What is Cold Pressed (Stone Press) Olive Oil

What is Cold Pressed (Stone Press) Olive Oil

Cold Pressed (Stone Press) Olive Oil: Liquid Gold!

Did you know that olive oil, known as the healthiest oil, has many varieties? Extra virgin, cold-pressed, natural, riviera, refined olive oils are just a few of the varieties… Today we will talk about the cold-pressed olive oil variety, also known as early harvest.

Cold-pressed olive oil is made by picking and grinding early harvest olives on the same day. In addition, the temperature of the water used during production is 27 degrees at most. The cold pressing method ensures that the vitamins and minerals in the olive are converted into oil with the least loss. The olive oil produced by this method is both tastier and healthier.

So what is the benefit of cold-pressed olive oil, how is it made and where is it used? The answers to all these questions are with you in the rest of our article!

What is Cold Pressed Olive Oil?

  • Production methods of olive oil types are different from each other.
  • Many of the olive oils sold in the market are grouped or named according to their production method.
  • So what does cold-pressed olive oil mean?
  • Cold-pressed is a type of olive oil production.
  • Cold-pressed olive oil is also known as early harvest olive oil.
  • In this form of production; Olives are collected from their branches in the early harvest period and ground together with their seeds in stone mills on the same day.
  • Therefore, we can say that cold-pressed olive oil is produced from olives in the early harvest period.
  • Olive oil is a healthy oil on its own. However, especially cold-pressed olive oil is a very healthy type of oil. Because in this method, vitamins and minerals in olives are not lost.
  • The answer to the question of whether cold-pressed olive oil freezes is very curious. In fact, real olive oil freezes in cold environments. This is a very normal situation. Therefore, we can say that cold-pressed olive oil also freezes in cold environments. As the temperature of the environment increases, the olive oil becomes its normal consistency.

How is Cold Pressed Olive Oil Made

  • For the production of cold-pressed olive oil, olives must be collected in October and November, before they fall into the ground.
  • In order for olive oil to be included in the cold-pressed group, the temperature of the water used during production must be 27 degrees at most.
  • This is the difference between cold-pressed olive oil and extra virgin olive oil.
  • It is known that the use of high heat during production negatively affects the nutritional values ​​and aroma of olives.
  • The aromatic structure and nutritional values ​​of olives are not lost in the production made at low temperature, that is, by cold pressing method.
  • So, how is cold-pressed olive oil, what should be considered in its production? Let’s go into some more detail!
  • Olive oil production generally consists of 3 stages.
  • In the first stage, the olives are broken. In the second stage, the olive dough is kneaded. In the third stage, olive oil is extracted and separated.
  • In the process of kneading olive dough, hot water is usually given to remove excess oil from the dough. Although this is a healthy method, the polyphenols in olives lose their antioxidant properties as the temperature increases. Also, in addition to this, the aroma of the olive is lost.
  • In the production of cold-pressed olive oil, the temperature of the water used while kneading the olive paste is 27 degrees at most.
  • Thus, the aromatic structure of the olive does not change. In addition, the polyphenols in olives do not lose their antioxidant properties.

9 Benefits of Cold Pressed Olive Oil

1) Protects the Liver from Cell Damage

  • Olive oil is a powerful source of antioxidants.
  • Thanks to this feature, it fights free radicals in the body.
  • Free radicals cause cell damage in the body.
  • Consuming olive oil regularly eliminates free radicals that cause cell damage.
  • Thanks to its antioxidant properties, olive oil protects the liver from cell damage.

2) Protects From Cardiovascular Diseases

  • As a result of studies, it has been observed that those who consume olive oil regularly have a lower risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.
  • Thanks to the atherogenic effect in olive oil, it prevents the hardening of the arteries.
  • In addition; It also reduces the risk of cholesterol and high blood pressure.
  • While other vegetable oils, especially sunflower oil, increase cholesterol levels, olive oil does not increase bad cholesterol thanks to the linoleic acid it contains.
  • This also prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases.

