Tell you how to prepare fish so that it doesn’t get fishy when cooking

Is Fish healthy
Is Fish healthy

In cooking, if you do well in the preliminary processing, any of your fish dishes will become attractive and nutritious for the whole family.


To make the fish dish attractive, you should prepare the fish carefully before cooking

Steps to soak fish

Use rice water

Put fish in water to wash rice and soak for 15 minutes. Rinse with clean water, dry before processing.

Use wine or ginger

Since ancient times, alcohol and ginger have been known to be two very good deodorants for fishy and foul odors. So, to have a delicious fish dish for your family, don’t forget to use them when washing and preparing fish.

Use salt, brine or vinegar

You can use salt directly to rub on the fish to remove the fishy smell, or use salt water to wash the fish. Or you can also soak the cleaned fish in cold water mixed with a little vinegar or mix in a little pepper or bay leaf … also helps to remove the fishy smell of the fish effectively.

Use fresh lemon juice

In addition to the above ingredients, lemon is also an “raw material” that helps you eliminate up to 99% of the fishy smell of fish. The lemon you buy is squeezed to get the juice, mixed with a little water, then let the fish soak for about 5 minutes, take it out, wash it with water and bring it to cook.


Lemon juice also helps eliminate the fishy smell of fish effectively

Note that you do not soak the fish in lemon juice for too long, as this will make the fish no longer as fresh as the original.

Preliminary processing stage

When buying fish, you should ask the seller to clean the intestines, scrape the scales, remove the gills… With fish such as carp, snakehead… the fishy smell of the fish is usually concentrated on the 2 sides, where there are white veins. (When making fish, remember to cut close to the fin to see that vein is exposed.) Using your hand to take that vein will reduce the fishy smell when processing.

To remove the slime on the body of basa, howling, catfish… you can use kitchen ash, rub it on the fish. If you don’t have ashes at home, you can cook 1 kettle of hot water, lightly sprinkle the fish and then scrape off the slime, thus helping the fish clean mucus and remove the fishy smell.

Seasoning seasoning

Marinating with fish dishes is very important, so for each cooking style, choose the right spices to make the fish more delicious and attractive without being fishy.

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