Why do potatoes sprout?

Why do potatoes sprout

Why do potatoes sprout? Have you ever ended up with potatoes full of germs too? Unappetizing, isn’t it? Fortunately, there are simple solutions to avoid this. We give you the secrets and tips to learn how to keep them better.

Why are my potatoes sprouting?

Potatoes simply sprout when placed in the presence of moisture, light, and heat, which promote germination. Also note that potatoes of organic quality or untreated germinate more easily, having not received treatment. This phenomenon is natural.

Potatoes treated with anti-germination products, powerful herbicides, should be avoided: if they are more practical to keep, you risk consuming residues of these products. Do not hesitate to find out about cultivation methods from your market gardener and beware of “anti-germ” potatoes on the shelves of your hypermarket…

How do I prevent my potatoes from sprouting?

To keep them firm and prevent them from turning green and sprouting, place them in a cool, airy place, preferably in the dark. A cool, closed room, or better still, directly in the cellar, is ideal. You can place them in wooden or plastic crates, or directly on the ground. Alternatively, you can use an opaque kraft paper bag perforated with a few holes to allow the tubers to breathe.

You can also add an apple in the middle of your potatoes. The apple releases a gas called ethylene, which will prevent the potatoes from sprouting.
You can then keep them for up to 2 months. Increase the amount of apples present according to the amount of potatoes you want to keep.

On the other hand, be careful not to leave onions near your tubers: on the contrary, they will rot and germinate more quickly.

What if they have already sprouted?

The evil is already done? Don’t panic, it’s recoverable. But beware: when sprouting, potatoes produce toxic substances. Although harmless in the quantities usually consumed, it is however recommended to remove the germs and the possibly green parts using a knife, then to rinse them, before preparing them as usual.


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