3) Reduces the Risk of Getting Cancer

  • Consuming olive oil regularly protects the body from many cancers, especially breast and prostate cancer.
  • Cold-pressed olive oil prevents DNA damage and proliferation of tumor cells thanks to the components it contains.
  • It is known that the components in olive oil have a protective effect against breast, uterus, prostate, and skin cancer.

4) Good for Stomach Disorders

  • Cold-pressed olive oil is good for stomach problems, especially gastritis and ulcers.
  • It relieves stomach pain.
  • It significantly eliminates the complaints caused by reflux.

5) Improves Digestive System

  • Cold-pressed olive oil improves the digestive process by stimulating the secretion of bile.
  • It facilitates digestion. It also works the intestines.
  • Thanks to the oleic acid it contains, cold-pressed olive oil eliminates some chemicals that cause inflammation in the intestines.
  • According to a study conducted in England; Regular and high consumption of olive oil prevents the development of ulcerative colitis.

6) Protects Brain Health

  • It has been proven by scientific research that cold-pressed olive oil has positive effects on brain cells.
  • Regular consumption of olive oil helps to ensure the structural integrity of the brain cell wall membranes, thanks to the monounsaturated fatty acids contained in olive oil. In this way, it prevents forgetfulness and the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

7) Strengthens Bones

  • Olive oil protects bone health thanks to the vitamins A, D, E and K it contains.
  • It supports bone development in children.
  • In adults, it protects bones by preventing calcium loss.
  • Consuming olive oil regularly has positive effects on the skeletal system.
  • It reduces the risk of osteoporosis, that is, osteoporosis.

8) Protects and Nourishes Skin

  • Cold-pressed olive oil can be used not only internally but also externally.
  • Olive oil has dozens of positive effects on the skin.
  • First of all, we should say that olive oil is a natural moisturizer for the skin. It moisturizes and revitalizes especially dry skin very well.
  • It softens the skin.
  • It reduces wrinkles.
  • It makes the skin look smooth, lively and healthy.
  • When used as a massage oil, it increases blood circulation and allows oxygen to reach the tissues.
  • It reduces cracks in the skin.

9) Increases Hair Strength

  • Cold-pressed olive oil can be used for skincare as well as hair care.
  • Olive oil prevents dandruff on the scalp and hair loss.
  • It increases the durability and flexibility of, especially dry hair.
  • It makes the hair look more lively and healthy by taking care of it.
  • It helps hair grow faster.

Other benefits of cold-pressed olive oil are:

  • Thanks to the components it contains, it accelerates metabolism. With this feature, it is possible to say that it helps to lose weight. It is an ideal type of oil, especially for those who are on a diet.
  • It relieves inflammation in the urinary tract.
  • It helps to relieve gallbladder ailments.
  • It strengthens the nails and makes them look beautiful.
  • It heals nipple sores that are often seen during breastfeeding.
  • Thanks to the chlorine in it, it helps the kidneys to work better.
  • Relieves rheumatic pains.
  • It is effective in preventing calcification.

How to Understand Cold Pressed Olive Oil?

  • Cold-pressed olive oil is produced from early harvest olives.
  • Early harvest olives are collected before they fall to the ground and turn into olive oil by grinding within the same day.
  • It is possible to understand a good cold-pressed olive oil by smelling it.
  • Cold-pressed, lith-pressed olive oil has a darker color and intense aroma.
  • As soon as the lid of the package is opened, a delicious olive scent spreads around.
  • Cold-pressed olive oil has a pleasant burning feature that does not disturb people. You can easily understand this feature by tasting it.

Where is Cold Pressed Olive Oil Used?

  • We touched on the features and benefits of cold-pressed olive oil. Now let’s come to the usage areas of this precious oil…
  • Cold-pressed olive oil is generally used in salads and appetizers.
  • Internet users often ask the question “Is cold-pressed olive oil used in cooking?”
  • If anyone is curious, we would like to answer this question as well. Yes, cold-pressed olive oil can also be used in cooking. There is nothing wrong with that.
  • If you want to get more of the benefits of olive oil, you can drink up to 2 tablespoons a day.
  • Cold-pressed olive oil is also used in the cosmetic industry.

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