloudy in color and surrounds the yolk well: your egg is fresh. You can consume it without any problem.

An expired egg gives off a strong suspicious odor. So rely on your sense of smell to determine the freshness of your egg.

Consuming an expired egg

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, an expired egg contains bacteria that can cause more or less serious illnesses, such as food poisoning . The first cause of bacterial food infection in France is the consumption of expired eggs. It looks like gastroenteritis .

For people with incomplete or deficient immune systems ( children , the elderly), it is better to consume fresh and cooked eggs, without exceeding the Recommended Consumption Date. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure!

Recycle expired eggs

You have used these methods and your conclusion is clear: your eggs are indeed expired? Don’t throw them away, recycle them  !

If you can’t eat them, you can use them to make beauty treatments: hair mask with expired eggs or beauty mask made from expired eggs , take advantage of our recipes.

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