5 Ways to Save Cut Apples So It Doesn’t Change Color

Save Cut Apples

Apples are very easy to oxidize after being cut. As a result, cut apples turn brown.

You may have seen  apple slices that still look fresh in a lunch box from a restaurant, without changing color. How can I keep apple slices from changing color?

Storing apples in a closed container and in the refrigerator is not enough to prevent oxidation, you know. There are certain ways that need to be done to prevent apple slices from changing color.

Here HaiBunda summarizes 5  ways to store apples that have been cut:

1. Fresh water

To quote Epicurious , the most important thing to prevent apples from browning is to reduce exposure to air. Well, the easiest way is to soak the apple slices in water.

The apple slices will float on the water. Place a tissue or paper on it. Once the tissue is wet, the apple will be pushed under another surface.

Another way is to put the apple slices in a ziplock bag. Press until there is no more air in the plastic bag.

2. Salt solution

How to store apples on this one is also quite easy. You only need water and salt.

Dissolve 1/8 teaspoon of salt in one cup of water. Then, soak the apple slices in the salt solution for a few minutes.

After that, drain the apple slices. Rinse the apple slices with clean water after draining so they don’t taste salty.

3. Honey solution

Honey also turns out to be able to prevent apples from oxidizing, you know, Mother. Mix 2 tablespoons of honey in one cup of water.

Soak the apple slices in the honey water mixture for 30 seconds. This method is effective because there are compounds in honey that stop enzymes from oxidizing.

Besides being easy and effective, this method will not change the taste of the apple. Apples will still be sweet, Mother.

4. Orange or pineapple juice

You can use other fruit juices to soak the apple slices. Fruits that can be used are oranges and pineapples.

Both fruits contain citric acid which slows down chemical reactions and prevents the apple from turning discolored. You can soak apple slices in a solution of orange or pineapple juice.

Another way is to squeeze  the lime directly onto the surface of the sliced ​​apple. However, the downside is that the apples taste sour.

5. Vitamin C powder

Have you ever seen sliced ​​apples in the supermarket? Reported by Pure Wow , cut apples in supermarkets do not change color because they are given vitamin C.

You can buy citric acid powder online. Well, the method is also quite easy, Mother.

Sprinkle the powder on the apple slices. In this way, apples can last for 8 hours you know.

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