Barbecue time: what meat and sauces should we choose to make it a success

Barbecue time

The weather is already good, outdoor and group plans multiply. So you fancy a good barbecue , enjoy a pleasant meal of grilled meat in the sun or dining under the stars. Wonderful!

At a gathering of friends or family, surely everyone has their food preferences , but today we bring you the variety of meats with which to make your barbecue a guaranteed success. What would summer be without these moments?

What types of meat do you choose for your barbecue?

Plan your barbecue well and choose the products that you like the most, each one has its moment and its specific way of cooking on the barbecue. With the help of Mercadona, we show you the meat products with which you will be sure to succeed when it comes to succeeding as the host of a good meal.


Lamb chops: stick or kidney, well roasted and crispy, with a side of roasted peppers, vegetables or potatoes. How you like them!

Sausages and hamburgers

Fresh sausage : delicious, for lovers of pork. Accompany them with some potatoes, an ear of corn, some roasted asparagus or a salad that gives the necessary contrast of freshness.

Fresh longaniza – the favorite snack of many supporters of the barbecue. Fabulous on the entrepán, with alioli, with some potatoes… as tasty as they could be!

Thick beef burger : after going through the grill, each one has their favorite touch to complete it: different types of burger bread, cherry tomatoes, pickles, onion, sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, etc.


T- bone steak : do you agree on the cooking point of the meat? Well, prepare those grilled steaks with the desired flavour, texture and color, add some peppers, courgettes, aubergines, some roasted onions and… enjoy!

Entrecote : fine aged beef entrecote for people who love this cut, rich in flavor and tenderness. The classic Roquefort or pepper sauces cannot be missing. As a recommended side dish, how about a salad or mashed potatoes with cheese?

chicken and turkey

Chicken churrasco : if you prefer white meat, this is your barbecue. With a little art and care, this churrasco will be juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside, as it should be!

Boneless chicken thigh : delicious as is or marinated for a few hours, are you going to resist? Perfect with some corn on the cob, onions, some roasted potatoes and a garlic or chimichurri sauce.

Turkey skewer : another light meat, but with character. These skewers include green pepper and red pepper in a wonderful combination. How about adding roasted pumpkin, yogurt sauce and some aromatic herbs?


Churrasco pork rib: if you want very tender and tasty ribs, don’t forget to marinate the meat a few hours beforehand in cider or beer, with a little thyme and mustard.

Pork secret : a juicy and appetizing meat made on the barbecue, another delight for your palate. What if we accompany it with aubergines, onions and some roasted asparagus? How about some potato omelette skewers?

The sauces with which you will succeed in your barbecue

You already know which are the best meats to organize a fun outdoor meal with your family or friends. If you also want to give it a delicatessen touch, finish off its preparation with a good selection of sauces that will delight all diners.

We suggest combining the vegetables with hazelnut crunch , banana curry sauce , lime, thyme and pine nut vinaigrette or yogurt sauce . Four most appetizing sauces that will bring an original and irresistible touch to your barbecue. Remember that we always talk about ingredients for 4/8 people:

For the Crunchy Hazelnut Sauce

50 g wholemeal bread
50 g toasted hazelnuts
Half a clove of garlic

For the Banana Curry Sauce

150 g light cheese
15 g fresh parsley
2 bananas
Curry to taste
Drops of lime

For the yogurt sauce

2 Greek yogurts
1 cucumber
Mix of peppers

For the Lime Vinaigrette, Thyme and Pine Nuts

2 limes
15 g dried thyme
50 g Iberian pine nuts

Step by Step:

Follow the step by step of this delicious recipe below , with all the details.

For the crunchy hazelnut sauce

1. In a blender add the bread, garlic and hazelnuts.
2. Shred.

For the Banana Curry Sauce

1. In a blender add the cheese, bananas, lime, parsley, curry and salt.
2. Beat until you get a homogeneous sauce.
For the Yogurt Sauce
1. Cut the cucumber into cubes.
2. Add to a bowl with yogurt.
3. Add pepper, salt and oil.
4. Mix.

For the lime, thyme and pine nut vinaigrette

1. Brown the pine nuts.
2. Add to a bowl with oil.
3. Add the thyme, lime and mix.

for the barbecue

1. Turn on the barbecue and grill the vegetables.
2. Add the Hazelnut Crunch to the tomatoes.
3. Add the banana and curry sauce to the buds.
4. Peel the aubergine and add the yogurt sauce.
5. Season the carrots and peppers with the Pine Nut Vinaigrette.
6. Salt the sirloin and chicken
7. Make skewers with the sausages
8. Roast the meat until it reaches its optimum point.
9. Serve with vegetables and sauces.

You know, take advantage of the arrival of good weather to conquer everyone with the best barbecues, meat at its point and the tastiest sauces with which to be the king of summer.

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