Moringa Plant: 10 Miraculous Benefits

Moringa Plant
  • Known as Moringa Oleifera, this plant is the famous useful plant of countries such as India and Pakistan, Nepal and the Philippines.
  • This plant, rich in vitamins and minerals, has thin, drop-shaped leaves.
  • The leaves collected from the branches of the Moringa tree are used for various purposes. Moringa, especially consumed as tea, becomes one of the miracle herbal supports that strengthen the immune system when it meets with hot water.
  • Moringa plant is a very fertile plant. Each part of the tree is used. The leaves on its branches are medicinal, its timber and wood are durable.
  • Described as a tiny tree, moringa has a root similar to radish roots.
  • Moringa seeds are just as beneficial as its leaves. Moringa seeds, which you can roast and eat as a snack, meet the vitamins you need.

10 Miraculous Benefits of Moringa Plant

1) Contains Antioxidant Substances

  • Those who hear the name of this plant for the first time will rightly think what is the use of the moringa plant.
  • Moringa plant contains flavonoids, polyphenols and antioxidants called ascorbic acid. Thanks to these substances, the body is purified from harmful substances.
  • Thanks to the antioxidant substances in its structure, liver and kidney functions function in a healthier way.

2) Strengthens Eyesight

  • The leaves of the Moringa plant contain vitamin A. To benefit from this plant, you can protect your eyesight by drinking its tea.
  • Vitamin A prevents damage to the retina.
  • The moringa plant, which minimizes the risk of eye diseases that may occur in advanced ages, meets the body’s need for vitamin A.

3) Activates the Intestines

  • Moringa plant contains vitamin C. Thanks to this feature, it helps the intestines to work quickly.
  • Moringa, which also contains antioxidant substances, supports the start of fat burning.
  • You can prepare tea from the moringa plant for cleaning the parasites in the intestines and for a more comfortable digestive system.

4) Clears Infection

  • The moringa plant, which has an antiseptic effect, helps to clear the infection that has spread throughout the body.
  • It is recommended to drink moringa tea for a quick recovery from viral and bacterial diseases.
  • It cleans the infection in the body and allows you to have a healthy body.

5) Accelerates Metabolism

  • When you prepare and consume tea from the Moringa plant, you can increase your metabolic rate.
  • Moringa tea, which attracts attention among diet teas, helps you reach a more fit body by preventing fat formation.
  • If you are having trouble losing weight, you can approach your ideal weight by consuming moringa herbal tea.

6) Renews Skin Cells

  • Moringa is an herb that rapidly regenerates skin cells that prevent signs of aging.
  • Moringa, which provides collagen production with the help of vitamin C and antioxidant substances, makes you look younger.
  • If you want to delay aging by consuming this plant, you can drink moringa tea every morning.

7) Regulates Blood Sugar

  • The moringa herb is safely added to the diabetes diet, which is full of limitations.
  • Moringa is a diabetes friendly herb that balances blood sugar.
  • Thanks to the moringa plant, which lowers the glucose level in your body, you will stay away from diabetes attacks.

8) Prevents Heart Diseases

  • It is recommended to drink herbal tea to prevent vascular congestion. One of the herbal teas you will drink is moringa tea.
  • Moringa tea is a tea that cleans the veins and regulates blood circulation.
  • It will be good to drink moringa tea regularly to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

9) Strengthens Memory

  • Moringa is a plant that adds novelty and vitality from head to toe.
  • Protecting brain health, moringa prevents nerve cells from being damaged.
  • Thanks to this plant, which provides continuous cell renewal in the body, distraction and memory problems are prevented.

10) Protects the Immune System

  • Moringa leaves contain vitamins A, C and E. Thanks to these vitamins, body functions work in a healthy way.
  • You can use the moringa plant to find herbal solutions to the diseases experienced due to the weakening of the immune system.
  • Moringa plant is one of the beneficial herbal solutions that gives energy to the body.

Are Moringa Plants Available in Herbalists? Where is it located?

  • Until a few years ago, it was very difficult to find the moringa plant in herbalists. But as the benefits of this plant are heard day by day, its place in herbal medicine has increased.
  • Moringa plant is marketed in powder and leaf form.
  • 100 grams of moringa powder delivered to the buyer by herbal and spice companies is sold for an average of 50 TL.
  • The price of 50 grams of moringa leaves in 2020 is; The average was determined as 30 TL.
  • To benefit from the Moringa plant, you can go to the nearest herbalist; If you can’t find it online, you can buy it online.
  • You can prepare herbal tea for yourself by combining moringa powder or leaves with 1 cup of hot water, which you will buy from the herbalist.
  • If you want to use this tea during pregnancy, you should consult your doctor.
  • It is recommended to drink no more than 2 cups a day.

How to Grow Moringa Plant?

The moringa plant, which has made its name known in Turkey in recent years, is now easily available within the borders of the country. For those who say where the Moringa plant grows in Turkey, it would be correct to state the following information.

  • Moringa plant, which can be grown in Gaziantep Nurdağı in Turkey, has been a useful plant produced by female producers.
  • Women producers, who started production with the support of Gaziantep Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, Gaziantep University (GAÜN) Nurdağı Vocational School and Nurdağı Municipality, took action to grow this plant in other provinces.
  • Women producers, who provide plant production training, are walking on this road that they started with 20 people in 2017.
  • It is also stated that they make soap and shampoo from the produced moringa plant.
  • Curing almost 300 diseases, the moringa plant loves warm climates.
  • Moringa, which grows productively in semi-arid and tropical climates, finds its place in dry and sandy soils.
  • A few years after planting, the moringa tree, which can grow to almost 10 meters if well cared for, is not suitable for growing in pots.
  • The moringa plant, which is suitable for gardens and fields, is grown from seed and seedling.

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