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Chinese is one of those nations in the world that celebrate their traditional events with great passion. The Chinese New Year is one of the most important events for Chinese people. During its celebration, they spend weeks and held many events at different times of the duration.

The mid-autumn season is the most important event of this turnover which the Chinese love to enjoy with special dishes like a mooncake. It has been seen that mooncake is a dessert that is manufactured with different flavors. Are you a vegetarian? Do you need a mooncake with the same ingredients? Don’t worry, you can now enjoy Vegetarian mooncake as your dessert at any time of the year.

Bread Garden is offering a wide collection of different flavors for mooncakes to make your nights and days full of delicious dishes. You can enjoy mooncakes in Singapore or many other regions of the world even if you are away from your loved ones in China. Let’s have a look at the brief overview of Vegetarian mooncake and how it is different from traditional mooncake desserts.

What is a Vegetarian mooncake?

It is a specific type of mooncake that does not include any animal products and sugar. Vegetarian mooncake is baked with a special kind of ingredients that mainly include vegetables. We all know that the Chinese love to eat vegetables for their lunch and dinner.

This is the reason why people love to make mooncakes with the same taste. Vegetarian mooncakes mainly include peanut oil, soybean oil, and vegetable oil instead of animal oil. With the involvement of such oils, there will be no need for animal oils for the baking of mooncakes.

Additionally, it will lower the sugar level which is a requirement of a vegetarian person. Because of its different baking methods, this type of mooncake is placed separately from the other 5 famous and traditional types of mooncakes.

How traditional mooncake is different from Vegetarian mooncakes?

It is a common question asked by people who are not native Chinese but exploring their history. Traditional mooncakes include some specific ingredients like egg yolk, animal oil, and others that are not liked by vegetarian people.

People with such type of nature want to avoid any kind of such materials. It is because they may not feel comfortable after eating. It has been seen that vegetarian people avoid the usage of animal oil and products because these products may not suitable for them.

As a result, they may have to face illness for some days. But vegetarian mooncakes are manufactured and baked with suitable products for such people. As we have mentioned that there is no involvement of animal oil and products in its manufacturing.

In addition to this, these cakes are not baked with egg yolk like the traditional cakes are made. This is because egg yolk might increase the sugar level more than the requirements of vegetarian people.

The main purpose of these cakes is to get a suitable space for every cake lover, especially those who are vegetarian. It means they will not get problems with their health and be healthy after enjoying mooncakes.

Are vegetarian mooncakes and yam mooncakes the same?

When it comes to thinking about vegetarian mooncakes and exploring different bakeries, it is common to have yam mooncake on the shelves of vegetarian mooncake. The first question that comes to mind is, “Are veg mooncake and yam mooncake the same?”

So, we have decided to make this confusion clear and tell our readers about both these cakes. No doubt, yam mooncake are considered to be another form of veg mooncake. But these are not the same 100% because yam mooncakes have a different recipe with a little change in ingredients.

The main difference between these mooncakes is the involvement of egg yolk. As we have mentioned above vegetarian mooncakes are baked without egg yolk. But yam mooncakes are baked with salted egg yolk to make it better in taste.

Yam mooncake can be labeled as an extra flavor of the vegetarian mooncake. But it is not right to say that yam and veg mooncake is the same. Moreover, yam mooncake has a different filling of purpose yam that is made at home.

No doubt, you can get the fillings for yam cakes from the market. But it is normal to prepare purple yam fillings at home without checking into a shop for this. You can include different ingredients in the manufacturing of its fillings but the core ingredient is sweet potatoes.

That is the reason why yam mooncakes are termed sweet potato cakes in some regions of the world. It does not matter how you pronounce this dessert, the ingredients for yam mooncake will remain the same in all parts of the world.

What is the best place to buy mooncakes in Singapore?

If you are away from your hometown and want to enjoy mooncakes at the mid-autumn festival, you might be looking for the best outlet for mooncakes. Bread garden is one of the best manufacturers of this dessert working in Singapore.

From this platform, you can acquire mooncakes with different flavors and delicious tastes. It will help you in making your event memorable and enjoying yourself with your friends living there. You can also deliver your mooncakes to your relative’s doorstep in Singapore if you want to make them happy at that event.

Final Wrapped

Vegetarian mooncake is the new favorite dessert of youth and adults. It is because this type of mooncake will not harm their health because of low sugar involvement. You can enjoy veg mooncake or yam mooncake as per your desires.

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