The Best Christmas Themed Plates

Christmas Plates

Christmas Plates: Crown Your New Year’s Table! On New Year’s Eve, you prepare an elaborate table to dine with your loved ones at home. Every detail of this table must consist of the best products, right? Plates, forks, napkins and covers take their place on the table as products that show the dishes.

If you want to set a different table from the previous tables on the New Year’s Eve; You  can choose Christmas themed plates . Plates designed by companies in accordance with the New Year concept will leave a mark on your table on the last night of 2021.

We wanted to introduce you on this page the plate models you need to carefully prepare the New Year’s table. Moreover, we also researched the prices of the plates you liked. Before the last campaign ends, you should see the Christmas themed dinner plates in your closet.

These plates, which are suitable for New Year’s evenings, consist of the best-selling models of the year. Let’s examine together the list of New Year-themed plates that suit the invitation tables and fascinate those who see it.

Are you ready to decorate your table with Christmas plates full of snacks? Here are 5 practical snacks to show off for your Christmas table from Yummy Recipes!

The Best Christmas Themed Plates and Prices

1) Bursa Porcelain Decor New Year Series Happy Holidays 4 Piece Cookie Plate

You can use porcelain plates to bring the New Year’s enthusiasm to your tables. One of the porcelain plates, these New Year themed products, signed by Burse Porselen, will accompany your most beautiful invitations. The size of these decorative plates, which represent the ornaments on the Christmas tree, is 15 cm cake plate size. You can serve treats, cakes or dessert on this plate.

2) Balonpark 8 Piece Deer New Year Party Concept Plate

If you are going to host very crowded guests in your house this New Year’s Eve, do not worry about the dishes at the end of the night. Thanks to the Christmas patterns on the disposable plates, the deficiency on your New Year’s table will be completed. Thanks to these products, which are wide enough for appetizers and desserts to fit comfortably, everyone will be able to eat comfortably at your table.

3) Ceratale Christmas 6 ‘Square Serving Plate

You have carefully prepared your Christmas table. Salads and meals await their turn on the counter. One of the dazzling details of this night will be the serving plates you will use. Square plates, recommended for those who are bored with the classic round plates, are the kind that reflect the excitement of the New Year to the table. When hand-painted patterns are embroidered on ceramic plates, these products, which attract attention on the table, created these products. 

4) Kosovo Set of 6 New Year’s Breakfast Plates

For those who love ceramic plates, this New Year’s table will be colorfully prepared. Thanks to the 21 cm diameter serving plates, the most elegant New Year’s table will take place in your home.  These products, which do not fade or erase their colors, are also machine washable. Many people who bought New Year-themed plates added this product to their cart!

5) Ülger Seramik New Year’s Special Design Deer Pattern 6 Pcs Serving Plate Black 26CM

Would you like to see the stylish harmony of black and cream on the plates on your table at the end of this year? When you want to prepare a table with a Christmas theme, you can buy the most popular products of Ülger Seramik, which draws attention with deer patterns.

6) Kitchen Sense 6 Piece Special Design Handmade 21CM Pastry Plate Set

You can use specially designed plates made of natural ceramics on both cream and green tablecloths. You can combine these plates, in which you can achieve a perfect harmony with the colors in their patterns, with napkins and covers in many colors. You can buy these models of Kitchen Sense before they run out to serve your delicious appetizers and desserts comfortably.

7) Bursa Porcelain Decor New Year Series 4-Piece Serving Plate

You can use this 4-piece set on your table at New Year’s Eve to meet your loved ones at quieter and more intimate tables. These porcelain plates, which carry the most popular patterns of the New Year, can also be preferred to use in the following days. You can set up a stylish dinner by highlighting the patterns on a black tablecloth or cream tablecloth.

8) Bursa Porcelain Decor New Year Series X’mas Toys-Blue 4 Piece Cookie Plate

When entering the new year, certain colors are preferred. Red, green and white. Now is the time to break the rules. It is time to bring innovation to the usual New Year concepts by making room for the color blue on your table. You can use the blue Christmas themed plates produced with Bursa Porcelain quality in tea and dinner tables. To harmonize with these plates, you can use a wicker placemat or a straw-colored cover on your table.

9) M’art Home Dream New Year’s Cake Plate- Green

If you like minimal details, M’art Home Dream plates are for you. Triangle shaped cake plates, which are the choice of those who want to set a quiet table without straining the eyes, will be very useful at the New Year’s table. You can buy these products before they run out to serve cake, cookies, appetizers or desserts.

10) Partyoutlet Christmas Themed Plate 8 pcs

If you are going to have a special celebration at your home on the last night of the year, there will be a lot of guests. In this crowd, your plates may be insufficient. In this case, you can choose Christmas-themed disposable plates. The package includes 8 new year patterned thick paper plates. If you are going to host very crowded guests, you can buy a few packages. 

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