3 Tips to improve circulation in the legs

Tips to improve circulation in the legs

Circulation problems may be related to the natural aging process or to conditions such as peripheral arterial disease, diabetes, obesity, or smoking.

Staying active and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle is one of the best ways to have good circulation, an aspect that is decisive since it is the process by which the heart pumps blood around the body, says the Medical News Today portal .

This is vital for the health of the body, since as the blood circulates, it distributes oxygen and nutrients to the cells, while eliminating waste. To have good circulation it is important to change habits that may affect it. Some of the recommendations of the experts are, for example, to stop smoking, reduce the intake of saturated fats and not stay in one position for a long time.

When a person has problems with their circulation, it can be related to the body’s natural aging process, but also to conditions such as peripheral arterial disease, diabetes, obesity or smoking, according to information from the Tua Saúde health and well-being portal.

The legs are one of the parts of the body most exposed to poor circulation and some exercises help improve this condition.

Raise and exercise the legs: The elevation and flexion favor the circulation of the legs, thanks to the fact that they stimulate the flow. They are ideal for both preventing and combating circulatory disorders, such as varicose veins, according to information from the Mejor con Salud magazine, written by Daniela Echeverri Castro.

To do it, the person lies on the floor face up, raises the legs towards the ceiling and extends them as much as possible. Then he flexes his knees and straightens again to complete 20 repetitions with alternating movements. Push-ups on the knees are a complementary movement that helps to obtain better results. In this position with the legs stretched out, it is also advisable to make circular movements with the ankles.

Tiptoe walking: When people walk in that position, they manage to stimulate the contraction of the calves, which, at the same time, compress the veins, facilitating venous return. This is called the muscle pump and its activation significantly influences the circulation in the legs.

The most appropriate thing is to stand up and perform the action of standing on tiptoes 10 times without walking. Likewise, it can be combined with the same exercise performed with the heels instead of using the balls of the feet, so that the opposite muscles are contracted.

Pedaling from the ground: One of the best ways to promote good blood circulation in the legs is the emulation of a bicycle, lying on the ground. The movement consists of raising and moving the legs at the same time, which favors the return of blood to the heart.

Lying on a mat, face up and with the hands behind the neck, the legs are raised and it is simulated pedaling for one or more minutes. The recommendation of the experts is to carry out this exercise every day and if possible twice a day, the better.

Food is key

In addition to the exercises, food is crucial to take care of circulation and therefore including some specific foods in the diet is advisable.

For example, avocado is rich in vitamin E, a nutrient that is considered a vascular protector. It can be consumed several times a week, since its unsaturated fat content is, in general, favorable for the body’s health.

Eggs are another recommended product. It is a source of vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids that, by contributing to the care of cell membranes, strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

Specialists also advise eating fish, at least twice a week, because it is rich in protein, essential for muscle mass, which is the most effective natural compression of leg veins; as well as raw garlic, a food that, according to the Natural Standard, helps cleanse the blood and prevents plaque buildup.

Finally, red fruits offer benefits for circulation. For example, blueberries and strawberries are rich in flavonoids, which help dilate arteries and provide cardiovascular benefits, according to information in Circulation magazine, a goodness that ginger also offers.

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