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Potted Flowers

When large potted flowers are grown at home, they both add color to the environment and the quality of the atmosphere increases as the plants clean the air. Everyone wants to add a natural touch to their home, but you may find it difficult to choose the most suitable plant for you. The variety of options with many different features and images can confuse you.

If you set out to wonder what the names of large potted flowers are, you can be sure that you will encounter a long list. We have listed the most popular large potted plants for you in our article, let’s dive into a lush world together!

Before we move on to the great potted flower features and care tips for the home, here are a few tips that apply to all potted plant care. Cut the dried leaves of your plants with scissors, determine the position of the pot according to the light need of the flower, apply this method occasionally as most plants like to spray the leaves with water, and do not keep the flowers in the room where you sleep at night because most of the plants do photosynthesis during the day and respiration at night.

Great Potted Flowers Names and Characteristics

1) Dreceana Marginata – Madagascar Dragon Tree

  • The other name of the dark green, elongated leaf plant is the Madagascar Dragon Tree.
  • Due to its durable structure, it is among the most preferred and best-potted flowers for homes and offices.
  • Some research shows that it reduces harmful chemicals in the air indoors.
  • The soil of Dreceana Marginata, which loves medium-light places, should be kept slightly moist at all times.

2) Ficus Benjamin

  • The plant, which looks like a small tree, can grow up to 2-3 meters.
  • It can clean the air by polluting chemicals such as benzene, toluene, and xylene.
  • The soil in the Ficus Benjamin pot should be watered with warm water, without waiting for it to dry out.
  • This plant, which does not like the location and temperature changes, should not be moved too much after deciding on the appropriate place.

3) Alocasia – Elephant Ear

  • The leaves of Alocasia resemble the large leaves on which Egyptian queens were cooled. It is also known as Elephant Ear due to its structure.
  • It complements vintage decorations especially well.
  • A place that receives sun at all hours of the day will be the most suitable environment for Alocasia.
  • This plant, which loves water, should be watered before the soil dries.

4) Massengena

  • Massengena is among the most preferred large potted flowers with its thick body and durable structure.
  • It should be positioned in areas with plenty of light, without being exposed to direct sunlight.
  • It is sufficient to irrigate 1-2 times a week, but the amount of irrigation can be changed according to the humidity of the soil.

5) Yuka

  • Yuka, which is among the species with thin long leaves, is among the species that are preferred by those looking for large potted flowers for the home.
  • Since the leaves are directed towards the sunlight, the direction of the pot should be changed from time to time so that the plant is not damaged by bending it too much.
  • Watering once a week in winter and twice a week in summer is sufficient.

6) Schefflera Arboricola – Umbrella Tree

  • The umbrella tree is also known as the Hawaiian umbrella and the dwarf umbrella.
  • It has a different place among other large-leaved potted flowers with its leaves in green and yellow tones.
  • The plant, which does not like windy environments, grows fast in areas with plenty of light.

7) Zamia furfuracea

  • Zamia furfuracea is a species that has a neater stance among large potted flowers with an average height of 1 meter.
  • Its small, dark, regular leaves give the plant a noble appearance.
  • The plant, which can be looked after in houses, balconies, and winter gardens, lives for about 10 years.
  • Like many other large potted flowers, they should be watered as the bottom dries.

8) Ficus Elastica – Rubber Plant

  • Ficus Elastica, which stands out among the large-leaved potted flowers with its smooth, wide leaves, is also known as the Rubber Plant.
  • There are varieties with green and white variegated leaves.
  • It should be positioned in a semi-light environment and in a way that the leaves do not touch.

9) Areca Palm

  • If you are looking for an abundant, thin-leaved, rich-looking plant, you can choose Areca.
  • It adds an exotic atmosphere to environments with its palm-like appearance.
  • It should be watered as the soil dries and should not be placed in windy places such as the doorway.

10) Craton

  • Different from the classic green-leaved large potted flowers with their colorful structure, Kraton’s leaves also have red and yellow tones.
  • Watering the leaves from time to time with a whistle will increase the vitality of the plant.
  • It is sufficient to water once every 2 weeks in winter and once a week in summer. You can dip your finger into the sand 4-5 cm to see if the soil is dry.

11) Anthurium

  • Anthurium plant has a different appearance with its leaf-like flowers in white and pink tones, especially red.
  • It is a potted flower that continues to bloom throughout the year.
  • If the soil is watered as it dries and fertilized when needed, it can maintain its durability for a long time.

12) Spatiphyllium – Flower of Peace

  • Also known as the peace flower, it attracts attention with its white, elegant flowers. It blooms twice a year, in spring and autumn.
  • It does not grow too much, it can reach up to 1 meter in length.
  • After you love its place, you can leave the peace flower in the same pot for many years.

13) Guzmania

  • It is named after the Spanish pharmacist and naturalist Anastasio Guzman.
  • Frequently ventilated environments are suitable for Guzmania.
  • It adds a tropical atmosphere to the environment by opening its red or orange-colored flowers with a unique appearance in summer.

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