How to Care for Christmas Flower Kokina?

How to Care for Christmas Flower Kokina

In the last week of December every year, many homes get a sweet rush. Preparations made to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the next new year are generally called New Year’s Eve celebrations. Wishes are made for the new year to come with hope and peace, and food is eaten together with a taste of the mouth. The finest and most elegant details of such cheerful and crowded nights are the flowers that adorn the houses.

In this article, we will give you information about the cochina flower, which can be an idea for you to decorate your home for the New Year. Kokina flower will be remembered not only as an ornamental plant but also as a symbol of hope and expectation. You should meet the cochina flower, which will be in good harmony with its red flowers and green leaves in your room. It will add color to your home!

So, how to care for poinsettia, does the poinsettia cochina plant have a special meaning or story? How is first-day viability maintained? Let’s answer your questions like these and keep a close eye on the new year’s cocaine flower, which will harmonize your home with its redness at the beginning of the year, and can continue to have this effect throughout the year!

What is Christmas Flower Kokina?

  • Kokina is a perennial ornamental plant. The meaning of cooking flower comes from Greek.
  • “Kokoni” is a word that denotes the color red. This plant is also known as cochina because it has red flowers.
  • It is a plant that is preferred to decorate homes, usually on New Year’s Eve. The flowers of this plant, which has red flowers, are called “silcan” .
  • The reason why it is preferred in the new year is considered a sign that you will buy a new home if this flower does not rot or spoil until the next year.
  • The reason why the cooking flower is hung in the houses is that it brings peace and abundance to the houses. The understanding that wishes made in the new year are accepted thanks to this flower still continues in many countries.
  • This plant, whose botanical name is “rabbit”, is a species of asparagus.
  • It is generally found in coastal areas in our country. It has a history of almost 2000 years and still has a place in European medicine.
  • It is especially preferred to treat urinary problems and kidney problems.
  • Kokina is not actually a single flower.
  • It grows in small bushes.
  • When it finds a suitable climate for itself, its height becomes almost 1 meter. It is also known by many names.
  • These flowers, known as thistle, bunny meme, cricket, temptress, and bunny ball, are collected by people and made into bunches.
  • When it is sold in bunches, it is called “kokina”.
  • This plant, which eliminates urinary incontinence problems in children over time, is generally used for decoration today.

How to Care for Christmas Flower Kokina?

  • The longer the Kokina flower stays in the house it is in, the more blessings and luck will come to that house.
  • Since it is a living plant, it will need care from time to time.
  • So, “does the cooking flower-like water?” If you are wondering how it is and how it is maintained, you should pay attention to a few points.
  • This flower likes neither too hot nor too cool environment. It needs a mild climate to survive for a long time.
  • To meet the need for water, you can give water from the root part. It will maintain its vitality by watering twice a week.
  • Since it does not like too much water, it can rot in a short time when it receives too much water.

Where Does Christmas Flower Kokina Grow?

  • The cocoa tree, from which the coca flower is obtained, is generally grown near the coast and in coastal cities.
  • Although the region where he was born and found life in Europe, he has come to our country in time.
  • Especially from August to the end of December; it is getting ready to be collected in the coastal Black Sea, Marmara, and the Mediterranean.
  • It has found a living space around the world from Iran to Portugal.
  • In regions where the winters are snowy and warm, the cochina, which shows itself through the snow, reaches a striking appearance with its white color.

How Much Are Kokina Christmas Flowers Prices?

  • Among the preparations made with a sweet rush on New Year’s Eve, it is also unforgettable to buy cochina flowers.
  • The prices of cochina flowers, which are sold until the last minutes of the year, will appeal to every pocket.
  • Although the cocaine flowers sold in bunches differ in the cities, they are sold for an average of 50 TL. Prices may increase depending on the arrangement.
  • You can find cocaine flowers on the streets, on the street corners, and in the markets close to New Year’s Eve.
  • If you believe that it will bring good luck, we say, do not miss the cochina flower from your home this year.

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