Point out 12 foods that are not good for mothers after cesarean section

Point out 12 foods that are not good for mothers after cesarean section

After a cesarean section, pregnant women need to rest and properly nourish their wounds to heal quickly and recover soon after giving birth. Therefore, it is very important to build a diet, here are the foods that mothers after cesarean section should not eat.11 good foods for postpartum women1. The dish is marinated with many spices The stock has many spices that cause bloating and indigestion for mothers after giving birth

After giving birth, because the mother’s digestive system is still weak, it is difficult to digest many different spices at the same time. Therefore, foods that are marinated with many spices will cause bloating, indigestion, and even constipation for the mother.

2. Coffee and tea

Coffee and tea are the two foods that contain the most caffeine. This stimulant will make it difficult for the mother to sleep, leading to a lack of sleep that is not good for the postpartum recovery process. In addition, caffeine can also affect the health of the baby, when the baby is breastfed, it will affect the baby’s immature nervous system.

3. Burgers

Burgers are not good for mothers after cesarean section

A burger is a dish that has many foods and spices combined together. In which meat is usually frozen meat, processed meat, bacon or fried with a lot of fat. After a cesarean section, if women eat burgers, it will cause bloating, indigestion and even upset the digestive system, which is not good for the postpartum recovery process.

4. Do not drink canned milk right after giving birth

Although milk contains many essential nutrients for the body, it is very good for the recovery process. However, after cesarean section, you should not rush to drink canned milk because it will irritate the stomach, causing bloating, gas, indigestion, and even diarrhea.

5. Chili and dishes made from chili

Chili and chili dishes are not good for the mother’s digestive system after a cesarean section

Chili is a spice commonly used in Vietnamese meals. However, for women who have had a cesarean section, they should avoid and limit dishes made from chili. Because chili peppers are hot, it can cause discomfort for both mother and baby.

6. Salad and pizza

Salads and pizzas are foods that women after cesarean section should not eat because they contain a lot of hot spices, which will irritate the stomach, constipation, affect the digestive system thereby hindering the recovery process. maternal health after birth.

7. Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic drinks are not good for babies

Women after cesarean section should abstain from exposure to alcohol for 3 months, because this drink can harm the baby’s brain and endanger the health of the baby when breastfed.

8. Dishes made from poultry eggs

Eggs are a food that contains many nutrients, especially protein, and is rich in calories, but the protein in eggs is difficult to digest, so it will cause bloating and indigestion for both mother and baby if breastfed. In addition, eggs also make the wound heal longer.

9. Fruit juices and cold drinks

Watermelon juice can clog blood vessels

Fresh fruit juice, although containing many vitamins, has the effect of beautifying the skin, but it is not good for women after cesarean section. Along with cold drinks, fruit juice can clog blood vessels, slow down blood circulation in the body, affect the health recovery process, and can even be life-threatening. . Especially the watermelon and cabbage juice.

10. Nuts from the legume family

Peanuts (peanuts), soybeans … are considered to be allergenic nuts for babies. So if the mother eats these foods, when the baby is breastfed, it can affect, causing the baby to have an allergic reaction. Therefore, mothers should limit eating foods made from this legume family until the baby is completely weaned.

11. Canned and fermented foods

Fermented foods harm the mother’s digestive system after cesarean section

Canned food is not good for the health of both mother and baby. They can upset the digestive system, causing bloating, indigestion or diarrhea for both mother and baby. Therefore, this is also a group of foods that mothers should avoid after giving birth.

12. Food group that causes keloids

After cesarean section, to avoid keloid scars, pus-filled wounds, and slow healing, mothers should avoid some foods such as spicy foods, chicken, sticky rice and water spinach…

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