Where to Eat the Best Toast in Susurluk?

Where to Eat the Best Toast in Susurluk

Susurluk toast, one of the snack delicacies, has been on the list of hearty street foods for a long time. Thanks to its specially prepared bread and cheese, it distinguishes itself from other known toasts. Susurluk toast, which is famous in the Susurluk district of Balıkesir and spread its fame almost all over the country, has become an indispensable meal of lunch breaks for employees and students.

Where to Eat Susurluk Toast?

  • Duzdag Toast
  • Yörsan Fast Food
  • Yasa Recreation Facilities
  • Sun Toast

Susurluk buttermilk, which is recommended to be consumed alongside Susurluk toast, which is served in a very short time, whets the appetite with its abundant foam. If you happen to be in Balikesir and you want to eat the most popular dishes of the region; Toast prepared with Susurluk cheese and bread should definitely be on your list.

Susurluk buttermilk on its refreshing foam can also take its place on your table as a drink that doubles the flavor of this toast. Butter is not used to ensure the softness of the Susurluk toast. Toasters using margarine state that the butter’s own scent overwhelms the cheese. For this reason, margarine is preferred for this toast.

Daily prepared toast bread is used in a real Susurluk toast. The melted cheese should be Mihaliç cheese, known as Kelle cheese. Specially prepared tomato paste is spread on the outside of the toasted bread. For years, the best drink accompanying this toast is Susurluk ayran with foam overflowing from the glass.

In this article, we will introduce you to the places that prepare the Susurluk toast in the best way by applying all the mentioned features. We have compiled the most popular of the famous Susurluk toasters located in every street of Susurluk.

Susurluk fills its streets with its famous toaster shops. In this article, we will suggest to you the most popular addresses of Susurluk toast, which many people love to consume. Be sure to try this special toast, which takes its flavor from Kelle cheese and crowns its satiety with Susurluk toast bread. Those who taste it, order the second toast!

If you are wondering where to eat toast in Susurluk; The most popular toast shops are on this list!

Where to Eat the Best Toast in Susurluk?

1) Duzdag Toast

Düzdağ Tost is a famous place that has made a name for itself in the list of Susurluk toasters. Düzdağ Tost, which has been serving for years in a small and friendly shop, is one of the best in this business, according to those who have eaten Susurluk toast. It offers delicious Susurluk toast, which it serves using the toasted bread that it prepares daily. The garnish and pickles served with your toast order are one of the elements that double the flavor of the toast. If you like freshly brewed tea or Susurluk buttermilk with plenty of foam, you can enjoy the toast to its heart’s content. Mihaliç cheese melted between toasted bread in the toaster is the most important ingredient of this toast. If you pass by Susurluk, give yourself a rest break and try the famous Susurluk toast in this place.

Address: Han Mahallesi Garaj Caddesi No: 1/E-1/F Susurluk – Balikesir

Contact: 0266 865 14 04

2) Yörsan Fast Food

Yörsan, which is famous for its milk and dairy products, is one of the delicious toast-making places in Susurluk. Yörsan Fast Food, which brings together those who say where to eat Susurluk toast with sausage and head cheese, and where to drink Susurluk buttermilk, is one of the businesses that do this job properly. Every moment of the day, whenever you want to eat Susurluk toast, you can find yourself in this place. Yörsan Fast Food, which prepares high-quality toast under hygienic conditions, has a rich menu. You should definitely stop by to try other flavors and taste the legendary Susurluk toast.

Address: Sultaniye Mahallesi, Balikesir Caddesi No: 107 Susurluk – Balikesir

Contact: 0266 865 30 02

3) Yasa Recreation Facilities

Yasa Recreation Facilities, located on the Susurluk road, have become the center of Susurluk toast and foamy buttermilk, one of the favorite delicacies of the region. The warm Mihaliç cheese flowing through the toasted bread, when mixed with the spicy sausage next to it, creates the Susurluk toast that leaves a mark on the palate. If you want to eat Susurluk toast, which is served in a very satisfying and delicious way, in the right place and consistency, you can choose Yasa Resting Facilities. If you wish, you can also taste other favorite delicacies such as raw borek and doner kebab.

Address: Orta Mahallesi Balikesir Caddesi No: 6 Susurluk – Balikesir

Contact: 0266 865 67 07

4) Sun Toast

Located in Festiva Outlet, Güneş Tost is one of the places that has preserved its taste and quality since 1960. It is recommended to drink Susurluk buttermilk with plenty of foam and full consistency along with the Susurluk toast, which is served in large portions. You can spend a satisfying meal at Güneş Cafe by paying very reasonable prices. Güneş Cafe, which has a rich menu such as toast, pancakes, and breakfast plates, is remembered as one of the first places that the hungry people visit in Susurluk. You can stop by Güneş Cafe at any time of the day and taste Susurluk toast, which is one of the favorite flavors of this region.

Address: Festiva Outlet (Bursa – Balikesir Road) Susurluk – Balikesir

Contact: 0266 867 00 00

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