What Are the Benefits of Citrus Fruit? How to use?

What is Citrus Fruit

Carrying the warmth of the Mediterranean in its peel, the citrus fruit carries an orange breeze wherever it enters. The citrus, which is exactly the same as the orange in its appearance, is the main fruit that gives its name to the citrus family, as its name suggests. The fruit, which is popularly known as the ungrafted wild version of the orange, has a more bitter and sour taste than the orange. Especially since its juice is more bitter than grapefruit and orange, it is less preferred as a fruit.

What is Citrus Fruit?

  • The citrus fruit grows on the evergreen citrus tree, which is 2 – 2.5 meters tall, which grows spontaneously in nature. It is distinguished by its robust roots, thorny branches, and multi-forked crown.
  • The citrus tree is considered the ancestor of citrus fruits, as lemon is derived by grafting the citrus tree together with the orange.
  • While the citrus fruit is dark green at first, when it matures it acquires a vivid bright orange color, similar to an orange.
  • Apart from the taste of the citrus fruit, the main difference from the orange is its thick peel.
  • The citrus fruit, whose peel is thicker and rougher than other citrus fruits, cannot be distinguished from oranges by its appearance, but when it is handled, the difference is understood.

What Are the Benefits of Citrus Fruit?

  • The peel of the citrus fruit, which has different benefits with its flower, leaf, peel, and fruit, opens the appetite and quenches thirst if drunk by making tea. It also gives strength and energy to the body while opening the appetite.
  • While citrus leaves are good for bad breath when chewed, citrus juice prepared from citrus seeds or citrus fruit is used as an antidote to insect bites such as snakes and scorpions.
  • Citrus fruit has a stomach-strengthening effect. If sherbet or water is drunk, it cleans the stomach and has a healing effect, especially against vomiting, nausea, and bile.
  • In addition, when the fruit is prepared and consumed as tea, it facilitates digestion.
  • The inner part of the citrus peel cleans the blood and strengthens the heart. The fruit, which is used in traditional medicine especially against conditions such as palpitations, helps to regulate the heart rhythm.
  • Orange, which has a reducing effect on the nerves, has a soothing effect and provides relaxation. It is used to relieve sadness and distress. It is an effective food, especially in stress-induced depression.
  • Lowering blood sugar while balancing blood pressure is among the benefits of citrus fruit. Although it lowers blood sugar, it is of great importance that it is used in a balanced and correct manner by diabetics.

How to Use Orange?

  • Consumed in many different ways from its flower to its peel, orange is used not only in homes but also in different industries with its refreshing taste.
  • Perfume is made from the essential oil obtained from its bark and flowers. Since its flowers have a very nice scent, it is the main ingredient in making essences and by adding essential oils to soaps and shampoos, it gives a refreshing scent. In addition, its essence is added to sweeteners in the food industry to give fragrance.
  • The aromatic scent of the citrus peel, which has a different smell than its flowers, is used to flavor the dishes. In general, their shells are grated to decorate the recipes as auxiliary materials or come to the tables as the main material of special recipes.
  • In the kitchen, it can be preferred as an alternative to lemon to add flavor to salads or meat dishes, or it is made with citrus syrup, such as pomegranate syrup, and takes its place in the market aisles.
  • In addition, ointments, tinctures and pastes are made from the bark thanks to its pleasant smell.
  • Since the peels have a high nutritional value, they are dried and evaluated by making tea or syrup with citrus leaves.
  • In addition to its peels and flowers, citrus is also eaten as a raw fruit. It is not surprising that the fruit, which is not very common to be eaten directly due to its bitter taste, is eaten by sprinkling sugar or pouring honey on it to relieve its bitterness in some regions.

Where Does the Orange Fruit Grow?

  • Citrus fruit is a Mediterranean fruit just like other citrus fruits.
  • The fruit, whose original homeland is Southeast Asia and which is estimated to have spread from Asia to the world via the Silk Road, is mainly grown in regions where the winter is mild.
  • The fruit, which grows wild in the Mediterranean basin from past to present, is grown in almost all of America except the cold interior parts of America. However, this plant is also found in some parts of the Middle East.
  • The fruit, which is grown in the coastal strip around the Mediterranean and Aegean in Turkey, is mainly identified with the Aydın and Nazilli regions.
  • It is possible to grow in regions with mild winters in the Marmara, along with the Aegean.
  • The fruit, which is resistant to cold up to a point, grows in regions that do not fall below -4 degrees in winter.

Where to Buy Citrus Fruit?

  • Orange, which is not difficult to find, can be found in greengrocers like other Mediterranean fruits.
  • With the approach of the winter months, it starts to appear on the stalls and can be obtained from any place that sells fruits and vegetables, from market aisles to greengrocers.
  • In addition, orange, which can be bought from many shops selling organic products in the Mediterranean region, is sold in neighborhood markets.
  • Among the citrus fruit sales channels, there is also the internet.
  • When the harvest starts, that is, when the season comes, you can order the citrus fruit online.
  • You can buy the fruit that is picked fresh from the branch and sent to the address, from different internet addresses.

Who Can Consume Citrus Fruit?

  • In fact, anyone can get the benefits of citrus fruit. However, its consumption may be restricted in special cases. If your stomach is very sensitive to acidic fruits, you should avoid consuming them.
  • If you have been feeling tense and tired lately, this fruit is for you.
  • Those who think that the immune system has slowed down should meet the citrus fruit.
  • People with intraoral infections can clear the infection by consuming oranges regularly.
  • Those who want their skin to look healthier should consume orange before it’s too late.
  • Those looking for beneficial nutrients to balance blood sugar should not miss the citrus fruit from their home.
  • When you have a cold, it is recommended to consume citrus fruit to recover faster. Thanks to the vitamin C it has, you can get through the sick days faster.
  • The citrus fruit clears the bacteria and infection from your body as soon as possible.

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