The best month to plant and grow melons in your garden orchard.

When can we grow a melon

The melon is a delicious fruit , which is composed of 90% water and has practically no calories. This makes it one of the best allies for the diet and to maintain good hydration during the summer.

More and more people decide to grow melons at home , as well as other fruits. This is not only an entertaining and fun-filled hobby, but it is a way to control well what we eat.

That if, to grow melons it is necessary to know what they need, where they will be better and what you can give them so that they come out healthy and rich . If you are interested in getting a little information about this, we recommend that you continue reading the article.

When can we grow a melon?

Melons are fruits that grow when high temperatures arrive , and not before. Therefore, it is important to know when you should carry out the planting process so that everything goes well.

Should you start the process in summer? Nope! You have to go ahead a little, so that when the high temperatures arrive, the melon will already have part of the way: In the month of April , or at the latest May , the melon seeds must germinate. By July it will have sprouted and be big enough to start growing.

In the month of September , about three months later, is when the melons will be ready to be tasted. You must not forget that in addition, to plant melons at home, it is important to buy certified seeds so that you do not have fruits without flavor or quality.

Necessary elements to grow melons at home

There are four essential elements to be able to grow melon at home. Let’s see them:

  • Have enough space . A large place is needed for each melon to grow freely and strongly.
  • Have a few hours of sun on the garden. Melons are plants of African origin, and they need high temperatures to thrive.
  • It is important to be able to bury each melon well . The hot land plays an essential role in melon growth.
  • Install good drainage , which will ensure that our melon has as much water as it should. Irrigation cannot replace drainage, which is what will take the water directly to the pulp of the melon when it grows.


In short, make sure that you can provide the necessary conditions for a melon to grow well. If you know how and when to grow it, you will enjoy this delicious plant without leaving home.

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