8 great ways to cook delicious fish dishes

ways to cook delicious fish dishes

Many housewives are afraid to cook fish dishes for fear of being fishy. That’s because moms haven’t pocketed the following great tips. 1. The principle of not covering the lid. 


If you want delicious fish, do not cover when cooking.

Amino acids are the “culprits” that make fish fishy during processing. But they are also easily lost during evaporation. So, it’s simple, you just need to open the lid while cooking the fish, the fishy smell will disappear by itself and your dish will have a much more attractive taste.

2. Harmonize de-fishy seasoning


Spicy spices like chili can drown out the fishy taste of the fish.

Spicy spices such as chili, pepper, ginger or some vegetables such as laksa leaves, ginger leaves or pineapple can overwhelm the fishy taste of fish. Therefore, you can add them to your fish stock pot.

Note, if you use fresh ginger, you must add it after the fish boils. If you add it at the same time as the fish, when the corn is on the stove, when the fish boils, the water will flow out. In it, there is a protein content that makes ginger lose its anti-fishy effect. The purpose of waiting for the fish to boil for a while is to allow the protein to precipitate. Only then, new ginger can fulfill its task in eliminating fishy.

3. Use sour spices to both remove the fishy smell and bring out the smell of fish

– Spices for sour taste such as star fruit, batch, vinegar or tamarind… also work to reduce the characteristic fishy smell. So you can use these spices instead.

– On the other hand, before processing, you can sprinkle a little lemon juice on the surface of the fish, which will also help mask the fishy smell of the fish.

4. Fresh milk increases the sweetness of fish



Fresh milk adds sweetness to the fish.

Fresh milk, if used to soak fish before processing, can both increase fish freshness and make fish meat sweeter. With this method, you can apply it to fried dishes as well as curries.

5. If you want the fish to taste better, add some white wine or beer

For braised, fried, or cooked dishes, you can add two to three tablespoons of white wine to the pot before starting on the stove. You can also replace alcohol with beer which will give the same result. With this method, you can both save a little more time and eliminate the fishy smell and help the fish smell delicious.

6. Chicken fat makes braised fish fat and beautiful yellow


Chicken fat makes braised fish fat and beautiful yellow.

You can steam delicious fish like a high-class restaurant by placing a piece of chicken fat on the fish before putting it in the steamer. At high temperature, the chicken fat will slowly seep into the fish and make the fish greasy and delicious to every fiber. You can also apply this method to the stock to get the beautiful yellow color you want.

7. Cook fish soup without adding water midway

The important thing when cooking soups that use fish as the main ingredient is to make sure that the water is just enough to use. Because if in the middle, you notice a lack of water and adding more will make the soup pot no longer have the original sweet taste, but instead have a fishy smell and a bland taste.

8. Stir-fry fish fillets remember to add sugar

With fish that has been boned and thinly sliced ​​for stir-frying, it will be easily crushed. This will make the dish lose its attractiveness and taste. A good tip is to use a little sugar to marinate this fillet before cooking. So the fish will hunt again and not be afraid of being crushed when stir-frying. Note, it is recommended to stir-fry the fish separately before adding other ingredients to make the dish more delicious.

Finally, remember that dishes from fish whether fried, braised, steamed or cooked in soup… should be enjoyed while still hot. This not only brings deliciousness, but also helps you avoid the fishy smell of the dish when it cools.

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