Does Walnut Make You Gain Weight?

Does Walnut Make You Gain Weight

Does Walnut Make You Gain Weight? Walnut, a food rich in omega oils, takes place on our plates in various forms. The benefits of walnuts consumed in fresh form do not end with counting, but we would like to tell you about these beautiful features. If you regularly eat a measured amount of walnuts during the day; You will take a big step for your heart health.

The minerals and vitamins in the walnut are also effective for blood values. Walnut, which supports the development of the mind, is also frequently included in diet plates. It draws attention with its long-term satiety feature and is among the most favorite foods of dietitians. So, do walnuts make you gain weight? Let’s look at the answers to this question one by one.

When you want to eat 100 grams of walnuts during the day, the following numbers should come to your mind. In 100 grams of walnuts; It contains 65 g of fat, 2 mg of sodium, 441 mg of potassium, 14 g of carbohydrates, 15 g of protein, 2.9 mg of iron, 38 mg of calcium. These values ​​are quite sufficient for one meal and provide benefits to the body throughout the day. If you love walnuts a lot and eat them often; At this point, we would like to remind you of a few information.

Can walnuts make you gain weight? It is discussed by experts such as Canan Karatay. We would like to clarify this issue. If you are worried about whether walnuts will make you gain weight ; Here is the valuable information you need to know.

Get support from a nutritionist for the most accurate information and healthy results.

Does Walnut Make You Gain Weight?

  • In Turkish cuisine, walnuts take their place on the table in many ways. It is often used in salads, pastries, appetizers, pasta sauces, breakfast dishes and dessert decorations.
  • In this regard, how the walnut is consumed is very important.
  • If walnuts are consumed in moderation in a balanced breakfast plate, it has no effect on weight gain.
  • However, if the walnut, which attracts attention with its benefits, goes into the stomach through a sweet and high-fat dessert, it is necessary to say a stop here.
  • 1 walnut contains an average of 45 calories. This value is ideal for an adult person.
  • The recommended amount of walnuts should be limited to an average of 5 walnuts per day.
  • Thanks to walnuts that will meet the daily energy amount, long-term satiety is provided.
  • Walnut, which contains beneficial oils intensively, is used as an oil change in dishes.
  • In order not to gain weight while eating walnuts, which have a high calorie value, careful consumption should be considered.
  • Walnuts, which produce very healthy results when consumed regularly in women and men and children, should be consumed during the day if possible.
  • Walnut, which is especially effective on the development of children, also provides daily energy for adults.
  • So, does eating walnuts make you gain weight? The answer to this question is given “according to the amount of consumption”.
  • Because eating a large amount of walnuts will cause fat storage in the body, which can cause weight gain after a while. However, it would not be right to think of this situation in a negative way.
  • You can think of it like this: People who are trying to gain weight can gain weight at a healthy rate after a while if they eat a measured amount of walnuts at every meal during the day. If some walnuts are added to additional foods to help babies feed, they will gain weight.
  • In the process of losing weight, it is necessary to eat walnuts in a controlled manner.
  • If a large amount of walnuts is consumed in a body that has started to burn fat, unfortunately, unwanted weight can be gained.
  • How much and when you consume walnuts, which have beneficial properties, will shape weight gain.

Can You Eat Walnuts on a Diet?

One of the frequently asked questions of dietitians is can I eat walnuts while dieting? It is possible to consume a food with high nutritional value such as walnuts, rich in vitamins and minerals, in the diet. But how?

  • In the process of losing weight, consuming walnuts with herbal tea or purple fruits further increases its effects.
  • It can be consumed with 2 walnuts and other breakfast items in the breakfast plate. Omega support is taken at the beginning of the day.
  • 2-3 walnuts can be consumed with ayran, soda, herbal tea or coffee in diet snacks. It supports the active metabolism until the next meal.
  • Walnuts are also included in salads or in yoghurt cures. You can determine the usage area of ​​walnuts according to the nutrition program.
  • Also, do not forget that you can use walnuts in a measured amount to provide calorie balance in oat dishes.

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