What is Oat Flour: Benefits of Oat Flour?

Oat Flour

Flour is a food that is consumed in many ways in the kitchen. Let’s add oat flour, which is healthier and has a wide usage area, to this list of whole wheat, bran and white flour. Let’s find answers to those who are curious about the oat flour that expectant mothers research while preparing food for their babies. With this article, all your questions about oat flour will be answered. Here’s everything about oat flour.

What is Oat Flour?

Oats are an unknown source of carbohydrates that have been used as animal feed for a long time. Its Latin name is known as “Avena Satina”. It has just made a name for itself in our culinary culture. We used to benefit from wheat and barley until oats came into our lives. With its benefits and nutritional value being known, its usage area has also expanded.

Oat flour, on the other hand, is a type of flour obtained through several processes of oats. It is observed that it has larger grains when compared to wheat flour. It has a color between white and gray tones. Especially in the bakery sector, the newly used oat flour has had a positive impact on many foods, especially breads.

According to studies, bread made with oat flour has a longer staling time. Oat flour, which prolongs the life of the bread, also increased the satiating feature of the bread. In the same way, it has been determined that the food made with oat flour consumes less chewing power. Oat flour, which is easy to digest and does not tire the person while eating, continued to show itself in floury foods over time.

When it comes to flour, “Is oat flour and bran the same?” It is also necessary to answer the question. Oatmeal is obtained from the inside of the kernels of the oat plant. Oat bran is made from the outer part of the kernels. They also differ in nutritional value.

How is Oat Flour Obtained?

The main ingredient of oat flour is oats. It is obtained by collecting oats and grinding them in classical hammer mills or flat rollers. In order for oats to take the form of flour, it must go through crushing and grinding processes. These processes are carried out by flour mills. Companies that produce flour from wheat and bran transform oats into flour and present them to the market. The prices of oat flour you can find in the markets are between 7 TL and 10 TL. These prices are valid for 1 kg packages. If your preference is for the organic form of oat flour, this figure is around 15 TL.

Oatmeal Calories and Nutritional Value

Oat flour attracts the attention of both those who take care of their health and those who are fed with sports nutrition in terms of the amount of calories. There are 63.29 grams of carbohydrates in 100 grams of oats. It contains 12.53 grams of protein, 7 grams of fat, 5.43 fiber, 348 mg of potassium and 54 mg of calcium. In dietary nutrition, 2 tablespoons of oats are equal to 1 slice of bread.

Oat flour, which has recently emerged in almost every kitchen, is a flour with high nutritional value. In addition to being a high source of carbohydrates, it is also very valuable in fiber. It is also strong in selenium, copper, phosphorus, potassium and calcium.

“Does oatmeal contain gluten?” You can find the answer to this question in this article. In a statement made by the Celiac Life Association, it was stated that among the gluten-containing foods, everything made with oat flour is included. This means that oat flour contains gluten.

What Are the Benefits of Oat Flour?

  • Because it contains a lot of fiber, it is a friend of your digestive system. It eliminates intestinal problems and makes your stomach more comfortable. If the person has a constipation problem, regular consumption of oat flour will eliminate this problem.
  • Again, thanks to the contribution of fibers to the intestines, it provides weight control in the diet process and sports nutrition. “Does oatmeal weaken?” This is how his curiosity can end. Plenty of fiber contributes to your weight loss.
  • Since it is a type of flour high in vitamins and minerals, it ensures the regular operation of all your systems. “Does oatmeal make you constipated?” Do not think that because it is effective in the healthy functioning of your intestines.
  • With its calcium content, it supports muscle and bone development.
  • It also reduces the risk of heart disease with its ability to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood.
  • Since it contains almost all vitamins, it gives energy to the person, keeps it vigorous and strengthens the immune system.

How to Use Oat Flour?

For those who are on a diet and want to stay full, oat flour can be consumed with milk or yogurt. You can add 1 spoon of oat flour to a bowl of yogurt and drizzle fruit or nuts on it and consume it. Cereals made from oat flour are sold in markets. You can also consume these cereals in the same way.

It is also preferred in child nutrition and brings the following question to mind: “Is oat flour given to babies?” It is necessary to know a few details about this. Before giving oatmeal to your baby, it’s good to know if he or she is allergic to gluten. If there is no allergy, you can prepare porridge with oat flour after 6 months and give it at meals.

If you are looking for a snack with tea, you can make healthy cakes or cookies using oat flour. In this way, it will be easy to digest as it contains fiber. In the diet process, you will not be deprived of such foods by making cookies from oat flour.

Oat flour, which draws attention not only in the field of nutrition but also in beauty and skin care, continues to be beneficial for you as a mask. It should be kept in mind when you are going to care for your skin.

What Does an Oatmeal Mask Do?

Oatmeal mask is also with you in skin and hair care. It takes action to make your skin and hair healthier. Oat flour, which is thought to be used only in the field of food, also shows itself in the field of cosmetics with its benefits to the skin. The mask you apply by obtaining from oat flour;

  • It moisturizes your skin.
  • It prevents the formation of acne and destroys it, if any.
  • Eliminates flakes on the skin over time.
  • It adds brightness and vitality to your skin.

The hair mask, on the other hand, not only adds health to your hair, but also prevents hair loss. The reason why it is effective in this case is that it contains plenty of vitamins and minerals.

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