Benefits of Pomegranate Flower: How to Brew and Drink Pomegranate Flower Tea?

Benefits of Pomegranate Flower

The benefits of pomegranate flower, just like its fruit, have the feature of protecting health. You may be amazed about the structure of the pomegranate when you see one thousand pomegranate when you get home. If you only knew how many plants and fruits there are that are so hidden in nature and show their benefits only to you. We will explain them to you one by one, but; In this article, our agenda is the pomegranate flower, which is the first stage of the pomegranate!

The pomegranate flower is known by many names among the people. These names are Mecca rose, Medina rose and Hibiskus. As the pomegranate fruit heals, the pomegranate flower is a plant that should be preferred for a healthy life. When pomegranate flowers open, they are collected and dried. Dried flowers can also be consumed as herbal tea. If you are curious about the effect of pomegranate flower on health, it’s time to take a look at its benefits!

What are the Benefits of Pomegranate Flower? What Is Tea Good For?

  • It is necessary to mention the effect of pomegranate flower on metabolism.
  • It takes the digestive system under control and prevents constipation and does not give the opportunity to diarrhea.
  • It allows your intestines to work systematically.
  • Remember that pomegranate is an antioxidant fruit. Here, the pomegranate flower has the same feature.
  • With its antioxidant effect, it cleans the body and ensures the removal of harmful substances.
  • The pomegranate flower tea obtained from the pomegranate flower can flavor your herbal tea hours.
  • When consumed with the approval of a doctor for high blood pressure patients, it prevents blood pressure from rising and keeps it in balance.
  • Pomegranate flower tea benefits include anti-inflammatory properties. You can notice this feature on the days of infection.
  • When you have a urinary tract infection and a winter infection, do not forget to consume a cup of pomegranate flower tea during the day.
  • Pomegranate flower, which draws attention with its cell regenerative feature, prevents the formation of scars and supports the rapid healing of wounds on your skin. Thus, your skin will have a healthier appearance.
  • Pomegranate flower tea, which is beneficial for the digestive system, will show the effect of accelerating fat burning when consumed in diet. You can drink a cup a day to get rid of edema.
  • You can protect yourself with pomegranate flower tea for cancer, which is one of the most common diseases of today. Because pomegranate flower tea prevents the spread of cancerous cells.
  • Stone formation and infection in the kidneys can be eliminated with pomegranate flower tea. It protects kidney health.
  • If you soak the pomegranate flower in a water and gargle with this water, you can destroy the bacteria and bad odor in the mouth.
  • It will also show its germ-breaking feature in oral care.
  • You can always keep your body resistance strong with pomegranate flower tea, which is rich in vitamin C.
  • You can take advantage of the pomegranate flower to take precautions against the problem of arteriosclerosis and calcification seen in advanced ages.

How to Brew and Drink Pomegranate Flower Tea?

  • You can combine the pomegranate flower, which has a sharp smell, with hot water and consume it as herbal tea.
  • For those who have never smoked before, we would like to point out that pomegranate flower tea has a slightly sour taste.
  • You can protect your health by consuming the drink you prepare with pomegranate flower in all seasons.
  • On days when you are overwhelmed by the heat, you can choose it as a refreshing drink by keeping it in the fridge.
  • It can also be placed in your cup as a warm and healing beverage in cold seasons.
  • The ingredients you need to prepare pomegranate flower tea without losing its nutritional value will be as follows:


  • 1 liter of drinking water
  • 2 tablespoons of dried pomegranate flowers

Preparation of

  • To prepare it, boil approximately 1 liter of drinking water.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of dried pomegranate flowers into a lidded pitcher and pour the boiling water into the pitcher.
  • Strain your herbal tea, which is infused for about 8 minutes, and serve it in glasses. In the last 8 minutes, the color of your tea will change and it will turn red. Pomegranate flower tea is ready to heal!
  • If you have a body sensitive to diseases, you can add a stick of cinnamon and a few cloves to your pomegranate flower tea and make its effect even stronger.

It is recommended that those who have stomach diseases and women who are in pregnancy should consult a doctor and consume.

In Which Situations Should Pomegranate Flower Tea Be Consumed?

  • When you want to drink pomegranate flower tea at home, you can review your health status.
  • If you feel serious fatigue, you can brew pomegranate flower tea without wasting time.
  • Apart from fatigue, some situations where you should drink pomegranate flower tea will be as follows:
  • If you have an infection in your body, you can drink it regularly.
  • If you feel muscle and joint pain after sports, you can consume pomegranate flower tea.
  • If your blood values ​​are low, it will be good for you to consume pomegranate flower tea regularly for a long time.
  • If you smoke, a bad odor may occur in the mouth. It is recommended to brew and consume pomegranate flower tea to eliminate this bad smell as soon as possible and to support oral care.

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