Vitamin B12: List of Foods with the Highest Vitamin B12 Content

Vitamin B12

All About Vitamin B12

The human body is exposed to many external factors throughout its life. Some microbes that remain in the body as a result of infectious diseases, especially the harmful toxic substances taken from the inhaled air, drinking water, edible food, and the soil in contact with, also harm the body. Human; It removes some of these harmful toxicants by natural methods such as urine, sweating, bile formation, respiration and defecation. What about the rest?

At this point, the process of cleansing itself from the poison that the body contains is called detoxification. If there is a vitamin B12 deficiency, then an important link of detoxification is weakened. So the system does not work correctly. The health of your DNA, the realization of certain reactions in your body, and the maintenance of nerve cells and red blood cells without any problems are also possible with the normal value of B12.

What Is B12 Included? List of Foods with the Highest Vitamin B12 Content

Unfortunately, vitamin B12, like some other vitamins, is among the vitamins that are not produced by the body. Therefore, B12 supplementation is a mandatory requirement. This supplement can be taken as a medicine in the form of B12 tablets, B12 injections, or it can be obtained from food. Unless there is an advanced B12 deficiency, drug supplementation is not recommended, and many doctors first try to solve this problem naturally, that is, with food.

It is also recommended to pay attention to some issues in the consumption of foods with plenty of vitamin B12. Studies have shown that vitamin C taken in the form of supplements inactivates vitamin B12 taken through food, while potassium and folic acid supplements also mask B12 deficiency. For this reason, experts say that before taking B12 supplements, it is necessary to go through a doctor’s control.

  • Seafood: The main point of the foods containing vitamin B12 is animal foods. One of them is seafood. The food containing the most vitamin B12 is fish eggs. When you consume 50 grams of fish eggs, you will get 5 times the vitamin B12 you need daily. If you choose a 15-gram octopus, you will meet all your daily vitamin B12 needs. When you consume 100 grams of mackerel, salmon, tuna, sardines, mussels and oysters, you will get more than your daily vitamin B12 need.
  • Meat Products: Meat is also a very rich food in terms of vitamin B12. Liver (lamb, beef, veal, duck, turkey and goose) is one of the meat products containing the most vitamin B12. Ground beef and beef are also very beneficial in terms of B12 supplementation, while 100 grams of lamb offers you more than half of the daily required vitamin B12 rate.
  • Dairy Products: One of the foods that are very beneficial in terms of vitamin B12 is dairy products. Dairy products also contain B12, although they do not provide as much B12 supplementation as seafood and meat. Some cheese varieties are rich in B12 as well as calcium and protein. 100 grams of feta cheese meets one-third of the daily vitamin B12 need, and one egg white meets one-sixth.

How to Fix B12 Deficiency?

B12 deficiency is easily eliminated with nutritional supplements as we have mentioned above. However, in order to eliminate B12 deficiency with only food, the B12 ratio in the body must be deficient to a small extent. To determine this, you need to have a B12 test in consultation with your doctor. How to eliminate B12 deficiency is revealed by detecting the findings that cause this deficiency. In other words, finding the cause of the problem gives the signal how to eliminate that problem.

There are many causes of B12 deficiency. The first of these is nutrition. Vitamin B12 deficiency is commonly used, especially in people who consume very little animal food or live on a vegetarian diet. B12 supplementation is recommended to eliminate this problem. Because, unfortunately, vitamin B12 is not found in vegetable-type foods. B12 deficiency is common in people who have undergone operations such as stomach reduction or gastric banding. This is because the stomach cannot make B12 absorption healthy. At this point, B12 supplements are taken again.

This problem is also experienced by people who are exposed to certain diseases. The body processes the food taken with certain methods and a certain system. When this process does not work properly, B12 deficiency occurs. We can cite Crohn’s and celiac diseases as an example. These diseases cause problems in the processing of nutrients by the body. At this point, B12 deficiency cannot be eliminated with food. For this reason, vitamin supplements or B12 injection treatment can be applied.

Other causes of low B12 can be listed as follows: Being 50 years old and over, regularly consuming alcohol, having problems in stomach acid production, having surgery based on weight loss, and using diabetes medication. Elimination of B12 deficiency is related to the level of all these possible problems in the person.

What Diseases Cause B12 Deficiency?

Symptoms such as weight loss, loss of appetite, constipation, fatigue, and frequent tingling in the hands and feet are considered to be indicators of B12 deficiency. In severe cases of B12 deficiency, permanent nervous system damage and chronic diseases are known to occur.

Deterioration in mental functions, anemia, auditory nerve inflammation, decreased reflexes and pain sensation, as well as jaundice, many mental disorders and easy catching diseases occur as a result of B12 deficiency.

How Much Should B12 Be?

The B12 test measures the amount of vitamin B12 in the bloodstream. B12 test results should be reviewed by a doctor. The fact that many experts have defended different values ​​about the normal measure of the B12 value, on the other hand, causes confusion.

prof. Dr. Osman Müftüoğlu, in one of his two different columns on the subject, argues that the B12 value should be between at least 750 – 1000, while in the other he states that this value can be considered normal between 500 – 700.

prof. Dr. Canan Karatay states that B12 should be 1000 pg/ml and adds that if the value is below 800, there is a B12 deficiency. However, the normal value of B12 also varies according to age. Because the vitamin B12 value that an adult and a baby need daily is not the same. 0 – 6 months: 0.4 mcg (mcg: one thousandth of a milligram) 4 – 8 years old: 1.2 mcg, 14 – 18 years old: 2.4 mcg, adults over 19 years old: 2.4 mcg, and 2.6 mcg B12 during pregnancy value is considered.

Vitamin B12 Benefits, What Does It Do?

B12 benefits are numerous. These benefits can be listed as follows:

  • Vitamin B12 plays an important role in preventing cell aging, repairing nerve cells and reducing fat by converting carbohydrates into energy.
  • Vitamin B12 protects the body against cardiovascular diseases. It greatly reduces the risk of stroke and high blood pressure by protecting the vein.
  • Vitamin B12 plays an important role in the regeneration of the skin and the production of new cells. Again, B12 is essential for healthy nails, skin and hair.
  • Another important issue among the B12 benefits is weight control. It increases the body’s energy, thus preventing the appearance of problems such as fatigue and weakness.
  • It regulates sugar metabolism and prevents forgetfulness.
  • It protects against liver, lung, breast, prostate and colon cancers.
  • It plays an important role in the formation of DNA and RNA in the body.
  • It regulates nerve transmission in the brain and increases the production of acetylcholine. This prevents Alzheimer’s formation.

Vitamin B12 Drug Names

Some of the drug names used in the treatment of B12 and supplements for the elimination of vitamin deficiency are as follows:

  • Bevitin-C
  • VI-Mineral Chewable Tablet
  • NEROX B12 Film Tablet
  • MULTI-B Effervescent Tablet
  • BITAVIN B12 Film Tablet
  • BEVITAB B12 Film Tablet
  • BENEXOL B12 Film Tablet
  • BENEDAY Enteric Coated Tablet
  • Apikobal Compression

Do not use the relevant drugs without consulting your doctor.

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