Nutrition for children in the happy days of spring

Nutrition for children in the happy days of spring

For many different reasons, nutrition for children during Tet is easy to overlook. Some children do not want to eat rice, eat porridge as usual. Instead, it’s always candy, jam, soft drinks…

Children who are already obese often crave sweets and fried foods high in fat. In contrast, anorexic children do not like to eat nutritious, high-calorie foods. This paradox still haunts many mothers, especially during the busy Tet holiday. To help mothers ease their worries about their children’s eating, this article would like to share some valuable experiences drawn from mothers.

Children under 2 years old:

The main food of children under 2 years old is still porridge, flour, and milk.

Most of the diets of children under 2 years old in our country are still porridge, flour, milk, and soft foods.

If on too busy days, you can’t take care of your baby, as usual, you can use nutritional powder to make your child eat at every meal. These powders can ensure all 4 groups of substances are needed in the minimum diet.

In addition, you can use porridge to make baby food when needed. Note, if using this type, you should only use rice flour and add cooking oil specifically for babies, do not use the accompanying seasoning package to make porridge because there are additives that are not good for the health of children. At the same time, it is possible to feed the baby with protein-rich foods during meals with parents. Or, after each meal, you give your baby extra cheese or hard-boiled eggs to ensure nutrition.

If you make good use of the time, you can put the rice in a pitcher and pour boiling water over it overnight. The next day, you can use this porridge to feed your baby during the day with other protein- and fat-rich foods.

Children over 2 years old

You do not necessarily have to let your child eat outside of the family mealtime, but should let your child join.

For children over 2 years old, their food is usually in a coarser form and also more varied. In addition, some children can share rice with the whole family. Therefore, you do not necessarily have to let your child eat outside of the family mealtime, but should let your child join. This will help your baby feel more interested and eat more when you let him eat alone.

Children 2-5 years old

The nutritional needs of children during this period are very large. Therefore, children need to eat more meals during the day including 3 main meals and 3 snacks.

If your child wants to use bank tet/Banh Chung, let them eat it because this is also a dish with many nutritious ingredients. However, children should only eat small amounts to avoid bloating and indigestion.

This youngster has also begun to connoisseur taste the sweet flavors of jam and love them. If your baby wants to use it, you can give it some right after breakfast. Choose hygienic jams and less gelatin to avoid choking accidents.

Control your baby’s use of sweets during the day to avoid over-consumption and anorexia at mealtimes.

After every night, the child should brush his teeth to avoid tooth decay.

Remember to feed your baby with vitamin-rich foods to make up for the lack of vegetables in meals, which is easy to encounter during Tet. If your baby refuses to eat vegetables, you can replace them with fruit. The best time to use fruit is about 1-2 hours before meals.

Notes to avoid digestive disorders for babies:

Try to maintain your baby’s diet according to the usual portion.

Because Tet foods are often rich in protein and fat, babies may experience indigestion or digestive disorders. Therefore, you should remember:

– Try to maintain the baby’s diet according to the daily portion

– Eat and drink different kinds of fruit during the day

– Add yogurt to the meal

– Food must be prepared simply, not seasoned with many spices

– Control the consumption of foods and drinks rich in artificial sweeteners

– Add enough water for the baby

– For children who are breastfed, continue to breastfeed regularly to have good resistance.

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